Noble Esports is making a big mistake by associating with crooks. Longtime readers of the site will know that Steve Tom Sawyer is one of the biggest pieces of garbage I’ve ever written about. Thanks to a crack investigative team I put together (led by Neirdan), we were able to help purge this scumbag from the ranks of GamerGate. I thought maybe he had enough decency to keep his crazy ass gone, but I guess it’s true what they say. They is no honor among thieves. When speaking of Mr. Sawyer, that dishonor is esepcially prominent in his recent dealings. He’s now taken to blackmail.

I could list all the articles I’ve written about him here. He’s got a questionable history with women, as in he likes to abuse them. Sawyer is also unethical as fuck if you look at history in GamerGate, along with that of his gaming website, RevueLabs. Still, I think this might be the lowest he’s ever sunk, but only because he was already so damn low. I mean, a serial abuser of women, a conman, and now a blackmailer. This guy is seriously one sick piece of work. How can a place like Noble Esports keep him in its employ?

Here’s the email he sent directly to Master Milo, for your perusal…

Whatever happened to that drink Milo?

And then you unfollowed me. Lol. Over it. Also I’ve had a number of people hit me up to talk about you. So if you see some interviews out there you know where the info is coming from. Look dawg, I don’t like the way you treated me the last few months of us talking and then I felt like you only hit me up again because you needed info for your show. Now you’re on another little pilgrim quest for your precious little blue star. And my phone is ringing and I don’t really feel the need to say nice things because the truth is the truth. And it sucks.

Bro. You might be the patron saint of some conservative movement on Twitter, but you’ve been a crap friend to me in the process. Ive felt used, belittled, abandoned, and fucked up. If any of that means fuck all you let me know dawg. Otherwise good luck being whatever it is you’re being.

Steve Sawyer
Vice President of Content
Noble e-Sports
[email protected]

Sent from Steve’s PipBoy 2000

This guy has a real problem with threats. He did the same thing to me awhile back. Letting go is a key part of life, but Steve Tom Sawyer doesn’t seem to understand that. Just leave Milo, me, and the rest of GamerGate alone, you flaming garbage fire. If you’re really trying to start a new operation, why come back and try to fuck with the best? It’s a very foolish move, Steve. You basically just killed your Noble Esports in its crib. Also, if anyone wants a laugh, just Google this clown’s name. You will see that I have killed his SEO. Good luck getting any kind of decent job in the future, Mr. Sawyer. You will find that most businesses don’t like to hire swindlers and harassers of women (or blackmailers, for that matter).

Noble Esports
From the loser’s Twitter profile.

Here’s some thoughts on the matter from Milo himself…

So, this guy not only tried to blackmail the one guy who helped him the most, he also got it wrong. After all the dirt he’s done, Milo still hadn’t turned his back on him. Who knows what would have happened had he reached out with respect and contrition? I’ve seen Milo be quite forgiving and compassionate. There’s a good chance he would have helped this sad sack of shit, even now. That’s out the window, though. Talk about screwing the pooch. This guy just played himself over nothing. Stay off the drugs, Steve. Your addled brain can clearly no longer handle that sort of thing. Also, it would be in your best interest to stay away from people like Milo (and me for that matter). You don’t want those search results to get even worse, do you? Also, I would advise Noble Esports to cut ties with this albatross immediately. It’s not worth it to keep dead weight like him around if you want to have a successful company.