I was scrolling through Twitter a little while ago when I saw the funniest shit I’ve seen all month. Gawker Media’s Kotaku, which has been at the forefront of the war against gamers over the past year, put out a column full of pissing and moaning about their current status within the industry. Just what is that status, you ask? Well, it’s rock fucking bottom, now that you mention it. It’s so bad, that companies have actually taken to blacklisting them for their stunning lack of ethics.

Here’s some of the article, which was penned by the editor-in-chief of Kotaku, Stephen Totilo

For the past two years, Kotaku has been blacklisted by Bethesda, the publisher of the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series. For the past year, we have also been, to a lesser degree, ostracized by Ubisoft, publisher of Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry and more.

In those periods of time, the PR and marketing wings of those two gaming giants have chosen to act as if Kotaku doesn’t exist. They’ve cut off our access to their games and creators, omitted us from their widespread mailings of early review copies and, most galling, ignored all of our requests for comment on any news stories…

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The gall! Imagine them not wanting to talk to illustrious members of the press like Stephen Totilo and bitchboy Nathan Grayson! Can you guys believe that?)

I’ve held my tongue in talking about Bethesda and Ubisoft publicly for a long time. I did so, initially, while trying to achieve mutual understanding with both companies behind the scenes. That failed.

I can see why it failed. You employ unethical pieces of shit like Patricia Hernandez and Nathan Grayson. There’s another reason Bethesda and Ubisoft have washed their hands of you clowns, though. The thing is, you’re no longer really relevant. Places like YouTube and Twitch have taken over the marketplace. New outlets like Breitbart Tech are picking up the rest of the slack. Shockingly enough, gamers don’t want to be told they’re terrorists and troglodytes because they refuse to support scumbags like Zoe Quinn and John Flynt Brianna Wu.


(Our Breitbart Tech stream)

So, sit back and enjoy the rapid decline of anti-gamer hubs like Kotaku. They aren’t the only ones, either. Take a look at Polygon, as they seem to be in the same boat:


It’s really fucking beatiful, isn’t it? Burn, baby, burn. The sooner these scandalous outlets sink to the bottom of the sea, the better. By the looks of things, it won’t be long.


UPDATE: Even NeoGAF commenters are blowing losers like Kotaku’s Jason Schreier out of the water…


      1. It’s always great to see Kotaku and Totilo throw temper tantrums and roll around in their shit trying to cool all their burns.

  1. Despite this I did note on the Kotaku youtube, Patricia Hernandez is doing a sort of lets play of Fallout 4. Rather poorly and without vocals, just text.

  2. It makes me smile ear to ear that Kotaku is at the point where they have to bitch and moan and beg to get back in with these companies lol

  3. As I said on gamezone: Totilo is the Joss Whedon of Kotaku. No matter how bad his ideas are no matter how big his fuck ups are, in his mind its always someone elses fault.

    If you think everyone around you is an asshole, maybe its you who is the asshole and not the rest of the world.

    The Kotaku shitpiece was released today on National men’s day! Isn’t it the BIGGEST irony ever that a feminazi site like Kotaku is crying around on exactly that day! If it was written by the gorilla Patricia Hernandez it wouldn’t be so ironic but it was written by the mangina Stephen Totilo himself!

  5. Hey Totilo! You and your clique praised the feminazi fraud for over a year. You said she is the future of gaming and she will lead the gaming industry into paradise. What did you gain that year and what did your buddies lose? Leigh was fired, gawker lost millions and some corrupted sites shut down. So what exactly did your “feminist god” do for you? Huh?


    1. We all saw that coming but when we told them we were just the SOGGY KNEES CLUB!
      Now they choke on their arrogance. Next time they should listen more to the people than to hoop earing frauds from Frisco.

  6. Well, Kotaku said that “gamers were dead.”

    So why would companies that make products for gamers feel the need to speak to Kotaku?

  7. I’m honestly happy to see two of the most important companies in the industry telling Kotaku (and apparently Polygon) to choke on their dicks, as Phil Fish once put it.

    I honestly can’t believe it didn’t happen sooner, what with the rampant early leaks of information (to say nothing of games themselves), and the attempt to bully the industry into changing content. The old guard is quickly finding out that the suits don’t need a bunch of entitled liberal arts majors (or dropouts) masquerading as moral authorities. I fully expect to see more of these silly little outlets come under fire as time moves on, and they get tired of the games press acting like Jack Thompson.

  8. I’ll buy the next Bethesda (think Doom) and Ubisoft (think South Park) games day-one if they’ll continue to boycott these shitty sites. Vote with your wallet!

  9. I forget which CS Lewis essay complains about those who, having lost their faith, still call themselves “Christians”.

    At some point, Kotaku was a gaming magazine. Today it is some kind of Social Justice propaganda outlet, screechy preachy PC religious outlet, or whatever else where gaming and games are only incidental.

    One might even tolerate some background ideology or religion, but when it swamps and becomes the end in itself overriding the original purpose, it has become toxic.

  10. Good more devs need to do more of this. In fact just don’t give any of them free games, unless it’s free to play obviously. People have to buy their own games, why shouldn’t they? Same goes to youtubers and streamers.

  11. Finally, publishers are beginning to see what these idiots are saying about us Gamers after spending a year ignoring our plight for easy reviews. The day these two bit hacks go out of business and let Gamers be, well Gamers, is a day that can’t come soon enough!

  12. Honestly, it’s expected with how they run the site. More companies should follow.

    Before you cry “censorship”, publishers and developers are not behold to give info/games to corrupt and unethical tabloids.

    That neogaf pic in article surprisingly sums it up. Was that user later banned?

    Also, let’s get the phrase “Gamergate was right.” going.

  13. Strange that two of the most notoriously unethical gaming rags get cut off by big gaming studios, there’s no way it could be them.

  14. This is exactly what game developers/companies need to do to these corrupt SJW/feminist-infested gaming rags. I hope this sets a precedent and that more companies follow suit.

    They should all stop fucking inviting Anita Sarkeesian to their offices as well.

    Any company that invites that fucking feminist fraud is clearly interested in advocating for censorship, racism, sexism and misandry.

  15. Oh Jesus, I love the taste of Totilo’s salty tears in the morning.

    Kotaku’s staff knew what they were doing by leaking this info, and knew that there would have been consequences for doing so. Yet somehow, Toltilo is painting this blacklisting as some grand injustice against journalism, rather than facing the music for blowing a long-time beneficial connection with these companies for a short-term uptick in clicks.

    Those leaks were for games that were months – if not years – from completion, and most companies don’t like having their product, inter-company secrets, and information exposed willy-nilly to the public. Bethesda blacklisted Kotaku because they posted FO4’s dialogue script. Most film companies would sue the shit out of anyone that posted a movie script online before the movie is finished filming, so why should it be different for games?

    Yet here is Stephen, crying as if he uncovered some grand conspiracy where Ubisoft was employing child labor with 3rd world orphans or making the next AC with stolen assets. No, Stevie – you just blew your PR access and goodwill with two of the biggest gaming companies for some easy clicks, and are now buttmad that these developers responded in kind to having their trust betrayed. This is the very behaviour that has lead to Gawker circling the drain, and this article was nothing more than a bid for undeserved sympathy and a tactic to shame Ubisoft and Bethesda into giving you unfettered access again. They don’t owe you shit, so stop whining and man up.

  16. Now, Now… this one isn’t a thing we should take one for innocent.

    Kotaku was shitty, Bethesda and UBI were shitty with kotaku because of what they did, they’re borh wrong. I won’t defend Bethesda or UBI’s events and exclusive swag. These things must be abolised completely, specially to avoid “preferred” and “blacklisted” status about the publications

    1. Agreed. Bethesda isn’t exactly “pro-gamer” what with trying to force paid mods on us and releasing games in broken/buggy states. And it’s certainly not the case that they’re taking a moral stand against Shitaku for it’s adherence to journalistic ethics. But it’s pretty funny for Shitaku to suggest that that’s why they don’t get invited to all the cool Bethesda parties anymore.

  17. So these assholes blacklist companies that don’t agree with their agenda, and they have the nerve to complain when it happens to them for their own actions?

    Rot Kotaku. But make it quick you are stinking up the place.

  18. Neogaf hating on them for the wrong reasons. Revealing that information I can not imagine resulted in a blacklisting. Intentionally leaking information to gain buzz is now a frequent and viable marketing strategy we’ve seen used a couple of times.

    Unless the company specifically asked them not to publish that information in no way is that the cause of their blacklisting. What they published wasn’t even significant, they completely glossed over other more relevant leaks such as another studio beside Obsidian will handle the next Fallout game and how at some point there were plans to port the game to the last generation, though honestly I imagine that’s not going to happen.

    So what caused Kotaku to get blacklisted? Well I don’t know exactly what it is, but given their site and Polygon’s propensity to continously antagonize the very public that Bethesda and Ubisoft are trying to sell products to, while promoting marxism and feminism, I’d imagine that is why they’re blacklisted.

  19. That neogaf commenter should be cast as the Human Torch when Fantastic 4 gets rebooted again because that was just burn after burn. :p

  20. This news made my day. But why not all the publishers/artists/devs blacklists these bloggers??? All of the them, (not just Kotaku) hate the industry anyway

  21. Dear Kotaku

    Please refer to your cousin-site, Gizmodo on why you don’t leak info on secret corporate products. After they bought an iPhone 4 and reported on it, Apple has frozen Gizmodo out.

    I hate that Apple blacklists sites that don’t conform to their culture, but that’s limited to reviews. If you want to cultivate relationships with makers, you limit your reporting to the quality of their products, not leaks of their product lines, which could give their competitors a pre-emptive glimpse of what to expect.

    Don’t undermine a company’s strategy and then wail about being given the cold shoulder.


    Good Business Sense

  22. “Real reporting”? I thought all Kotaku did was post week-old Tumblrs, memes, and stories about fast food and wacky Japanese people?

    I like how Polygon talks tough, but they’re actually pussies too. The other day I got banned from their talkbacks for making reference to the fizzy water incident. I wasn’t even rude or anything.

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