Ok, I just got through listening to moot’s farewell Q & A. Well, he’s still going, I’m just no longer listening. At the outset, I was actually feeling a little sympathetic to some of his arguments (even though he turned off the chat like a pussy), but that was quickly washed away when he started to offer contradictory statements about the nature of the 4chan, and it’s relationship to the GamerGate cause. I wasn’t a frequent user of the site before then, so of course this was always going to be the most important part to me.


He talked about 4chan being unique among sites, in that you can instantly reach hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of people instantly, regardless of your standing in the community. Since 4chan is based around anonymity (you can use names, but very few do), there really is no standing to speak of. This is a pretty cool feature, and one of the main things that I immediately started appreciating about the site the more I used it. This is a great thing, and should rightly be celebrated. But then he answered a question about GamerGate that reminded me why he is held in low regard by so many right now (tweets detail his thoughts on cuckoldry).

He told a story about conversing with a pro-GamerGate person for around half an hour at some indie games event in New York. He kind of scoffed at the notion that anyone could care so much about GG, just through the tone of his voice. Moot pulled back on that as the story went along, but you could tell that he didn’t think very highly of what we were accomplishing. He went on the say that he “didn’t care” about it at all. That’s all well and good. I have no problem with him not caring. What I have a problem with, is him kicking us out unjustifiably.

He continued: The reason he banned GamerGate from 4chan, according to him, was because we had become a distraction to /v/, and to the entire site. He claimed that we tried to speak for all of 4chan, when I can never remember a case of that happening. What I do remember, was a lot of haters claiming that they spoke for the entire community, but never us. I don’t think I’m the only one who can attest to this.

The whole rationale is pure cuckery. How can you bitch out of supporting free speech, just because the site gets too much attention? I can understand it in the case of The Fappening, but this is truly cowardly. There was no one that was going to “sue you out of existence,” like you said some of the Hollywood stars were preparing to do. That wasn’t the case with us. You just wanted to do a solid for all your new SJW buddies on the way out the 4chan door. After all, you might need a return favor someday after your next project flops.

It’s still going if you want to watch it. I’m not sure if the replay will be up after, but I assume it will be. The video is below. I have to give him credit for a lot of what he did accomplish over the years, but he squandered a good chunk of his legacy over the last 5 months alone. It’s a shame to see him go out like this, but at least he earned an honorific to last a lifetime. Good luck, moot. You’re going to need it.



    1. maybe pressure broke him? its been several instances where people. fed etc have tried to have 4chan accountable for crimes, be the fappening or people dealing drugs, ultimately no one ever convicted him, but I think he ball were shrinking every time some shit hit the fan

      1. But in what he did cave to shows what little integrity he has, or at least leave a nasty mark on his reputation it if was just a straw that broke the camels back.

        With all the attention /b/ got alone in the last 8 years, you’d think the little toad wouldn’t cave to the dumbest thing he could have destroying what little credibility he had.

        1. oh yeah, braking on SJW cause he wanted to play the white knight was definetly a really dumb idea, but I think had this happened some years ago, things might have been different.

      2. But he could have just said, he was tired of the drama and stepped down. Everyone would have respected that.
        Then if his successor had banned /gamergate/, the blame wouldn’t have landed on him. It’s like he seriously thought playing the white knight to a bunch of SJW’s would include some kind of reward.

  1. Dude sold out for three reasons: He wanted to cash out, he wanted to re-write his legacy, and he wanted some sweet SJW pussy. Too bad he’s failed at all 3.

    1. Do SJWs even have pussies? Seems like the lot of them would cauterize it shut in some sort of anti-rape statement (after all, any form of penetration is rape, even consentual sex between a married couple). Though even if they do exist, they must be really nasty considering the sort of vile filth they’re attached to. It’s a wonder why so many people are putting their careers and reputations on the line just to get some.

      1. They do have pussies, it’s just that their pussies have the legendary ‘vagina dentata’. Hence why men with normal sized penises won’t go near a SJW but men with well below average sized penises go after them.

  2. Gratz Moot, in just six short months you managed to make Lowtax look like someone with integrity and vision by comparison. I’m not particularly interested in watching a replay of the King of Shills sit there spewing bullshit so I guess my question is simply who owns/operates half chan now?

  3. I think one of his greatest accomplishments is getting people to run the site for him who won’t even be getting paid. Everyone is a volunteer even new admins. Forget hot pockets it’ll be bread and water for them.

    1. Volunteer mods/admins are generally one of the worst institutions in internet culture. When you offer a position doing bitchwork for no compensation save enjoying near absolute power over a piddling little corner of the internet almost everyone who actually volunteers is going to turn out to be a total piece of shit.

      8chan’s model makes way more sense since it gives board creators enough ownership they’ll want to do the job right, or if they don’t their populations will just ditch their asses and set up their own new board.

      1. In more ways than one, 8chan’s system is a tour de force of Capitalism and a free marketplace of ideas. Pure genius.

        gives corporations enough ownership they’ll want to do the job right, or if they don’t their customers will just ditch their asses and set up their own new corporation.

        That’s exactly how Capitalism is supposed to work.

  4. > even though he turned off the chat like a pussy

    He made a temp board in place of chat… why is he a pussy for not wanting to use Google botnet approved chat that requires a Google pleb+ account to participate in.

  5. Jesus fucking Christ. People had to listen to this kid for almost 8 straight fucking hours? Really? REALLY?! Holy. Fucking. Shit. I’d rather have someone hit me with a 2×4 until I wept blood than to have to sit there and listen to his bitchfest. For almost 8 fucking hours.


  6. Probably got alot of flak over the infamous 4chan murder that hapened a few months ago….. least i think its called that way. You know… the murder of a woman and the criminal posting the pics on 4chan with pics of her dead body.

      1. They blamed Hotwheels for allowing child porn on his site, even when he condemned it. Yet from what i remember 4chan was a preaty huge haven for cp for a whille, a few years ago… could be wrong. Something about /b/ being used.

  7. The way this faggot sold us out is something I will never forget. I hope everything you do in life from now on fails harder than can.vas did.

  8. Moot didn’t have the balls to stand against horde of SJW and feminist. So he sold himself out the easy way by giving up and he NEEDED 8 HOURS to explain that?

  9. hah. Guy runs website dedicated to free speech – Gets girlfriend from SJW camp – censors free speech.

    I really wonder if he didn’t know this was coming….

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