I am still alive! I decided to just enjoy the Christmas holiday with friends and family instead of writing much. I even had a Christmas message prepared for you all! Oh well, that can get rolled into my Ode to 2016 that I’m planning. But while I was savoring the rest and relaxation, a certain professor from Drexel University was spreading hate for…who else…white people.

It’s been all over the media, but in case you missed the quote from George Ciccariello-Maher (notice that he drops the Maher part on Twitter lol), here you go…


Since then, he’s put his Twitter account on protected status. Why? Because that’s what pussies do. You know what else pussies do, though? They take their wife’s name as their own. Yes, he’s one of those people. His name was originally George Maher. Ciccariello is his wife Abbey’s name. Here’s a picture her father made for her. Touching!


This is quite humorous, although to anyone who has seen this cuck in action, it’s not very surprising. It’s also not a big shock that self-proclaimed communist had no problems taking taxpayer dollars from the corrupt capitalist establishment in order to finance his new home a few years ago. Gotta love those elastic principles!



$15,000 for a man who hates white people and wishes them dead on Christmas Eve. I’m sure the working stiff out there will love to hear about that one. Drexel is already on his ass and if there’s any luck, he will be looking for a job soon. The usual racist goons are of course doubling down with everything they can think of to save him.



The clown above went on protected status too, but the gist of his tweet was a petition they’re passing around. Speaking of petitions, “Mr.” Ciccariello created one to have Politico reinstate Micheal Hirsh after he doxed Richard Spencer and called for people to show up at his house with baseball bats.


More from that particular petition…

While right-wing news sites accused Hirsh of encouraging violence against Spencer, what he actually said was this: “Our grandfathers brought baseball bats to Bund meetings. Want to join me?” Hirsh’s reflection on the very real fear that Jews have suffered historically, and their very justifiable self-defense against racist violence, should be celebrated not punished. In a moment characterized by resurgent white supremacy and anti-Semitism, Hirsh is one of few voices challenging the media normalization of the likes of Spencer.

For that, he should be lauded — reinstate Michael Hirsh immediately.

What a guy! Professor Ciccariello is clearly being unfairly persecuted. I weep for him and his current predicament.

    1. Hit the nail on the head. It’s all hate whitey, kill whitey and bash whitey… whoops we got rid of all of them and now who is going to run everything…

  1. This guy and his whole “side” are the ones who declared that saying stupid things on twitter should be a firing offense. So let us make him live up to his own rulebook. Alinsky’s rules are fun!

  2. From time to time I need a reminder that that these people actually exist and are not a parody. So he is a racist, a massive pussy and a communist. Brilliant.

    1. Sadly I got rid of my change.org account. Kept getting a ton of stupid and idiotic petitions to sign and some I believed in I regretted soon after. I finally quit when I saw a petition to save a family of coyotes from being killed cuz they blocked an airport or something. That was beyond stupid I quit.

      1. I don’t get emails from them – I think you can unsubscribe. Normally I wouldn’t bother with petitions since they don’t have much real world influence, but this is showing that there is a hefty resistance to the SJW plague, given that petitions is one of their weapons of choice.

  3. The problem with the leftist pussyman is self loathing. They hate that they are such pussies, so they turn that hate outward to real men for making a standard of manliness they can never hope to achieve, which really isn’t that hard to do. All you have to do is stop thinking of yourself as a weak pussy.

  4. In an article about pussies kowtowing to their wives in taking their names because “progressive” i get an ad about college degrees and jobs that pay women more than the men… Women that want equality should really earn it instead of begging daddy government to tip it in their favor

  5. There’s a video game villain that took his wife’s last name. Dick Hamilton, the main antagonist of Clock Tower 3 was originally Dick Brown.

  6. Notice how his wife is standing behind him? I’m sure this is his favorite position in the bedroom as well. Sure would like to speak with this maggot in a soundproof room about how he wants to kill my four children. Considering his psychopathic threats, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to demand Child Protective Services (CPS) visit he and his wife.

  7. 318 North 41st Street Philadelphia,
    19104 In case someone wants to send them a nice Christmas card.

  8. He’s unprotected himself but he pinned a tweet at the top of his page that’s just precious. Blaming the consequences of his actions on White Supremacists whilst completely ignoring the fact that he called for genocide of a group based on skin colour


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