Another day, another report about progressive loons sperging out in response to a conservative speaker on their campus. This time, it was at the City University of New York’s School of Law and the whackos in question were protesting Professor Josh Blackman. He seems like a fairly standard conservative legal mind, at least to me. I don’t really see much controversial stuff in his past. Don’t get me wrong. Even if there was something there, it doesn’t give weirdos the right to shout him down, but still. This one seems particularly nonsensical.

At one point, an SJW in the back gets so worked up that she passed out onto the floor. Talk about being mentally unbalanced (timestamped below)…

At one point, a student shouted “Fuck the law” in the middle of a presentation at a law school, which I found to be fairly emblematic of this entire protest.

Oh, and the event was titled Importance of Free Speech on Campus. Thanks for helping prove Professor Blackman’s point, goons.