One of the most consistent lines of bullshit you see from the other side, is the myth that GamerGate is against female leads in video gaming. This comes as a huge shock to most of us, since we’ve been enjoying strong female characterizations in gaming our entire lives. It’s nothing more than an outright lie perpetrated by the same media that declared war on its own customers. How can they continue to peddle such obviously false stories? Just read their words, and they will tell you themselves. 

Yesterday, The Daily Beast put out an article that was so detached from reality, that it’s almost hard for me to comprehend. Here’s the headline:SjGguam

I couldn’t fit it in the screenshot, but there’s also a giant picture of Lara fucking Croft above this trash. Ya know, because that’s such a new triumph for women characters in gaming. It’s not like she’s been around for twenty years, is it? These people are so stupid…or maybe there’s another excuse. Look at what this SJW water carrier said on Twitter last night:


They don’t care about what the reality of a situation is. It’s not a factor for them. What they do care about, is the perception of reality…and that’s why they spend so much time on controlling the media narrative. Most people don’t have time to sit down and truly learn about a subject. They take their talking points from a few articles, and move on. So you end up with people having warped view of GamerGate. This is why it’s so important to continue speaking out. If they go unanswered, then they win. Although, look at the size of their outlets, and look at ours. SJWs are almost always going to have an advantage on this front.

Take a look at this hilarity, before I move on:


“No one cares about them.”

I guess that’s why no-talents such as yourself continue to plug us into whatever headline you may be writing for the day. Think of how stupid you have to be to write that in a column ABOUT GAMERGATE. Of course we are dealing with a SJW here, so nothing truly surprises me. Extreme ignorance is pretty common among their tribe. This clown talks about all these games like they were developed in response to something that doesn’t even exist (GG resistance to female characters). But guess what? As numerous people on Twitter have pointed out, these games take years to develop and release. Decisions about male and female leads would have been made long before our consumer revolt came onto the scene.

But as Mr. Kubas-Meyer so eloquently pointed out, the truth doesn’t matter to these ideologues. They want to take over the gaming hobby by hook or by crook. Either one will do. They aren’t afraid to lie and slime to get what they want. This isn’t the first time they’ve misrepresented us, and it won’t be the last. Still, you have to be pretty stupid to think a weakly-reasoned article like this one will have much resonance beyond the idiots who know nothing of our pastime to begin with. It’s important to mount a defense and try to convince the unwashed masses, as I said above. Then again, we don’t need them, at the end of the day. Gamers are pretty self-sustaining, and always have been.