Day before yesterday, I was alerted to an insane video that some crazy dude named Jace Connors made. In it, he claims that Brianna Wu tried to assasinate him by rigging the brakes on his car. He had been challenging her to a street race, and was allegedly on his way to her house. His mom’s Prius is totally fucked, and he rants like a maniac about it for a few minutes. I was laughing my ass off about his original challenge, and continued laughing after I saw this. Like most everyone else, I assumed this was an elaborate troll job. Now, I’m not so sure.

I tweeted out the video Friday night, and went to sleep. When I got up yesterday, Brianna Wu had gotten wind of it, and stretched it into an armed threat. I have zero knowledge of him supposedly being armed, but the GamerGhazi crowd keeps repeating it:

Wu clearly didn’t take it as a troll. At this point, I still did. Kingofpol has talked to this guy several times, and had set us up to interview him. The reason for this was so that we could clear some things up. He claims to be GamerGate, but none of us had ever heard of him doing anything within our community. It would be like me claiming to be a Los Angeles Laker before I went and blew up a building. No one would blame that on the Lakers, just because I saud I was on the team. They would check the record, and see that it’s bullshit. That was the idea here.

So, he put out a tweet the night before promoting the interview.

The same bitch that doxed Mike Cernovich picked up on this, and tried to tie Kingofpol AND me in with all this. She said we had “been in contact” with him, like we were helping with his plans. I’ve still yet to talk to the son of a bitch, because he no-showed the stream today. It was still highly entertaining, though, so check it out if interested.

Here’s the doxer (Margaret Pless) on Daily Kos (goes by @idlediletante, and possibly @dilettante as well). She is of course spinning this against GamerGate, and trying to tie me and KoP in as well. Like I said, I’ve never talked to Jace Connors, and have no idea what he’s up to, or if he’s serious. I will say that he seems quite disturbed (screen from the DKos article, and one from the doxing of Cernovich post):  Selection_908Selection_910


One of the Daily Kos users tried to show me up by linking to Kingofpol’s tweet from above. As you can see, I’m listed as a guest. The tweet doesn’t show any interaction between me and Connors, because there hasn’t been any. There was a talk with one of his friends on the stream, but that’s it. We had no hand in the “street race,” or his alleged plan to visit Brianna Wu’s house. Any claim that we did, is completely false. Selection_909

At the end of the day, I don’t know whether this is a troll, or what. But either way, the guy appears to be totally insane. If he’s acting, he’s doing a damn good job. I don’t think the threat is as big as Brianna Wu made it out to be (not even close), and I have no idea where she got the idea that he had a gun. I’ve still yet to see where that came from. Regardless, GamerGate condemns all violence and intimidation.