I’m about to go get some dinner, but I wanted to update those of you who aren’t on Twitter to the new Daniel Vavra column that just dropped. He talks about The Witcher 3, and how the SJW hate mob is actually erasing cultures instead of promoting our differences. The whole thing is just brilliant, I gotta say. It looks like he put a good amount of work into it, so I would encourage you all to go check it out. Here’s a couple excerpts real quick before I go chow down:

Cultural diversity, then, means the complete opposite to cultural uniformity. In essence multiculturalism is in direct conflict with diversity, which is somewhat paradoxical, since the two are usually promoted by the same people.

According to the above definition, the likes of The Witcher 3 constitutes a typical example of a piece of work that contributes to world cultural diversity — Polish developers created a Polish game, based on Polish traditions, which presents to the world Polish reality and culture. And judging by the game’s success, the world is eating it up.

Only along come the crusaders for social justice, ranting that the game is racist, because it’s not ethnically diverse enough, due to the fact that there are only Polish-looking people in it and the Poles have the “misfortune” to be white. That’s an issue for the activists, because an African American, for example, might not be happy about playing a white Polish hero. Who cares that this attempt is literally the antithesis of diversity? Who cares that nobody is forcing anybody to buy a game they don’t like? Who cares that anybody who has a problem with the race of the hero (which itself seems a bit racist) can buy some other similar RPG that offers a choice of race — say the new Dragon Age, Bloodborne, Pillars of Eternity, Divinity or good old Skyrim? There’s plenty to choose from. Witcher 3, with its predefined hero, is in fact an exception. And that’s exactly where diversity lies: something that differs from the rest makes the rest more diverse.

Soooo good. Here’s the full link. One more section coming up…

Logically, most of the games are made about us, for us. And since more than 90% of the population of Europe (and more than 70% of the USA) consists of Caucasians, the developers are also most likely gonna be Caucasians and will naturally create that which is closest to them and their customers and which they respond to best, i.e. heroes who are similar to them and familiar environments. I don’t think there’s anything bad or weird about that; it would be weird if it were otherwise.

Keep bringing the heat, Based Daniel. And check out the interview that I, Kingofpol, and Internet Aristocrat conducted with him back in the fall.