Well, I can safely say I never thought I’d be making a post about a YouTube personality pleasuring themselves on stream, but that’s what it’s come to for my life. His name is Darksydephil and he’s apparently been a running joke among the YouTube community for quite some time. I say apparently because I don’t really keep up with YouTube dynamics that much and I certainly don’t follow the gaming sector personalities with any sort of dedication. I kind of just watch my vids here and there then get out. But hey, that’s just me.

Someone described DSP to me thusly…


He is the joke of the let’s player community. He’s been called out by some of the biggest players on YouTube, but is very full of himself. DSP considers himself the original gangster of Let’s Plays even though he’s long since been passed by people that he now dislikes. All in all he’s a very petty person that is bitter that he had the chance at YouTube fame but missed it because he is so lazy.

The usual suspects are having a field day…


Not that this is anything new for Phil, but at least it’s usually his gaming skill that’s the butt of the joke and not his chicken choking habits…


More info can be found here and here, if you want to catch up on this guy’s career. Personally, I would just rather watch this video and laugh, but some light reading afterwards always helps the mind calm down after a particularly strenuous session on video watching. Or, so I’ve heard.

UPDATE: DSP responds…


  1. Best Ever description of DSP:

    “He’s known for being a hypocritical, money-whoring, borderline-retarded,
    obese, disgusting, misanthropic man-child with a fake crippled back who
    can’t play games without being an insufferable cunt, even if his life
    depended on it. Oh wait, it actually does!”


  2. What the hell is going on with streams? First there was that chick who was caught with her titty hanging out, and now DSP is spankin’ his franklin live?

    I won’t be surprised if PewDiePie and Markiplier get caught dutch ruddering each other on Twitch next month.

      1. It was a livestream from about a week or so ago, with a bunch of guys and one woman. She didn’t notice that one of her tits was peeking out of her shirt, and after a few minutes the guys were telling her that she was pulling a Janet Jackson and she went off air.

          1. kaitwan13 was the name of the streamer that didn’t realize she was still streaming, or however the story goes. the guy was streaming with his friends and she flashed the stream and he freaked out.

          2. Want to see some titties? Try Google with Safe Search turned off. Have fun!

    1. To the best of my knowledge LP was invented by people on the Something Awful forums, and specifically the clique who still runs it’s LP board. Speaking of which just don’t even get me started on the subject of Slowbeef and Diabeetus unless you want a history lesson and a tirade about how they used to be cool but went to shit after they started trying to make money off it and became SJW-lites.

  3. This is probably the only time DSP has completed something at all, much less quickly. #DarkSideFeel

  4. I’ve been hating DSP since before it was cool. He’s one of the retards who kicked off the whole “talking over video walkthroughs” thing and had like most of the listings back when there weren’t many walkthroughs out there.

  5. I hate DSP’s guts, but I hope he never goes away. When I’m bored I can always search for a new “This is How You Don’t Play” video and laugh my ass off.

  6. Tbh i’d subscribe to DSP if every video was just his jerk face with different rpg music in the background.
    Better than watching his fucking LPs at least.

  7. Aside from Keemstar, this is one of the few YouTube personalities I can’t stand as a content creator or as a person. Maybe this is the impetus YouTube needs to excise this cancer from its body.

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