I was just surfing around Twitter real quick before starting the days activities, when I saw an interview with Michael Koretzky, the man who organized SPJ AirPlay. I haven’t watched it all yet, but I figured I would link it here on the site and let you guys discuss it, if you so choose. I’m going to be putting up some content tonight. For one, I’m streaming the new Channel 4 doucumentary Muslim Drag Queens over on Streamup.

Why, you ask? Well, why not? I figured it might be good for a laugh. Tomorrow at 6PM is the flagship LIVE show. This is just an extra stream we’re doing for fun. Check it out if you are curious and have some time.

Here’s the Koretsky interview:

And the Streamup link:


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  1. He comes off pretty damn well in this interview. I think he probably did interrupt a few too many times, and he seemed to kind of slightly concede that point.

    But I think he’s probably completely right that other people listening that weren’t familiar with the event were extremely lost, and not absorbing all of it. I don’t know why he was so shocked that Milo and Sommers talk fast and efficiently. They talk like they have experience trying to speak on cable news shows, which they both do. That’s how you have to talk if you are going to succeed in saying anything.

    The issue we see over and over from both Pakman and SPJ, is that they just do not truly allow enough time to get through a complex series of events. It is complicated to explain 1) feminism and it’s role in culture and bias, 2) how anti-feminism emerges and what points they have, 3) the role feminism and bias plays in journalism, 4) all online culture to people who aren’t online much at all, 5) all gaming culture to people who do not game at all, 6) all the past mistakes and issues journalists have helped create, 7) all the issues we want to see addressed going forward, 8) the nature of online behavior and anonymity, 9) harassment narratives, how that intersects with feminism’s narratives, how that leads to further bias, 10) addressing that GG doesn’t harass, 11) addressing that GG receives significant amounts of harassment, 12) addressing how the mainstream media lifts content from sub-culture gaming media and doesn’t understand the subject matter, 13) all the evidence for decades supporting the claims that gaming doesn’t lead to negative behavior in real life.

    If you truly want to try and cover this in a 20 minute Pakman interview where he is interrupting you constantly, you just literally are not going to be able to cover it. Yes, he has his format, but the subject matter is simply too broad to fit in his format. It’s like trying to explain the history of a country people have never heard of in 10 minutes and then get into detailed discussions about their political process when you’ve never even heard of their political parties.

    And on top of that, you have to deprogram a lot of the falsehoods that are fully out in the mainstream, and that all takes a lot of time. It may be the case that deprogramming feminist falsehoods in particular is literally going to be the most time consuming deprogramming of all time, since we are all genetically hardwired to want to feel supportive of their claims. Some journalists are starting to get it, and the message is getting out.

    Despite all the flaws, I think Koretzky did a great thing. I’d like to see more of it, and next, I would like to see Koretzky face the issues of feminist critique headfirst, instead of deflecting that. It can even be a separate thing from Gamergate. You have shirtgate, and a hundred other very public journalistic gaffes, including the Rolling Stone meltdown. Koretzky, this is the next thing for you to really look at deeply. Once you get it, I think you’ll see pretty easily how that directly ties into GG as well.

    1. Agree with most/all of this, I can just empathize with the whole time constraints that they have/had as they are not MSM and budgets/scheduling conflicts can make it even harder to delve into the issue in one go….

      I would suggest that anyone who truly wants people to understand GG and they do interview like Pakman does, would need to split up the topics into different videos, kind of like how Airplay had 2 segments

    2. I haven’t been able to watch it yet as I’m at work presently.

      Did Pakman ask him tough questions or did he softball it like the SJW interviews?

      1. Nothing super tough like his GG guests got. Basically just let Koretzky tell his story without challenge.

          1. Pak lost his suit and his hard edge went with it. Seriously someone help him before he shows up drunk, depressed, and not wearing a shirt lol.

            I say we start a fund to get him something nice to wear again before he goes full on slacker/hobo mode.

    3. Your entire post was superb. Your last point in particular merits great consideration: Feminist critique in media is typically accepted at face value, yet we know there are substantial very real problems with it.

      We have seen so many people vindicated following crazed feminist critiques, be it “shirtgate” or the various false rape scandals or Tim Hunt. Never mind the skillful takedown of the rape culture propaganda film Emily Yoffe did in Slate (of all places).

      Hell, what about the attacks Emily Yoffe received for suggesting that the woman who was worried her husband may have raped her because they had fun, got drunk, and had sex (which she enjoyed) was being absolutely insane.

      See Yoffe identifies as a feminist, but she is also a damn smart lady who does not cater in ideological bullshit.

      It is difficult to avoid the fact that far too many feminist critiques coming out of the media have proven to be unreliable at best, and blatantly false at worst. Some of those that have been colored by so much ideology that it is difficult to take them seriously at all. This is an issue that most feminists would deny, but for those of us actually paying attention, it is plainly a very serious problem.

      And to be fair, any fair-minded feminist should be asking similar questions and demanding answers to this problem.

      That is of course IF you believe there is such a thing as a fair-minded feminist.

      1. Thanks! I agree with your points as well. I was actually pleasantly surprised, Koretzky apparently asked Milo after the event if he wanted to do another SPJ event focused just on feminism, and he said he’s all for it.

  2. Say what you will about the guy, and yes, he was a massive cunt at times, but so far he’s helped a lot by just allowing GG to voice its concerns. For all the disagreements I’ve had with him and his methods, I can only praise him for at least not being like the rest of the shitty journalist bunch.

    Doesn’t mean he’s flawless, far from it, but at least he gives a damn enough to listens to both sides, and for that he gets my respect.

  3. Koretsky’s one of the best thing’s that’s happened to Gamergate. Although I don’t think he’s fully on board with the gender feminist hate speech angle, you can tell he’s been genuinely startled by what he’s encountered. He’s also helped you with a crucial and nuanced point: how do you educate neutrals about a cultural event where you have to stop and explain every term? Let’s be honest about the central issue here: the reason hate speech is successfully mainstreamed as “social justice” is precisely because it confuses issues. When gender feminists hijack words like “feminist” and “sexism,” although they mean a completely different thing from how equal rights feminists used those words, that’s going to confuse the general public. That lying has been the greatest camouflage for Sarkeesian, Harper, Moosa, Wu and Vereender. They also pre-stack the deck by saying non-whites and women can never be racists and sexists. Gender feminists, whether because of hate or naivete, promote bald-faced hate speech. They should be talked about the same way one talks about any mentally ill sociopathic ideology like the KKK or neo-Nazis, because in principle, that’s exactly what they are. However, you saw that when feminist article are presented in some coherent form to neutral journalists, you win. Keep hammering at their lies with the truth. The idea that men and whites are immoral as an entire group is a sickness, not an observation.

  4. Good points well made I thought. He may come off as a bit of an asshat at times in the event, but here he shows he actually cares about trying to help GG find a proper voice, because without one we are never going to find enough outlets to shut the SJW shit down.
    Im also impressed he blew his budget on it and chipped in some himself.
    My glass is raised to Mike.
    Cheers Mike, you are a pip.

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