Here’s day three of the opening adventures of my skull-man avatar lol. I’ve got the Gawker piece coming up next, so check that out as well. Not much breaking stuff today, but there’s still lots to talk about from the last couple days. I like the weekends, because it gives me time to do some housecleaning and take care of stories I didn’t get to do during the week. Anyway, that’s enough rambling from me. Here’s the new strip:


  1. Karma for fat-shaming?
    The ossifier just needs a badge.
    You can show yourself to be humerus. times 2.
    New console: Bony playstation.

  2. With any luck, he works something like Brook: some invisible, ghostly force acts as his muscles and organ system. Who’s to say there isn’t something still working down there, too?

    Also, holy crap, I just thought of a justification for transparent dicks in hentai.

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