Ghostbusters' Leslie Jones

Most of you probably know the story by now – Leslie Jones, “star” of the awful SJW Ghostbusters rehash, went on a Full-on Twitter Meltdown because people were Trolling her (me included, no regrets), doing everything you’re NOT supposed to do in such a situation. She announced afterwards that she was leaving Twitter (curiously not deleting her account), left-wing celebrities rallied to her cause, and Twitter boss Jack reached out to her and requested she DM him. Today we found out the result of their collusion – Milo Yiannopoulos, the GamerGate icon who had briefly tangled with her and recently wrote a hilarious takedown of her movie, has been permanently Banned from Twitter.

Now, what empowered Jack to censor Milo so boldly is the Moral Panic that has been whipped up by the media in the aftermath of Jones’ Twitter meltdown, with headline after headline decrying the “racist abuse” that she had been subjected to, and demanding that Twitter do more to Censor users as a result. After all, Leslie Jones is just an innocent Victim who dindu nuffin, right?

Yeah, no. As it turns out, Leslie has quite a history of racism and (by Twitter standards) targeted harassment herself, none of which seems to have moved Twitter to act. Guess it must be that black female privilege. She has also made jokes about, for example, subjecting Justin Bieber to corporal punishment (imagine the media outcry if a male actor had even so much as hinted, no matter how jokingly, that he wanted to spank a much younger female artist). And of course, she has even before this incident smeared people critical of that rubbish rehash she stars in.

It’s not like the journalists currently portraying Harambe Jones as a poor, innocent Victim of online harassment have any excuse for doing so – the very day this all went down she was calling people “dickless fucks” and ordering all women everywhere to support her, with a “Bitch” added in for good measure.

Now, am I personally offended by any of this? No. It’s a mix of jokes (usually unfunny jokes, but still jokes), insults aimed at people she’s arguing with and attempts to rally her followers against her adversaries. None of this should be shocking or disturbing to any semi-experienced internet user. People on the internet insulting others will naturally try to use insults that hit home and generate a reaction – that’s why Leslie Kong Jones calls someone she assumes is a male nerd “dickless virgin”, and why many people on the opposite side called her a gorilla. People on the internet sometimes insult each other and try to push each others’ buttons, stop the presses.

What I DO have a problem with are double standards and crybullies that love dishing it out, but cry harassment the moment someone hits back. Gorilla Girl is of course far from unique in this regard – I presume you haven’t forgotten about Randi Harper or Zoe Quinn – and it is worth remember that Twitter has made these sorts of double standards official by for example explicitly affirming the right of SJWs to dox their critics.

The Fraudulent Media Means We Have To Go On Offense

But of course, the left-wing mainstream media will always portray SJW crybullies as pure, innocent victims  – we remember this from GamerGate after all. They’re also very good at ignoring all the gendered, racial insults that SJWs constantly hurl at straight white males, conveniently so, since it allows them to conclude that only women and minorities receive insults of this nature. They’ll compound this dishonesty by relentlessly promoting stories like the Leslie Jones meltdown to create moral panics and push their favored narratives, whether they relate to society/the internet being ravaged by racism/sexism, the need for more online censorship or how it’s time to end online anonymity.

We’ve been pointing out these double standards for years, but the traction this line of argument has gained seems to be limited. The MSM will almost never admit that people with the “wrong” (aka “right”) politics are subject of what they’d normally define as harassment, nor that SJWs are frequently the aggressors and bullies, no matter how incontestable the evidence. As it’s becoming increasingly clear that “anti-harassment” efforts, rather than existing for the benefit of all internet users, will only be exploited to advance the agenda of one particular faction and undermine online free speech to boot, it might indeed be time to consider a different approach.

Just like pointing out double standards in the implementation of so-called anti-harassment efforts, dismissing the moral panic about online “harassment” altogether has the immediate appeal of being undeniably true . Yes, it is absurd how words on a screen are increasingly being likened to abuse and even war-zone trauma. No, online “harassment” (unless it involves giving out your name and address to potentially dangerous people) is not dangerous, nor does it silence people who aren’t already spineless wimps.


The great thing about this approach is that it’s offensive, not defensive – instead of complaining about this or that injustice or double standard, trying to convince third parties that we’re really the good guys, we go right for the throat of the media narrative and discredit it, dismiss it and ridicule it. We don’t stop trolling SJWs when they shift from insulting us to playing the victim – we just change slightly the nature of our trolling and shitposting to highlight just how absurd the moral panic over so-called online harassment really is. Obviously this shouldn’t be our only approach, nor does it suit everyone, but it does have undeniable upsides. Keep in mind, SJW crybullies obviously don’t take the issue of online “harassment” seriously, so why should we?