It’s been a kind of slow week, with some good news mixed here and there. The reports of Gawker’s own insurance company turning on them brought some holiday cheer. Zoe Quinn attacking me was amusing. But the big news of the week comes from an interview tonight on the Niche Gamer site, where AAA-scene developer Christian Allen came with support for GamerGate. He didn’t pick up the flag and say “GamerGate 4 Life” like I do, but agreed with many of our complaints, and trashed the media as “fucked up.” I’d heard about this interview being in the works for a while now, mostly through people telling me I wasn’t going to get it lol. That’s fine, though. I can still sit here, and talk to you about it. 

The interview itself was pretty great, even if he criticized some of the louder members like myself (although not by name). I’m fine with taking a little fire though, especially when he’s dropping megaton bombs like this on the gaming media:

He was also just as disgusted with the “gamers are dead” articles as the rest of us were:

“NG:  How do you feel about the “gamers are dead” articles? Is there substance to that argument, or are they purely a bait for pushing an agenda?

Allen: Even with my friends who are gamers who tire of the “GamerGate” drama, this whole idea of “gamers are dead” makes us want to puke. Regardless of what you think of the gamer culture, there still will be the pro-gamers playing League of Legends, the cos-players dressing as Resident Evil characters, and the Twitchers streaming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Has any of this drama reduced this? No. Gaming evolves, like it always had.  My wife and daughter spend more time playing Haystack or whatever it’s called every week than I spend playing AAA games. My daughter is more of a gamer than I was at her age. She is playing interactive social games while I was outside playing in the dirt on a mountain in Alaska.”

“Gaming evolves, like it always had.” That’s pretty much exactly what I said the other day in my “GamerGate dream” editorial. Gaming evolves naturally, as it’s still a very young medium. SJWs have no rights to take credit for any of that growth, as it was happening long before they every showed up, which was only when they saw how much fucking money they leach. They add nothing of value, and despise us. Look no further than McIntosh in the column I wrote earlier tonight. They don’t want a dialogue, they want a destruction.

Allen gives his thoughts on the struggles women face in the industry, and doesn’t whitewash things. He admits that he has seen some sexual harassment and lewd comments, but that overall, he wouldn’t consider it any worse than in other fields. That seems to be what almost every level-headed person has said, but they’re continually drown out by the abuse chorus. It’s frightening how easily they manipulate perceptions on this issue.

The interview itself is thorough as hell, and well worth your time. I disagree with him on a few key points (such as re-branding…NO), but we are on exactly the same page when it comes to media corruption. If reports are correct, more AAA support could be on the way. Him coming out, and putting his name out there, will hopefully embolden others. Either way, his interview today definitely made this a December to remember.