A Dell Executive named George Reese has shamed himself, and his company this morning. In comments made on Twitter, he trashed the GamerGate movement as the “ISIS of the technology world,” and  said that we employ the “twisted logic of misogynist.”




We have not heard anything from Dell as of yet, and it should be noted that these are his personal views, and not necessarily those of the company. However, this man must be made to apologize for this stunning attack against our peaceful consumer movement (personal Twitter, or not). What is it with our opponents, and their disgraceful need to compare us with killers like ISIS? It’s like they have some sort of mental derangement. Actually, they likely know full well what they’re doing, and use this tactic to try to isolate us.

Regardless of the motivation, we must all call upon Dell to force George Reese to either apologize, or resign. This type of libel against GamerGate cannot be tolerated from anyone, especially from a company like Dell, where gamers make up a huge portion of their business.






  1. I agree, he should either apologise or step down, not only because of his comments, but the timing. Recent events in the new make this comparison even more disgusting and outright inhuman.

  2. I agree, what he said is terrible, incorrect, etc. But I don’t think he should ‘step down’ or ‘apologize’. Isn’t this the sort of thing #gamergate is against in the first place – hypersensitivity and eagerness to take offense? I think people should be able to speak their minds in most cases – even when what they say is considered ‘offensive’ or racist or sexist, etc. without fear of losing their job or facing disproportionate backlash. Emphasis on ‘most’ not all.

    I have been a supporter of gamergate because the other side takes offense over the most insignificant things, which is reflective of the changing western culture at large, where speaking ones mind is becoming increasingly taboo for fear of causing offense to someone. We should not fall down to that level. Thanks.

    He can apologize if he wishes to, but getting a forced, dishonest apology is useless.

    1. As far as resigning goes, I agree. However, he absolutely should apologise for spreading this disgusting ISIS meme. I’m a Dell customer, and that absolute makes me have second thoughts about shopping with them in future.

        1. an apology does not quite forgive this grotesque version of Goodwin’s Law. as a former Marine, and pro GG-er, my blood is boiling that he would insinuate that I am on the same level as those scum.

          1. I can understand that. And from looking back at his Twitter feed, I’m not optimistic that an apology will be forthcoming.

        2. Then I’ll definitely cease to purchase Dell products and they’ll receive another email from me explaining why that is. What anyone else does is entirely up to them, and that includes Dell.

    2. Why is it I only ever see that sentiment rear its disgustingly disingenuous head in relation to the shit folks say about #GamerGate supporters?

      I mean, not for nothin’, but we’re getting libeled hundreds of times per day, every fucking day of the week based on month-old smear pieces that were written for the purpose of bullying us into submission. And yet…whenever the constant bullying gets to be too much and we act out of frustration like human beings sometimes do, folks like you are always quick to step up to wag a self-important finger in our faces to tell us what we should and shouldn’t be offended by. Even if that shit’s coming from a place of sincerity, it’s not your job to do that.

      As for this shit, if Dell values its brand image, it’ll fire this guy. This aint the sort of shit they ought to want being associated with their products.

  3. Does no one research their topics before going and saying sh!t that is massively offensive anymore? Seriously, you’re an Executive of DELL, I suggest you start to act like one instead of this High school tier Devin Faraci BS.

  4. He’s lucky he works for American company. If he worked in Japan, this kind of stuff doesn’t get shrugged with a mere apology.

  5. are we just going to go after everyone with a bad comment on GG not everyone’s gonna like us. I didn’t even know who the fuck that guy was and still don’t care he said a mean thing

  6. Oh this isn’t the only thing he’s doing – now he’s defending it by saying that we can’t take “criticism” and he’s just fighting misogyny! The soggy knees, attack again! Because PEOPLE of ALL COLOURS, GENDERS, SEXUALITIES and VIEWS are apparently religious extremists that oppress, kill and employ fear tactics. Yes, that is definitely what we do on the internet. I am glad I don’t have any Dell products because I would be pretty ashamed right now for supporting people like that. If you have a problem when the Cathedral of misogyny donates to get women into gaming, but you don’t flinch from a white male in an executive position who only upholds status quo gets more of your money from a hobby he’s shitting on right now – don’t even bother.

  7. If this was just a lower-ranked guy, okay… but this is an executive! How did he get into this spot if he behaves this way?!

  8. Dell tried to capture the gaming Market with the XPS series, but it was a mediocre success. Their Stringent Designs and just mediocre builds made it difficult for PC gamers to upgrade or game on them effectively. They should distance themselves from this guy business wise, because his words will no doubt hurt the AlienWare brand they acquired long ago. People are slowly moving to iBUYPOWER anyway. AlienWare is becoming a name as marred as Razer because of the pricing.

  9. What a tard. People like these are the reason why SJW’s are hated so much and will forever be hated.

  10. Do these people even follow what’s going on, or do they just talk to the journalists and take everything from them at face value? I do not care about how many people some indie dev who made a shit game slept with. She could bang the entire SF 49ers football team, as long as none of them are writing articles singling out her game or judging a contest she wins. Not to mention this goes well beyond that whole situation. There were those leaked emails that showed them deciding on what stories should be pushed and what should be ignored, planning strategies to push their politics, and even joking about how common it was for them to sleep with PR and devs.

  11. I am going to visit my mother, I am going to recommend my mother Toshiba Laptop she said she wanted a new computer I am going to recommend her those machines not a Dell because lets me honest Dell Sucks.

    1. even without this I’ve never bought Dell. Dell’s given up on even trying to make a quality product. Everything about Dell now is about selling to places that will never utilise full CPU capability, like schools and small offices. They make their big money bulk-selling to smaller corporations, start-ups, schools, legal facilities, and hospitals.

  12. This isn’t just some guy spouting off. This is a technogy executive talking about the “technology world” and how it would be better off without people like us. Damn right he should apologize.

  13. How does calling for Reese’s resignation differ from anti-GamerGaters contacting employers of GGers about what they’ve said? You can vehemently disagree with his comments without also trying to cost him his job.

    1. No, he should be fired as there is no excuse for posting this.

      He can think it.
      He can say it in private to close friends (but shouldn’t)
      He CAN’T say it in public. There is no way Dell doesn’t have a mile of legalese saying that they can fire anyone who is caught in this kind of misconduct.

      worse, he doesn’t even have the protection of calling himself a journalist, so if someone wants to fire up the lawsuit machine.. He could be face a libel class action lawsuit with every single person who has used #gamergate in it. MINIMUM.

      Pretty sure the judge and jury would get the idea after the first 10-20 witnesses testify to having never beheaded a human or attempted genocide.

      Do you think Dell wants to sit on its hands and hope it goes away?

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