The Verge lies about us all the time. Hell, as I always cite, one of their former workers actually threatened to go GamerGate hunting at Comic Con. Unsurprisingly, he never caught any flack. Anti-GamerGate has gotten away with everything short of the high crimes like murder and rape, but I’m pretty sure the media would turn a blind eye towards that as well. Because after I just saw Intel co-sign Anita Sarkeesian and IGDA, I’m certain that I’m living on a different planet than these people. 

As someone just told me, “How much money does Anita make Intel?” I said none, because I don’t think she actually does. In fact there’s a good chance she’s going to end up costing them money in the long run. I know I’m about 1000% less likely to buy Intel products in the future.  Jesse Jackson may approve of Intel backing charlatans like Anita Sarkeesian, but I have a hard time believing their consumer base will.

The stated goal of the initiative is also something that I have no problem with. Spending money to make your workforce more diverse is not a goal GamerGate has ever come out against. I’m not anti-diversity. I don’t know that this is going to be some great program for Intel, though. It sounds like a huge waste, especially with hucksters like IGDA, Anita, & Jesse involved. But it has nothing to do with us. So why are publications like The Verge saying it does? I know that Intel put out the word to journos, but twisting what GamerGate stands for because some Intel press flack told you to is unacceptable. I’m just stating the obvious at this point, as we’ve seen this same song and dance so many times now.

Here a few other publications and their take, starting with The Oregonian:






The New York Times:


Venture Beat:


And finally, our old friends at The Verge:



Along with a shot of the actual Intel presentation at CES 2015:

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The reason i show you all this, is to make it clear that this was a calculated media rollout. You don’t get 100+ articles on Google News for something like this any other way. They wanted this story to be fucking ubiquitous tonight and tomorrow. Everyone is supposed to see Anita Sarkeesian’s cashout. Well, mission accomplished, Intel. I’ve heard you loud and clear. I understand that you’re just throwing $300 million at these frauds and hoping they’ll go away, but you just sold out your hardcore base. Time is going to show you what a mistake that was.

    1. Those choosing the wrong side on Gamergate are saving me quite a bit of scratch, since I’ll never use their products ever.

  1. There is no such thing as peak stupid. But I can see the lunatics are running the asylum.

    I always preferred AMD anyway… not for speed, not for quality… but that they WEREN’T Intel.

    I’m disappointed that the media can hijack a narrative and lie about it. I’m also disappointed that a group of social retards and anti-capitalist nitwits can get cash from a major corporation because women made the CHOICE not to go into STEM. No one is keeping women out of tech but women. They don’t WANT to go into tech, so why spend $300 million trying to get them to? That’s the beauty of individual liberty. You don’t have to do what people want you to do. Choice is never wrong. Freedom is never evil. And Liberty is not a curse.

    Those feeble-minded entitled little weenies at FeministFrequency have pulled one helluva con. Either their shtick is the biggest troll of the century, or these idiot savants have stumbled into a marketing goldmine… “perceived inequality”.

    It’s a bloody mess. Logic is gone. Ethics are gone. Free Market Capitalism is being punched in the nuts by those who benefit from it the most. Smug assholes. I’m done. I’m out. It’s like tilting at windmills. We’ve lost. These entitled tumblr idiots won. These tiny-minded pissants and fringe idiots, through sheer retard-strength, have muscled their way into the market on the most blatantly obvious falsehood since the USS Maine.

    I wish them luck. I vote with my wallet.

    1. I was thinking the same thing about the Maine, but don’t quit because Intel just spent $300 million buying the worst PR possible.

    2. I have to agree. As a woman I wish more when to the STEM. It’s good work. You feel good because you are giving to society. Plus it’s pay well. I’m tired of hearing my friends complain of lack of money. Not my fault your Ph.D in English means that you are worth jack shit in the job market.

  2. Media being less reliable is media accelerating it’s death.

    You want to live as a media outlet? Get out of the tabloid mindset.

  3. They all keep claiming Intel went back to Gamasutra but after 1/2 an hour of searching I have not seen a single Intel ad there, not even the adsense ones.

    Can anyone verify this?

      1. That’s what I figured because I personally talked to The Telegraph author and he said his source was Alexander which is ridiculous. I would bet that the source for these articles is The Telegraph.


  4. I’ve no issue/interest in who works in tech companies. Male, female, don’t care.

    I’m just a consumer.

    If the product/game is good I buy it. If it’s bad I don’t.

    However if I see Intel in bed with people that launch unprovoked lies, smears and insults at me (as well as anti-white racist language) then that would influence my purchasing decisions.

  5. >Constant about of females and minorites withing gaming community during the past 4 months
    Is like the are making the dictionary term for Aggros

  6. I hate to say it but it’s clear this SJW bullshit has now officially become one of THE big self delusions that entire sections of our society are clearly operating on as a base assumption about reality.

    Fuck it I need to get out of this country it’s too expensive to live here anyway and it just gets worse every fucking year. If this event demonstrates anything it’s that Hunter S Thompson was right, the American Dream is dead, hijacked and hacked to pieces by a succession of two bit hustlers. Dominated by a media and political class who create panics, monger fear and then use those phantoms to clamp down on everybody.

    This is a disgrace an unforgivable fucking disgrace.

  7. I honestly don’t see why Intel saw fit to throw money at Scamkesian. Her shtick is finding something, ANYTHING “problematic” and complain about it as if will change anything. I can only imagine how meetings between her and Intel will go:

    AS: “Well, I checked everything, and the only thing you guys are doing right is producing motherboards, because mothers are the only people that are worth anything. First, all power cords need to be changed so that an outlet can be plugged into without actual plugs, since it resembles a penis entering a vagina, thus triggering lesbians. Next, remove all CNTRL, ALT, DEL, and ENTER buttons on the keyboards. CNTRL signifies patriarchy’s control over women, ALT makes fun of otherkin, DEL is what men have done to women for centuries, and ENTER what all men want to do to women against their will. Finally, “white” will no longer be an available as a color option for hardware, since it would trigger POCs and scare them away. Oh, and hire Randi Harper, Zoe Quinn, and Brianna Wu.”

    Intel Chairman: “But how is this supposed to get more women and minorities into STEM fields? And why would we hire these people? One wrote a shitty code that doesn’t block who it’s supposed to block and blocks those it’s not supposed to block. Another made some lame choose your adventure thing on software that all but writes the game for you, and the last one made some terrible iPhone game starring Bratz rejects”


    Intel Chairman: “We blew several million dollars on THIS?”

    1. Mothers aren’t worth anything though. They were literally raped, which caused literal internalized patriarchy. They are buying into a system of male oppression and they think that that system makes them happy, even though it has never made anyone happy and never will.

      Am I doing this SJW thing right?

  8. Back to AMD.

    Also, it’s time we posted images of Sarkeesian’s stupid comments with the “Intel” logo alongside them.

      1. There were a lot on 8 chan though it’s down right now just search intel inside fem freq and go nuts a lot of the images are still up.

    1. AMD is under huge pressure as of right now to toe the line like Intel did. I don’t need confirmation for this obvious suspicion. What we can concentrate upon is rebel anarchic techs like Bitcoin. Anything else is virtually compromised.

  9. So are they going to pay women study STEM? And what the heck does full representation mean? And what makes Anita qualified to achieve this.

    1. No they’re not. They’re ringing the bell loud and clear but they’re gonna make sure only the pleb companies get weakened by affirmative action they’re enforcing so. They might do AA but as Intel they’ll have the pick of the best women employees so Intel won’t be as affected as others will.

      1. On the bright side, that just means more competent workers of every other stripe for all the meritocracies out there. Let Intel waste their money trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist. They’ll just hurt themselves in the long run by chasing away potential employees.

  10. “The Verge lies about us all the time. Hell, as I always cite, one of their former workers actually threatened to go GamerGate hunting at Comic Con. Unsurprisingly, he never caught any flack.”

    Duh. He’s black. Also we’re “criminal masterminds” with a mountain of alleged criminal offences and no arrests or convictions so it’s fair game.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

  11. What is the money going into anyway if they want to promote diversity more college and Uni courses in tech advertisement ?

  12. Don’t go after Intel angrily. Write them a civil email with links to evidence calling out Anita for the fraud she is. Let them know that they’re enabling con artists. Don’t curse them out, don’t send them angry @s over on Twitter.

    We need to show these people that the media has been LYING about us. We need to show them how wrong they are. We can’t do that if we don’t rise above their expectations of us. Channel your anger in the right way and we’ll expose Anita and John for what they are.

    1. It’s useless to email Intel by this point. You’re not dealing just with a corporation anymore now. By that announcement they have set themselves up as a political authority.
      “Implement affirmative action for women in tech or be burned.”
      It’s a barbarian horde with the world leaders at the top. It’s a marxist leninist tyranny takeover.
      Intel has tagged itself as your enemy commander. Emailing it for support and understanding is ludicrous at this point.

      Now working with AMD to gain and secure their support would make sense, but I doubt it’d work. They’ll have to toe the line and they soon will be forced to go public about it.

      Do you guys realize the power Intel has over the personal computer industry? Any political statement they make is law. Because it will be accompanied by enforcement on all lower companies.

      I’m not being doomy and gloomy , BTW. I’m loving this. This fight is starting to get interesting. Now you faggots will have to face who you’re really dealing with. SJWs are just pawns.

    2. Or post images of fem freq’s more well known quotes and plaster them with intel inside a good place to start her comments of there can’t be sexism against men.

  13. In the past twenty plus years or so Governments in the West (in particular) have spend tens, if not hundreds of millions (maybe even billions over time) on developing programs AND LAW/LEGISLATION to encourage uptake in STEM and failed (iirc the US, UK and many Euro Nations have LESS women entering STEM per year now than the previous years). So what does Intel and Co. know that Government doesn’t?

  14. As an old conspifag I saw it coming. Not particularly Intel but the ruling wealthy elites pushing for more SJW cultural war, openly this time. Let’s be glad this is happening in a state of cultural war when a max of people are aware of the challenges.
    The clout the aGGro cunts have exhibited from day one could have alerted you sheeple. You’re not dealing with pixieheads. You’re dealing with the Rothschild, Rockefeller and so on. Good luck.

    1. You act as if most of us didn’t also see it coming. I’ve been in this fight for years, no conspiracy theories required. It wasn’t exactly well hidden.

  15. There are REAL women advocates for gaming, STEM, and the rest, e.g., and the finy, young capitalists, but intel apparently prefers the extortion charlatains to actually doing something.

  16. This is an interesting development. I honestly don’t see how it’s all that related to Gamergate, but people who want to use it to smear us sure will jump at the chance.

    $300 million is hardly chump change. And they’re tying the pay of the company leaders directly to these goals, and setting a “fairly” rapid pace for it too: the year 2020. I think it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

    This is bigger than #GG. For decades the government has been funding women in STEM efforts and it barely moves the needle. Feminists and feminist critics have observed it and tried to figure out what’s going on. Feminists say that patriarchy is the problem. Feminist critics are pointing out that men and women are different, and women just aren’t all that interested in tech jobs but prefer jobs with more person-to-person interaction, as well as more flexible work schedules to allow for a family life. Tech jobs are notorious for long work hours and grinding employees in crunch time; something that a mother can’t exactly commit to if they want to pick their kids up from school and see them at all during daylight hours.

    This is the kind of thing Dr. Sommers has been observing and writing about since the early 90s. So, in 5 years time, we can see the specific efforts they’ve tried to employ and see if the results are there, and we’ll have some new data on it all.

    It does kind of inherently poke some major holes in the feminist theory of all this though: that tech is excessively patriarchal and misogynistic. Who would hire Feminist Frequency, and spend $300 million to hire minorities if they hate women? Clearly something else is going on to prevent women in STEM. Maybe in 2020, careful researchers like Dr. Sommers will have some more data explaining what that is.

    1. As theoretical physicist Michio Kaku observed, science education in the US is in shambles. High school doesn’t work. Universities have to provide valuable class space for remedial English and math classes. And the US has to import almost 50% of its scientists from other countries.

      If a better pipeline can be created to get more people into technology, the world will benefit. But the SocJus ideology of focusing on a human being’s skin color and chromosomal makeup rather than actual need stands poised to poison it all.

    2. There aren’t a proportional number of women who have suitable STEM qualifications.

      Given that it takes about 4 years to gain a STEM degree they only have one year to affect any change in the number of women with suitable degrees. Not going to have much effect as you need to start a lot earlier. By the last year of high school most people have decided what they want to do.

      So either they are going to be employing lots of women in non-technical jobs, stealing technical women from other companies (presumably by discriminating against men by paying women more in order to attract them), drastically reducing their male technical workforce (yet more discrimination) or all of the above.


      1. Yeah, you’re completely right. I was thinking the same thing but couldn’t say it as concisely as you just did.

    3. “researchers like Dr. Sommers will have some more data explaining what that is.”
      It aint rocket science. What’s happening is that people are choosing to do what they want in life. The totalitarian sexists (more commonly called feminists) are openly opposed to this free choice and are demanding people do what feminists tell them to do.

  17. $300 million so that Sarkeesian and other Feminist/ SJW groups can continue to call me a piss baby and try to get people fired because a woman in a videogame has breasts that are just a little bit too big? I’m flabbergasted, $300 million so that these crazy women can police the choices of every girl in the country and make money from their women’s studies degrees. It’s not anyone’s fault that a PH’D in Women’s studies is useless. I’m sorry a shit ton of feminists wasted their college education on it.

    But, I’ll drink the fucking kool-aid. Tell me more about male gaze and how playing as a sexy woman in a videogame is objectifying her. Tell me how virtual women in a videogame need rights. God damn it.

    1. ,,,i think they’re worried about male glaze too much,,,you might jerk it to th new 1st person mode in gta v while getting a blowjob from a hooker in th front seat of yer Dominator, then SPLOOSHH!! There goes yer ooey-blooey and dammit some of those sperms were possible females so yer now a womyn killin’ psycho you fucking pissbaby patriarchal shitlord! …scoop those courageous females off yer lower belly and give them a respectful burial while burning sage to the Goddess you foul beast! And wipe that Cheetos dust off yer junk!,,,,

  18. As much as I dislike any company pandering to Sarkeesian when it comes to a product like a CPU I have to still buy Intel. AMD just isn’t in the game anymore and buying something clearly inferior..something very expensive.. Not gonna happen.

    I’ll boycott just about anything. I boycotted Activision for 4 years for Christ sakes, I’ve got a permanent boycott of gearbox going on and I’m starting to boycott ubi soft.

    Unfortunately Intel is just too damn important.

  19. How come we never hear about women on oil rigs or women down mineshafts initiatives? Probably not enough status and visibility for feminists to care about.

  20. Anita on this article: “La La La La, wait til’ I get my money right. La La La La, then you can’t tell me nuthin’ right? Excuse me, was Ralph saying somethin’? Uhn uh, you can’t tell me nuthin’! HA HA! CAN’T TELL ME NUTHIN’!”

  21. I won’t need to worry about boycotting Intel. Mr. Krzanich seems to have gone full-James Taggart and has decided to run his company into the ground through this “increasing diversity” program. He also fails to see that Feminist Frequency is a cash-parasite that sucks up money like a high-end vacuum cleaner.

  22. This is really… weird. Why would Intel throw so much money at a PR team that has wrecked careers and businesses?

    Are they buying them out? Are they taking a hit for the industry and getting FeministFrequency to shut up? Is this essentially the blackmail payment? I really can’t think of any other way they could sell this to stockholders, since the STEM stuff is hardly new and there must be countless initiatives already being run at many levels of education. A PR team like FemFreq is probably about the last group I’d go to to effect a *change* in peoples minds – Anita and John and Co. are the most polarizing people I’ve probably ever seen in recent years, and they polarize 90:10 in the wrong direction.

    The SJWs seem to be trying to win by bullying/coercing all main outlets to join their side. Consumers have to be strong and look for alternatives. I’m probably not too keen on getting an AMD for my next computer, but it’s gonna be my preference now. Sayonara Intel!

  23. this lady gamer doesn’t want a money grubbing faux-gamer leading the charge over what is acceptable for my gender and the content in the games that I play. Intel, maybe your adding numbers to your company, but you just lost a consumer. #bye

  24. You guys just don’t get it. Although I don’t blame you since 6 years ago I was just a dumb sheep of a gentile. Zionist Jew supremacy is shitting on all of you right now. “How DARE these goyim expose the gay, multicultural feminist agenda we had been planning for years in gaming!” “How dare they insult and make a mockery of a fellow Jew in Anita!” This is for all of you who mocked conspiracy theorists about the secret societies and everything else. Stop wasting time and educate yourself appropriately while you still can. Go to Brother Nathanael on YouTube for the physical side of the the truth. Go to vigilant citizen for the spiritual side for starters. It’s time to take the fight to them. Help spread all these things as much as you can!

  25. Way I see it, Intel is giving FemFreq one last chance to redeem itself and actually contribute to equality in a meaningful way. Given how spectacularly bad they are at managing their funds(abysmal ratio of content production relative to funding), I wouldn’t be surprised if they severely need the pick-me-up. I’m hoping Intel’s patronage is contingent upon them actually doing what their organization’s name implies they should.

    For now, I’m taking it in good faith. If it really is as bad as people seem to think it is, we’ll know soon enough.

  26. This is what happens when you don’t spank your children enough/indulge their whims/give everyone ‘participation trophies’. They grow into adults who lack any humanist characteristics, and will try to impose their idea of moral authority on others via social shaming, out of sheer narcissism and pseudo-intelligence. It’s very middle school bully.

    I’m one of MANY female gamers who’ve spoken out on #Gamergate and #NotYourShield, and our firsthand accounts that contradict the narrative they try to jam down everyone’s throats get blocked/ignored/dismissed. We advocate equality–TRUE equality–and have been demonstrably willing to put our money where our mouths are, and donate to pro-female causes. Those who insist GG is a misogynist hate movement are only interested in protecting themselves and their friends and lining each other’s pockets and purses. It doesn’t take but a cursory scratch on the surface of the #GamerGate hashtag in order to see the majority of us are on the same page as far as ethics and equality and transparency and respect, not doxxing or harassing or playing victim. We fight for everyone’s right to speak like a bigoted shitbag or make things we don’t like/agree with, because that’s what creative expression is. That also comes with it the understanding that when you’re dealing with adults, you expect them to know when to close the fucking window and walk away.

    It’s when you go from “This isn’t right” to “This shouldn’t be allowed” that we have a problem, punkins. My rights don’t end where your feels begin.

  27. Why is it a problem that women CHOOSE to not go into tech fields?

    Nobody seems to care that women CHOOSE to not go into construction and trash collecting. This idea that every job must be a 50/50 split between the genders is ignorant of reality and completely and utterly insane.

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