I’ve been keeping my eye on the DNC proceedings down in Atlanta all day. To say it’s been boring is an understatement. The Democrats did do a couple notable things, though. One, they refused to adopt an amendment that would have forbade the party from accepting money from corporations and lobbyists. That should have showed Keith Ellison supporters where the day was headed. Because in the second notable thing to come out of the days proceedings, Tom Perez, the former Obama administration labor secretary (and the guy Obama was pushing for hard behind the scenes) was elected as the new DNC Chairman.

This represents a major victory for the establishment over forces sympathetic to former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders…and many Democrats aren’t taking it well.

Ah, I guess it’s better to call them former Democrats…




I literally couldn’t posted them all in one article. There are thousands of people vowing to leave the Democratic Party over this outcome.



I’ll come back later and update this post with more notable responses, but it’s safe to say all is not well over on the left wing of American politics. The Democrats are in disarray.