Brianna Wu has been making headlines of late for all the wrong reasons. I haven’t commented on them here, but a screenshot might bring you up speed if you are unaware…

Yes, rocks dropped from the moon are apparently a threat to wipeout civilization.

Brianna Wu, feminist and Democratic congressional candidate, has some serious concerns about people traveling to the moon. In particular that the military will use the moon as a way to drop rocks on the Earth, thus exploding like 100s of nuclear bombs.

Fresh off this lunacy, Brianna has decided to top it. Earlier today, Wu said that their Twitter account was hacked by…wait for it…Russia. Because of course Russia would really be interested in hacking an irrelevant nutter (and future failed congressional candidate) like Brianna Wu. It makes all the sense in the world!

Yes, Bryan. How dare you question Brianna Wu’s obviously insane rantings! What, do you hate “women,” or something?

Apple will get right on this, I’m sure. Oh, wait. “Security people” had some advice for Wacky Wu…

I’m sure those details will be forthcoming. It’s not like Wu has deleted hundreds of crazy tweets in the past and then acted like they never happened. TRR shall wait with baited breath for more on this stunning example of foreign electoral interference.

    1. Living proof of the old agage “You can smear lipstick on a pig, and its still a goddamn pig!”

  1. This nutty dude must be loved by local LE. I’ll bet he calls when he runs out of toilet paper, since he gets them involved in everything else… allegedly.

  2. Wu’s gonna get stomped in the primary but I’m actually rooting for the freak and hoping he’ll win by some fluke and end up in congress. That seat is never going to go to anything but a DNC prog given it’s district and therefore it’s beneficial it be filled with the most incompetent clown possible. Elect Wu I say, elect Wu and further contribute to the implosion of the democratic party.

    1. As amusing as it would be, the seat Wu’s running for is currently held by a comparatively conservative Democrat (Lynch), and it would be unfortunate to have him replaced by Wu (D-Luna).

      Besides, Congress is already infected by Marxine Waters (D-Bedlam) and Sheila Jackass Lee (D-Uranus), whose travelling minstrel show never fails to entertain.

  3. “She” slathered her unredacted email all over twitter, thus inviting more “victimization.”

    This joke writes itself.

  4. I don’t really use Apple for anything, so I wouldn’t have any idea how a legit email from them would look, so don’t have a basis for calling it a fake either.
    But the idea that someone from Russia took a random interest in her, and just randomly guessed her password seems absurd.
    Also, Wu, you claim you know about security, but you don’t do 2-step verification on one of your most important accounts? How stupid are you? We really would like to know…

  5. Bated breath, not “baited breath”. It’s obsolete English. It’s related to “abate” and it means to hold your breath.

    I once tracked back a Nigerian email I got. The ISP was in Egypt. If a Nigerian can disguise the location of a phishing email why can’t the Cheka / NKVD / KGB / FSB use a location other than Moscow?

  6. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (1966) by Robert Heinlein.

    The Moon was used as a prison colony as Australia was. It had developed a libertarian society among the exiles who had served their sentence but were not allowed to return to Earth. The Moon was used for farming wheat — in underground chambers using water from ice beneath the polar regions. Everyone was in denial that water is used up when it is incorporated into the molecules of a living thing. So dried wheat shipped down to Earth was using up the finite resources of the Moon. All criticisms were beaten back the the lunar colonists were a bunch of criminals.

    Then an IT guy on the Moon maintaining its huge mainframe found that part of the computer had become sentient and was keeping it a secret. With the computer’s help they organized a strike against the Earth which escalated to a war. It ended when the rebels launched 24 hours of bombing. The bombs were huge rocks launched by catapult. Nuking one on the way would do no good because it could only crack it to large fragments which would do the same damage.

    The story also introduced the libertarian acronym TANSTAAFL = There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

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    1. I know….fucking glorious aint it? Two years of comedy gold ahead mate……strap in, buckle up and get ready for a ride on the Lulzocoaster!

  7. So she has no evidence that Russia “hacked” her Apple account, no proof that that “locked” email is from Apple or anyone else, but opens herself up to social engineering on Twitter by asking for someone to get in touch with an iCloud person… What a fucking dolt.

    Even if she’s not just trying to make a publicity stunt, she’s an idiot for saying she’s going to talk to law enforcement with zero evidence she got hacked or phished or anything. Hopefully they laugh at her.

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