Hello, ladies and gentleman. I am the owner of this site, believe it or not. I realize I’ve made myself scarce the last couple days, but as you can see by the two streams we did yesterday, I haven’t been completely lazy. We’ll talk about those later, but for now let’s do a quick hit on a breaking news topic making the rounds over on Twitter.

Basically, it looks like members of Hillary Clinton’s campaign team may have been caught red-handed breaking Nevada election law.


Here’s the relevant law…


This is not a great look for the Clinton campaign, obviously. Notice how the woman in the video tried to hide her Hillary swag. Of course there’s an anti-Trump logo right there on the back of her clipboard as well. She obviously was not conducting her duties in a nonpartisan fashion. I think any reasonable person would have to come to that conclusion.

More alleged info on the woman in the video…


I’ll come back later this morning and update this story if anything else rolls in.