I seriously have at least three stories lined up for the next two hours, lest you think I’ve been playing on Twitter all day. OK, I have been playing on Twitter all day, but at least I got some research and news-gathering done as well. This story is actually the most fresh of the bunch, because it just crossed my feed and it struck me as so pathetic that I felt like I needed to get it up as quickly as possible. Plus, I didn’t want Breitbart to beat me to the punch. We’ll see if I end up winning that race.

I was out of town and across the pond for most of the last two weeks, so I didn’t see many of the Milo Yiannopoulos campus escapades live, but I did keep up-to-date somewhat. Jack Outis covered the craziness at DePaul University with a timely column a couple days after I left town. Basically, anti-speech thugs were allowed to interrupt and pretty much shutdown Milo’s event while security guards (who had been paid by the organizers of the event) sat around and did nothing.

You would think that university administrators would be embarrassed over their failure to protect the free and open exchange of ideas. Well, if you had any faith in these types of people, you would think that. Since I know most of you are like me and have zero confidence in these leeches, you had to expect an cowardly apology was coming down the pike. At least it was long and whiny, though. I have to at least give President Dennis H. Holtschneider a little bit of credit.

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(Source: https://twitter.com/Nero)

Damn, sounds like a lot of pussies go to DePaul University. Just one more reason to avoid that institution like the plague.

  1. How dare this mental case apologise to the students?! DePaul is the university where Milo couldn’t give his speech because the BLM nutters stormed the stage and the security did fuck all to stop them despite Milo paying for them. They did so under the instructions of college staff. If anything the president owes Milo an apology for the lack of professionalism the event was handled with, for the incompetent trash his establishment is producing and for limiting free speech.

    This is actually pissing me off.

    1. That’s the plan

      Ideally they don’t want us to know the truth from the PR truth.
      That’s the endgame.

      You know the whole “repeat a lie many times” etc etc and people think it is true.

  2. Yeah, when I watched those videos, all I could note was how oppressed the people that stormed the stage where. When they where blowing whistles, when they where taking swings to make Milo flinch, I just thought “those poor oppressed people, look how much they are being triggered”.

  3. 5-10 years, DePaul will be DeStroyed after all the non-radical white and Asian students leave.

    Nice job, Fr. Dennis. Better hope all those lucrative “Afro-Centric Feminist Spoken Word Poetry” majors are generous with their alumni donations after graduation.

    1. Even when it’s all in the toilet and done and over he’ll just weep about “white flight” and claim it was all the limey poof’s fault.

  4. A guy who called into Gavin MCInnes’s show who was there claimed that Edward Ward and the stank-ass hoodrat who was with him were actually let into the venue AFTER the place was full and the show was about to start.

    The caller said he was told the place was full but he managed to get in. And he saw those two come in well after the place was at capacity.

    This clearly proves collusion between the administration staff and these rent-a-thugs.

  5. This is, very literally, the end of higher education in the United States. There was a time when people with shocking, racist or radical views were not only allowed to speak at universities, they were ENCOURAGED to do so. Why? Because if their ideas were weak, intelligent people in the crowd would eviscerate their shitty ideas during the questions/comments.
    This is pure, unadulterated pussy behavior..and this is coming form a TRUE, free thought liberal. Words don’t fucking hurt people. I hurt people that are too weak to confront ideas.
    This article is a perfect example of why we are in an intellectually shitty place in this country, where someone like Donald Trump can be a viable candidate for president. Where college kids are not only allowed to whine and cry and throw a tantrum because of “problematic speech “, but their cucked university president PRAISES THEM FOR IT.

    1. Mediocrity and narcissism were not only allowed but encouraged for multiple generations. The boomers who defined 60’s counter culture became the ruling elite but never acknowledged they’d become the new establishment nor figured out how to govern properly.

      The conservative politicians sold out to the banks and big business, and then when that wasn’t enough selling out for them they sold out to the “progressive” establishment which in turn had by that point finished selling it’s own self out to the globalists. Along the way they all dumbed down, diluted, polluted and infantalized the culture because that gave them all more useful idiots to work with.

      Now the entire stinking mess is on the verge of eating it’s own asshole and they’re running around like chickens with their heads cut off desperately trying to deny reality while a wave of populist rage rises up to crush down upon them all and sweep them away.

      That’s basically it in a nutshell even though you were probably being rhetorical.

    2. While I agree trump would be good in regards to helping crush a lot of the overly PC culture we are in there isn’t much he can do about universities.

      He can’t change what they teach or ideas they push. He can’t stop protests against people like milo either. What he can do is demand the arrest of any violent protestors which should be being done anyways.

  6. Fucking hell. I couldn’t get past the second page of lies, revisionist history, and utter bullshit. Fuck that pansy. I wanna punch that mutha fucker so hard his dentures fly to Milo.

  7. I am of the opinion that the shit like “nooses” and crap are being planted. Who honestly still does these things? And I haven’t seen any videos of students harassing black students. The only video I’ve seen come out of DePaul was Milo getting threatened and a speech getting shut down.

  8. I wonder when the university’s president will start expelling the brat pack then track those monsters back to their professors that made them and finish cleaning house for a better safer campus?(probably never most of these university presidents and high ranking staff that can fire and expel seem to have already donated their spines to jellyfish)

    1. probably when he is replaced by the board and someone ~slightly~ less insane is brought in to get things back on track and profitable.

  9. hmmmmm victim blaming or what?

    as for this “noose” twattery…. well unless you were going to lynch a Barbie doll then Id say its just some disguarded parcel twine myself.

    The fucksters of the regressive left out in full force. If the Olympics had a medal for Mental Gymnastics these fuckers and Creationists would sweep the board.

  10. Holtschneider is a disgrace to his profession. All he’s doing by catering to the whining and crying of some of the more pathetic examples of the student body, is encouraging their victimhood. They are already ill-prepared to take their place in the world and this kindergarten level leadership that he’s exhibiting only weakens them further. He’s creating victims. People who will not be able to function in society and will do nothing but create a net burden for the rest of us who actually have to get shit done.

    This weasel of an educator does not belong anywhere near students. He’s crippling them and genuinely thinks he’s doing them a service. He should be fired, stripped of his teaching credentials and for good measure, tossed out of a fucking plane over the Atlantic as karma for all the young men and women he’s already irreparably diminished as human beings.

  11. If that noose wasn’t a hoax I’ll eat my shorts with steak sauce. Plus the sidewalk “slur”. I wonder how many of those “anonymous” twitter and email accounts were hoaxes as well??

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