I was never going to the Deploraball. For one, parking in DC is a bitch. Also, I can’t leave the State of Virginia…so there’s that as well. But, the party looked interesting and it still does. However, there’s a lot of questions swirling about the participants and what’s going down behind the scenes. Full disclosure: As most of you know, I’m a big fan of Mike Cernovich. He’s always helped me out with promoting my work, etc. I’m not as tight with Baked Alaska, but he was also a very cool guy when we got to chat. I’m not taking sides in the beef, just reporting what’s happening over on Twitter (which is a large part of what I do lol). You guys can decide for yourself who you want to roll with.

I missed out on some things and was only alerted to what was going on after the fact. Cernovich announced that Baked Alaska was no longer going to be involved with the Deploraball and the Milo Yiannopoulos was now in.


This was followed by some tweets from Baked Alaska on the MAGA3X account. Those tweets have now been deleted, so I can only assume that he has lost access to the account, or else they all mutually agreed to delete them. He did follow up with some DM leaks and an instant message he claimed to have received from Milo over on his personal account.




Cernovich talked about Baked Alaska (aka Tim Treadstone) taking money and not doing the work that he was paid to do. I don’t know what’s going on there. Alaska did say that he took $5000 from Cernovich and/or Chuck Johnson “under the table” to do work for Trump. I don’t know anything else on that score.

Mike did a Periscope of his own, but as of this time, it’s not archived on Periscope (He since started up a new one, which I will link below). Basically, things are blowing up bigtime. Milo’s scholarship fund was also mentioned by Mr. Treadstone (and Blair White). I’m not sure what’s going on with that, although I was told that we would hear more on it for the spring semester. I don’t talk to Milo much anymore, so I can’t say. I do hope that what I was told ends up being correct, though.



Anyway, make of all this what you will. I don’t turn on friends, so if you want that, you came to the wrong place. I’m just presenting the info that’s out there and you guys can draw your own conclusions.

Also, Trump won, so this is all just drama. Remember to celebrate all that was accomplished in 2016!