I was never going to the Deploraball. For one, parking in DC is a bitch. Also, I can’t leave the State of Virginia…so there’s that as well. But, the party looked interesting and it still does. However, there’s a lot of questions swirling about the participants and what’s going down behind the scenes. Full disclosure: As most of you know, I’m a big fan of Mike Cernovich. He’s always helped me out with promoting my work, etc. I’m not as tight with Baked Alaska, but he was also a very cool guy when we got to chat. I’m not taking sides in the beef, just reporting what’s happening over on Twitter (which is a large part of what I do lol). You guys can decide for yourself who you want to roll with.

I missed out on some things and was only alerted to what was going on after the fact. Cernovich announced that Baked Alaska was no longer going to be involved with the Deploraball and the Milo Yiannopoulos was now in.


This was followed by some tweets from Baked Alaska on the MAGA3X account. Those tweets have now been deleted, so I can only assume that he has lost access to the account, or else they all mutually agreed to delete them. He did follow up with some DM leaks and an instant message he claimed to have received from Milo over on his personal account.




Cernovich talked about Baked Alaska (aka Tim Treadstone) taking money and not doing the work that he was paid to do. I don’t know what’s going on there. Alaska did say that he took $5000 from Cernovich and/or Chuck Johnson “under the table” to do work for Trump. I don’t know anything else on that score.

Mike did a Periscope of his own, but as of this time, it’s not archived on Periscope (He since started up a new one, which I will link below). Basically, things are blowing up bigtime. Milo’s scholarship fund was also mentioned by Mr. Treadstone (and Blair White). I’m not sure what’s going on with that, although I was told that we would hear more on it for the spring semester. I don’t talk to Milo much anymore, so I can’t say. I do hope that what I was told ends up being correct, though.



Anyway, make of all this what you will. I don’t turn on friends, so if you want that, you came to the wrong place. I’m just presenting the info that’s out there and you guys can draw your own conclusions.

Also, Trump won, so this is all just drama. Remember to celebrate all that was accomplished in 2016!

  1. Mike is going full “muh tone policing” over Tim pointing out jewish control of the mass media and their using it to shut down dissent.
    I’m a Jew. I agree with Tim on this, and Cernovich is going full hypocrite with his #ShutItDownNow attitude.
    People should be allowed to criticize jewish community leaders. They are not immune to hypocrisy and do not become infallible by reading the Torah.

    1. you know, people aren’t as woke as you think they are. So, i suggest you kinda keep an open mind. I personally wouldn’t want to stoke the fires for the media to have fuel against me with, and Tim is acting like a fucking twat.

      1. that would make sense if we weren’t talking about thernovith who makes the largest claims about being able to handle the media.

        hint-he’s actually horrible at handling the media.

      2. The (((media))) already hates these guys. Anyone trying to “tone down” criticism of this fact is suspicious in my book.

        1. No one knows who this Baked Alaska guy is, like at all. No one knows who Mike Cernovich is either.

          People only know Milo. Trust me, Baked will OD in some trailer somewhere eventually and no one will know about it

          1. Milo is old news at this point. Based on what I have heard about drug use Milo will have a heart attack by the time he is 35.

          2. Milo takes part in every high risk behavior possible…. Saying Milo will be fine while predicting that BA will OD is laughable.

          3. BA has some recurrent former alcohol and drug issues which he talks about. The brain is just as susceptible to returning to those behavioral patterns.

      1. And there’s a reason why half asian shits like you spend your lives posting on game forums with other (mostly nonwhite) losers. Faggot.

      2. There IS a reason Hitler lost, he underestimated that the Jews could rally the entire West against him, because they control ALL the banks, nut just the European ones. In addition, the 3rd Reich went full on insane by over-emphasizing reason as a reaction to the destructiveness of emotional reasoning resulting from WW1. Balance is sanity.

        And no, I am not a Nazi, a Nazi sympathizer, or a neo-Nazi. Just someone who thinks it is time that Jews be held accountable for all of their anti-Christian and anti-Liberty activities over the last 100 years. And By accountable, I mean at least giving them credit where credit is due.

        This anti-Semitism/”everyone is literally Hitler” meme used to shut down discussion needs to end NOW.

        1. The Wehrmacht military brass finally realized Hitler was insane when he decided to invade Russia… but there was little the Wehrmacht can do to dissuade Hitler.

    2. First off, no one made Cernovich president of anything. Second, anyone attempting a William F. Buckley-ish purge is a damned fool. We need ALL the numbers, not just “respectable” ones. That means no enemies to the right, even if you think they’re a bit out there. If you don’t like their ideas, argue them.

        1. I’m a Martian. I just said it online. Believe me and everything I just said.

          See how the internet works? lol

          1. Oh? You’re implying i’m “not a real jew” for daring to acknowledge my leaders are up their own posteriors?

            This is not huffpo, maybe you should go there where you can claim Kayne West is “not a real black” and Milo Yiannopoulos is “not a real gay” because they refuse to vote leftist .

          2. Amen, I have no wish to bring down Jews, I Just want to stop the ones who are trying to bring down MY culture. The conflict is perfectly rational, and not driven by irrational hatred. Something the Left is not capable of understanding.

            If there are other identifiable in-groups (like Uniparty Elites and globalists), I also want to call them out and stop them.

    3. As I understand it, Mike is putting up the $$$ for the venue. He should be able to control the message. There is a time and place for everything. The DeploraBall is supposed to be a victory celebration. Full stop. Maybe BA is out of line here.

      1. He just kicked your a%s and “took your movement” from you. And you got stuck looking like a moron with your mind in neutral. As usual… 😀

        Complain more.

        1. he took a movement? are you retarded? he is hosting one event. look at webpage ranking sites and you’ll see that most of his supposed influence is highly overstated. he’s likely a homosexual. why else would he lisp and marry such an ass ugly woman?

  2. I don’t talk to Milo much anymore either. Seems like he became too big to pay much attention to his friends. I’m trying really, really hard to hold back an epic rant on this whole mess because I can’t seem to really get the other side of the story from Mike or Milo right now, (which kinda bugs me tbh), and I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, and because frankly it’s a private event that has the right to ban people and the ethical implications are just very different than they were when the Honey Badgers got banned from Calgary, for example. But god damn I am holding back an expositional WMD right now.

    1. well, with Tim acting like a dumbass i don’t see why mike is in the wrong here. There’s just shit you don’t fucking do, ya know ?

          1. )))c*nts((( as you call them are all that the (((media))) ever talks about. I think that people like (((you))) are just really mad that )))c*unts((( as you call them are noticing (((your))) coincidences and speaking out.

          2. I’m a die-hard Trump supporter buddy. You ))) F*gs ((( didn’t do anything for Trump except make the movement look like BS. He had to work harder…BECAUSE of you.

            white nationalism is as stupid as BLM and SJW BS. Wake up and realize that all race stuff is stupid.

          3. ‘Color blind’ and ‘race doesn’t exist’ (except when it comes to Jews apparently, just another coincidence) people like you are a dying breed my friend. The US is a declining multiracial empire, and tribal politics are only going to get nastier.

          4. I dont think you understand what failure of “multiculturalism” is really, your family didnt escape Islam in the Middle East to come to the West. You think I want that “multiculturalism” and “diversity”? LOL. Its about who wants to join in the culture of the West.

          5. Race is stupid AF. Its about culture, and despite what you think, race doesnt determine culture. For example, Muslims come in all colors, INCLUDING WHITE (Balkan Muslims, Chechens, get it?) But can those guys integrate in West? No they cant.

          6. The bottom line is that race does matter. Race has gradients, but there are still borders. Creating borders is what humans do. The Muslims in the Balkans for example are not necessarily White. Many if not most are decidedly Arab in their racial make up, and they are Muslim/Arab due to Arba/Muslim conquests of the European population during the 15th and 16th centuries.

          7. chechen mudslimes and arab mudslimes are completely different in almost every way. brown jews and the ashkenazi jews are also completely different culturally, even though sharing your same religion. you’d think you would have observed your own people a bit

          8. Just pointing out that people of the Balkans and Chechens are not white. They’re Slavoids, one of the Sub-Negroidian races.

          9. No it isn’t about “who wants to join”, it is about who we want to let join, and tbh the pickings are pretty slim. Western culture was created by and for Europeans. This is a fact that is being displayed across Europe and America. The US will either drastically change course, or become the greatest cautionary tale in human history.

          10. The progressive religion has played “No Enemies To The Left” for a long time, before it became the official state religion of The West. And it continues to do so, because it works.

            It’s time for you cucks to get out of our way.
            Anyone who claims to be right-wing but continuously violates the “No Enemies To The Right” rule must be considered a potential entryist.

          11. You sound like a moron. “White nationalism” was simply known as being an American just a few decades ago. If you truly believe in magic soil, and melting pots you are part of the problem. There is no evidence those unicorns have ever existed anywhere.

  3. Baked Alaska calls Mike Cernovich and Milo “leaches that leach off the alt right, self-promoters”, but then 2 seconds later he’s promoting his T-shirt. Tells us he is a rapper and now a “country music star” LOL this guy sounds not right in the head, tbh.

    cmon! this guy is the ultimate cuck who sucks up to richard spencer to try to erase his past as a BLM supporter and employee of Buzzfeed ahahaha. “that was 2 years ago guys”…yeah man, 2 years isn’t convincing anyone. Milo and Mike are right to get rid of this clown.

      1. Never heard anything about anti-Semitism. Baked Alaska claims he is just trolling but he is trying to link up with Richard Spencer types, which goes beyond the legitimate MAGA movement. But its not about that, its about a former alcholic, BLM supporter who is trying to cut in on Milo’s action.

        I don’t know much about Mike, but I respect Milo and his work on US college campuses, regarding fighting the PC culture. Baked Alaska only followed Milo around like a dog on a leash. He didn’t do anything except complain. He’s out.

  4. As someone who has followed Mike from the days he was a regular poster on RVF this doesnt surprise me a bit. I remember the days of him starting threads trying to sell his pathetic juicing e-books. He even wrote an article on his website Dangerandplay.com about how he fucked a tranny. He got so much feedback that he added a disclaimer(a lie) that it was a “friend of his”
    Here it is:
    Don’t trust Mike. He is a liar and failure living of his ex wife’s alimony.

    1. [UPDATE: This was a guest submission, as many articles appearing on Danger & Play are. The original story appeared on a message forum known as The OtherGround.]

      Did he shut it down (asking for a friend)? :^)

  5. It seems all Mike wanted was for Alaska to keep Jewish drama out of the Deploraball and he couldn’t do it. He’s not hacked out for the big leagues.

    When your sitting President is openly pro-Jew (including a daughter), does it make sense to fight this battle? Does it make sense to make a public issue out of something that cannot be changed anyways?

    The JQ still needs to be thought about and debated within the right, it just isn’t time to go totally public. If you cannot understand timing, you cannot understand the big leagues of politics. Hence why Alaska is out.

    1. As I have mentioned to others, the Jews will be here long after you and your conspiracy theories are gone, buddy. Deal with it!

    2. Samseau has probably one of the best comments here I think.

      It’s not like Mike played the Left’s labeling games and said to Tim “You are an anti-Semitie!”

      He simply said this is not the time or place for that kind of talk. Hold off.

      Seems reasonable to me.

    3. Of course it can be changed. Trump ran on an “American first” platform, not a ‘Jews first’ or ‘Israel first’ one. If Trump lied about this than his voters have every right to be pissed.

  6. Thanks for the article. Just want peace between the factions. The only people to benefit from divisions in the right are the sjws.

    Full disclosure: I got into the manosphere etc because of Roissy, Roosh then Mike in that order. So yeah I’m going to be biased towards them. I’m always going to support Mike and Roosh in their projects. I also respect Baked for his work on the campaign and his early meme stuff. Also dude seems like the type of guy that would be polite as hell in person.

    That said If it’s true that Tim took money for his work on twitter that would mean he’s an employee. And if employees start saying shit that can hurt their employers projects, well then they can get fired or disinvited.

    If they break the NDA, well that’s a contract and they can get fired or disinvited.

    BUT, and it’s a big but. I think a peace could have been resolved amicably over the phone rather than blasting on text and then counter blasting on twitter and reuse of the maga3x feed to start a fight that was a private one. There was a much easier way to resolve this.

    This infighting makes the right look weak, and the sjws will feed on it and push it further. I think that tempers got frayed and both should have come to a quiet and peaceful resolution.

    I hope that all parties involved can restore ties and we can move on from this.

  7. it’s called the the “Deploraball”, ffs. now Cernovich and Milo deciding some are too Deplorable — really?? .. hmm, where have we heard that before (HRC) ? think it has become very clear some are talking the talk but no longer walking the walk

    Stay woke Tim, I’m with you

  8. I had to unsubscribe from him because he turned out to be a serious neo-Nazi. I am all for being Politically Incorrect I am not however for the rampant anti-semitism put out by Tim. He sounds just like a liberal with their theories of how all white people on this and that and the other thing, only replace white people with Jews and you get the same stupid rhetoric.

        1. i’m wearing a nazi uniform while fucking your jew-whore mother AND sister.

          if that’s what you call cucking, i’m cucking hard.

          1. Im wearing my kippa while invading your moms gaza strip hahahaha jew j*zzz in all your women folk.

            White Genocide time has arrived 😀 ALLAHUAKBAR.

          2. but seriously, we are just erasing you. God bless the White Genocide. Oh Allah, Oh Jehovah, the death of the Jesus lovers is at hand! Death to the Saltine race of demons 😀 !!!

  9. Tim is correct that American Jews are extraordinarily powerful. Let’s face it, Jews get their way in this country. If they want a war in the Middle East and they want the United States to fight it, then the United States is going to war. The NeoCon Establishment is so powerful that David Frum still has a job at the Atlantic Monthly, even though he was a major advocate of the war in Iraq, quite possibly one of the worst foreign policy debacles in American history. Did any NeoCon ever apologize? Nope. David Brooks of the New York Times was also a major advocate of the Iraq war, and he still writes for the NYtimes. Brett Stephens of the Wall Street Journal? Jew. Thomas Friedman? Jew. Julia Ioffe? Jew. Roger Cohen? Jew.

    All of the above are all hawks, all neocons and all Jews.

    So yes, Tim is correct that American Jews are unbelievably powerful. However, he needs to know the difference between the Alt Right and the Alt Light. If he seriously wants to take the full red pill and has the courage to be a judeo-critic, then he has a place in the Alt Right. But if he is afraid of the JQ, then he belongs in the Alt Light. If all you want to do is fight leftism, political correctness and social justice warriors, then by all means join the Alt Light.

    1. “leftism, political correctness and social justice warriors”

      These labels are interesting because you can’t directly imply race or sex into the table. You can be against leftism, political correctness and social justice warriors while at the same time supporting it’s founding morals (or lack of). See Mcguiness of Rebel Radio, who is against SJW’s while putting buttplugs in his ass on youtube. Lack of self awareness maybe?

      1. Ya, he’s just going along for the ride. He’s actually an unoriginal moron, I don’t know why he has any fans.

  10. I’m a regular working schlub. I think Waffle House is expensive. I shop at the dollar store and buy beer at the Kroger because it’s cheap. My entire point is that the actions of the well known personalities in the lead up to Trump’s election gave people like me a measure of hopefulness. And what they did was successful. God bless ’em all! This public infighting crap has to stop though. Do this on the down-low. Their high profiles come with a responsibility to those who follow them.

    I have no idea who started this and I don’t give a damn, just keep this dust-up private. My small mind and poor grasp of history is mindful of how disputes within the 60s era Black movements were exploited as a means of destroying them. What is happening now is profound and it needs to be immune from any attempts at destroying such.

    It’s okay to have beef but the stakes are serious, and our enemies are watching for any opportunity. These Negroes need to keep their mess out of public view. I’m happy about the 2016 election but now my focus is directed towards the 2018 midterms. This “ish” is freakin’ serious. We are playing with the big boys and this public infighting forms dire vulnerabilities.

    Negroes need to understand that they’re being watched. History may not repeat itself but it does rhyme. Reference the way the big boys destroyed the Black movements of the 1960s and early 1970s by exploiting the infighting. Those wounds still exist to this day.

  11. Gotta go with BA on this one. Anyone who tries to Buckley people like Richard Spencer and BA is no different than the cuckservatives in my book. I am a White America. I am by no means beholden to Jews or Israel in any way. Maybe my cucked churchian grandparents were, but I am not them.

  12. May be shocking, but most people think it’s getting into tinfoil hat wearing insanity to start going on about Jews with everything. BA probably should have kept the spaghetti in his pockets for a bit and that was apparently too much for him to do.

    As far as Milo, he just seems off doing his own thing and probably is barely paying attention to the drama on twitter now so all this stuff would probably just go over his head.

  13. I’ve been a steadfast Milo fan all this time and even I am starting to have reservations about the ‘Privilege Grant’.

    Any time he has been asked about it at one of his shows he always says they are just a day or two away from filing the paperwork.

    Maybe the wheels of academia move slow in this regard, but his continued silence has been a concern.

  14. On one hand, Baked Alaska should’ve kept the private disagreement on tactics private…

    On the other hand, Mike Cernovich attacking people for Roman Salutes and the JQ, even after the Left eulogized Fidel Castro… smacks of violating the “No Enemies To The Right” rule.

  15. that’s what I plan to do dude. I’m not a part of any community but the American people. Hillary isnt president thank goodness so I’m just riding on a big wave of relaxation.

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