I’m about to go hit up this 24-hour Mexican joint that I love, but before I do, I figured it was time to do a column. I slacked off last night and fell asleep early. While I was in slumber, I missed some truly deranged behavior from the anti-gamer crowd. Now, they’re trying to tie us in with the Charleston shooter by any means possible. This is the very definition of unethical and deranged behavior. If someone tried to compare me to this bastard to my face, there would likely be a serious problem, let’s just put it that way. They have no basis for any of this, but that’s never stopped them before, now has it?

Keep in mind, this is one of the nutty Wikipedia assholes who tried to say he was gonna quit the site after his butt-buddy editors got severely punished. He didn’t quit. So not only is he a dirty bastard for his quote tonight, he’s also a liar according to his user page on Wikipedia:qW7pGXt

That’s just an unbelievably scummy thing to do. This guy has been watching too much SVU, obviously. There has been zero violence tied to GamerGate in any way, and in fact, we faced a bomb threat ourselves in the nation’s capital (‘Murica). The distortion levels are off the charts here.

By the way, take a look at this next screen if you want some laughs. He describes a dream with Zoe Quinn, and that’s not even close to the most demented part! He again tries to tie us in with violence, arguing that  Wikipedia should consider how they will look after a female dev has been raped or murdered as a result of GamerGate:


(archive link)

I’m sorry, but this guy is one of the worst people I’ve ever chronicled here. He’s seems to be off his rocker a little bit, to be honest. I do hate to pick on the mentally ill. But, we have repeatedly seen scumbags SJWs say similar things. Mark Bernstein is just going all the way with it. If he wasn’t such a nobody already, not to mention a loser, I guess I would have caught his insane rantings a lot sooner. Now that I think of it, he’s the one who brings to mind Dylann Roof, not GamerGate. Bernstein is a hate merchant, plain and simple. Any respectable person should condemn his statements, and I hope that many will.


UPDATE: Who could forget this golden oldie?PVCZ0WM

    1. I don’t know about that what if they do something like I don’t know be decent human beings? I know I would be surprised if that happened.

      1. Exactly. IMC’s revelation that he was being a giant asshole and his subsequent apology was very surprising.. and pretty heartwarming.

        1. False humility doesn’t warm MY heart. You’re talking about the guy who blamed the neo-nazism (quote: “Hitler is my fucking idol”) of his past on the “toxic gaming culture”.

          I don’t know what his game is, but he was too full of shit to get cleaned up practically overnight.

          1. Oh, I don’t forget all the shit he’s spewed, and I never will. But by his own admission he has said that it’s practically a psychological issue of his, that he’s desperate to be accepted by the group he’s part of and will say whatever he thinks the members want to hear. That takes some intelligence to recognize and balls to admit publicly.

            Of course, just that admission alone makes me skeptical of everything he says now. I don’t trust him, and I probably never will. But actions speak, and if he stops lying to smear people in opposition to him, and performs his job as a writer and journalist seriously and ethically, then I’m more than willing to leave him alone. I never read Gameranx (his site) in the past, though, so I guess I’m perfectly happy to keep on ignoring him.

            I take pretty seriously that adage: “Forgive, but do not forget.” It would be hypocritical of me not to, because I’ve lied and said shitty stuff back when I was a teenager. Nothing quite so horrible as Cheong did, maybe, but I think the principle is what’s important.

  1. Jimmy Wales must be so proud. I’m sure he’s been linked to it numerous times but he probably won’t do anything.

  2. The antis have imbibed the Kool-Aid so hard, they can’t even acknowledge that they have Wikipedia on lockdown in order to push yet another false narrative.

    So fucking what? Billions are doing that as we speak. If he’s trying to correlate wikipedia usage to the urge to kill black people, then he’s clearly off his rocker.

    You’d think that one of the guys that constantly edits the GamerGate page on Wikipedia almost as rabidly as Ryulong did would realize that if Dylann looked up GamerGate on Wikipedia, all he’d see is anti-GG propaganda. If anything, this dumbass is inferring that anti-GamerGate drove Roof to kill people

    PS – note to any Ghazi pantysniffers reading this: neither factions drove that racist terrorist to kill – I’m just pointing out the faulty logic in Bernstein’s statement. So don’t go claiming that “GAMERGATE IS BLAMING ROOF’S ACTIONS ON US!”.

    PPS – if you’re reading this butts, that goes double for you. And quit putting peanut butter on your dick, you sick fuck.

    1. That’s what I thought, too. I don’t know what he even thinks GamerGate aims to do with Wilipedia that’s different from most people, or how he plans to save the site from being used to inspire terrorism. Lots of things can inspire terrorism; true or otherwise.

    2. Butts is probably the sickest fuck among their ranks. I still cringe at some of the stuff I read about it.

  3. Wow, how ignorant can one person be? Sounds to me like Mark Bernstein and every other SJW out there seriously needs a steel tip boot in his ass. Seems that there really is no limit to how low these wretched scum of humanity can stoop too.


  4. The desperation is getting stronger with each passing day! I love it! No sane or rational person would take this man seriously, this only damages his own reputation (assuming he has any.)

    E3 was devastating to aGG, it almost makes me wonder if we’ll still be fighting by the one year mark…Probably, some of them are literally the kind of people to ignore actual facts after they’ve been proven time and time again. Though I gotta say, it makes me happy to see some of Anita’s crowd start questioning her about her comments on violent video games. Hopefully more of the aGGs who aren’t the usual suspects start questioning them. That’s the worst thing that could happen for aGG to be honest, is their followers questioning them. It’ll cause some disillusion and the realization that the words of people like Anita aren’t the god given truth. Even if they don’t switch sides, just them leaving aGG would be nice.

    1. I didn’t expect E3 to go so well for us. I figured that anti-GG would sperg as usual, but devs and publishers would do their level best to ignore it all and just bury their noses into their press events.

      Makes me hopeful that Airplay will be the start of nailing this coffin shut on the SJWs in gaming. Or at least their inflated influence. I don’t care if they’re still scurrying about in the dark corners of the industry like cockroaches, so long as they’re not able to keep fucking with gamers and devs at large.

      1. The problem is this is a wider issue than just video games. These people are EVERYWHERE. I do believe AirPlay will be our best victory, but even if we drive them out of gaming now, they will come back, unless the SJW ideology takes a bigger hit from AirPlay than JUST gaming…But I doubt that, since AirPlay is focused on just journalism, as far as I know…

        When is AirPlay, anyways?

        1. But I doubt that, since AirPlay is focused on just journalism, as far as I know…

          All journalism, the SPJ is influential, along with the Dutch case and the CRTC investigation it’s the fastest path to breaking the MSM, otherwise we’ll have to get a new plan/wait for SOCJUS to fall apart.

          I wouldn’t put to much faith in the SPJ unanimously going to our side, but with some luck the “narrative all costs” people will out themselves rather spectacularly to the rest of the SPJ.

          But even if it turns into another hit piece on us, as long as we keep going we will win, as SJWs are becoming a mainstream topic and not in the way they want.

          Plus, we’ve already shown we can get the FTC to listen to us when implementing new regulations and the IRS doesn’t care what journalists think of it.

          When is AirPlay, anyways?


          1. Has anyone from our opposition even committed to attending AirPlay?

            Last I heard not a single SJW supporter had even acknowledged the event…

          2. Who knows, Maybe the oppositions nomination councle has already made their choices and are going to send out for their choices closer to the deadline since the opposition seems to love keeping secrets (as rubbish as they are at it, or maybe they aren’t rubbish at keeping secrets its just that pro-gg’ers are good at ferreting secrets out)

    2. I think the general public believe these people when they claim “misogynist”, “racist”, “homophobic”, “harassment”, “rape apologist”, “hate group” etc, etc. Because its hard to believe people (taken seriously by main stream media) would make such serious claims if it wasn’t true. It’s only when sane and rational people witness it with their own eyes that they understand what utter horseshit these people are willing to peddle whilst keeping a straight face. And like you say, the more people see it, the more their reputations sink, along with those of the media outlets that pushed their narrative. I question everything I’m told in the media a hell of lot more than I used to before GamerGate started. I’m always looking for the angle, the agenda, the deliberately misleading statements. I’m hugely grateful to the people in GamerGate for the work they do to expose the nonsense.

    3. You don’t know how scared I was about E3 being taken over this year. Last year the amount of sexism articles coming out was insane. I was worried about how much they were going to pander to these people. My worst fear was Anita coming out on stage at one of the press conferences to present a game. At that point I would have given up. But thankfully that didn’t happen.

      1. Are there any “all in one” articles/sources for what went on at E3???

        I keep seeing passing references to stupid shit Anita/Jonathan did/said, but no real information to speak of…..

        1. It’s kind of all over the place. Just shit she was saying on Twitter. I’m sure if you ask around you can be pointed to a collection of stupid shit.

  5. Seriously are these morons so desperate for attention they will say anything, no matter how stupid and unfounded it is? Of course their twitter posts answer this but come on.

  6. His logic is so far out there it went around the universe and converged upon itself.
    I’m speechless.

  7. Oh Sarah, trying super hard to spin shit with an unsubstantiated claim. And getting kicked in the fucking teeth like the vile idiot he/she is.

  8. I didn’t go back to check on the Wikipedia GamerGate article again until recently. It absolutely disgusts me how it went from at least trying to view it from a neutral perspective, to being a full-on slant against our side. I’m pretty sure we outnumber these SJW assholes, can’t we try to take back the article?

    I also find it funny how Bernstein’s whining about Wikipedia not having credibility. There’s a reason schools don’t allow it to be used for citation, namely the fact that just any bum could edit it, and while I did find a lot of its information to be accurate in spite of that, if anything’s been killing its credibility, it’s them and their hostile takeover of the GamerGate and other related articles.

    1. Take back the article… Just about impossible (people HAVE tried), for at least two reasons:

      (1) Wikipedia is a bureaucratic hellhole, hostile to fresh accounts (even more so if said accounts were only interested in editing controversial articles, say, GG-themed articles). And the veterans who understand the unholy trinity gaming, gamers and GG — I don’t know how many there are of those on Wikipedia, but it seems unlikely they make up a majority.

      (2) Wikipedia cares not about “truth”, it cares what sources say. Naturally, there are far more sources hostile to GG than there are sources giving it a fair shake.

      So, the douchebag-y Wikipedia elite ought to be one HELL of a lot more concerned about media corruption (according to media sources, there ain’t no corruption to see here trololololol) than about their GG strawmen.

    2. According to Wikipedia, if the media reports that 2 + 2 = 5, then that is the absolute truth, since, according to Wikipedia, the media are an authority. It is completely insane.

    3. “Outnumbering these assholes” is a very valid comment. These far-left degenerates represent, at most, 15% of the population, and judging by all the dislikes SJWs get on Youtube, this is a really generous number. They are a fringe group that most people despise. Yet they are able to take power and control in many places. Even the mainstream left-wing hates them.

  9. Oh fuck right off. As a white Tennesseeian I’m already dealing with enough shit from these people. And now I get accused for a massacre just because I think journalists should be more ethical and creators have a right to stand up for their works. Yep this is complete and utter horseshit.

  10. This is far bigger than you think. This and all of the feminist bullying bullshit and “halp death threats boo hoo!” bullshit is part of an ongoing narrative that started well before that poor Myspace girl was driven to suicide by her shitty adult neighbor, even. It is this constant narrative that pushes toward no more internet use without being identified or licensed and a push for legislating certain allowed speech.

    This whole GG thing and everything else is just another attack vector they’re using for this agenda, which has previously sucked in various shootings to further itself, too.

  11. Oh please let there be somebody related to GG in the states that is lawyering up as we speak to sue for defamation for being tied to a massacre.

    1. Not gonna happen, even though I’d LOVE to see it.

      Technically, “GamerGate” doesn’t really exist as an organization per se, it’s simply the hashtag which anyone can – and often does – use. With that in mind, who would sue for defamation?

  12. This guy is extremely typical of wikipedia editors encountered in the wild at least so far as my experience goes. I’m met many of them over the years in various communities and forums and every time you meet one they’re engaged in absolutely the same thing:

    Vainly trying to defend wikipedia’s reputation.

    They wont fix the fucking thing, they wont cite it properly, they wont stop using sources that would get a fourth grader an F if he used them for a report, they wont enforce their own rules and most of all they wont unfuck their shitty little ingrown kingdom.

    They WILL go forth at any and every hour however to try and browbeat anyone calling wikipedia out on it’s shit into shutting up, they WILL go out and make whiny defenses of all it’s fuckups and they will piss and moan and cry about their precious “reputation” even though it’s been dogshit since they started.

  13. You wanna know how Dylann Roof really got his start? By being part of a group that fostered his bigoted ways, and being in an echo chamber such that, when he finally decided to pull the trigger, he “almost didn’t go through with it” because the people he actually encountered were not the people he was expecting. But he’d gone too far over the edge to stop.

    One wonders what will happen when a feminist anti-GamerGater goes over that edge…

  14. Not that he should have killed anyone, but I’m glad reading gamergate stuff produces ideological soldiers

    March on until equalism is dead

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