I guess it’s time for a Brianna Wu update. She’s one of our favorite subjects around here. As you know, we go way back:


You could tell just how unhinged the bitch was in person, don’t get me wrong. Still, I didn’t think I’d be sitting here discussing how she claims that GamerGate is keeping her from finding her birth parents. But we’ll get to that in the next section. First, let’s talk about the little Twitter debate she has with Yuji Nakajima yesterday. If you’ll recall, we interviewed Yuji about his game, SJW Riot: Troops vs Women. Yesterday, it fell short on it’s funding goals, even though it was flex-funded to being with. What that means is, they will keep the money they’ve raised. I’m also told the game is definitely going to be made. That didn’t stop Weirdo Wu from going out and trying to spike the football, though:


But a funny thing happened…Yuji came out and busted her gangly-ass down with logic:1 2 3

Of course, Wu ended up blocking him for his efforts. That’s not too surprising. But I was genuinely surprised by her claims from earlier today. As I mentioned, she seriously tried to put the blame for not being able to find her birth parents onto GamerGate. I don’t even believe the story in the first place, to be honest with you. I doubt she was sold as a baby to her family. It sounds like something some a psychopath like Wu would make up in order to mess with the family she hates. Just take a look at it for yourself and see if you think it hold ANY weight:


“GamerGate makes that impossible.” You disingenuous piece of garbage. Why did it take you this long to look for your “birth parents?” You had what 40-something years beforehand to look shit up or tweet dates and hospitals out. But now, “IT’S ALL GAMERGATE’S FAULT! Please donate more money!”  Fuck off with that shit. I’m having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that there’s people currently drawing a breath who are stupid enough to eat your lies up. But, I’m going to manage it, somehow.

Enough Wu for today. I’ll be back later with more. Stream tomorrow night at 7PM EST. I might do a late night one tonight, but that remains to be seen. Wednesdays at 7PM is the time I’m trying to setup every week for sure, though. So don’t miss it. I’ll have the link and posters up later.

Oh, and one more interesting Wu note before I go…


  1. jesus fucking christ. There will come a time when this gangly ugly fuck will be called to the table by her peers. No way you can spew this amount of bollocks for so long without your allies even calling you on it. We all had that friend when we were young. Never stopped lying. Eventually we told ours to go and fuck off with himself.

    1. the thing is Wu’s Soc just “peer’s” include a serial harasses, and a charlatan with her pet cheap knockoff gobles, and i guess maybe if you boost her profile a pedo thats into bestiality.

    1. Yes, it only works if the patient is willing to come back to reality.

      As Wu is obviously a willing participant in his own self-delusion, the only thing that’s going to help is heavy medication like a set of ballast weights. Basically, someone’s gonna have to tie a large bag of sand around his neck to keep his crazy ass grounded.

      1. You can’t argue with stupid either.
        Illegitimus non carborundum. Maybe she was born a bastard… bitch by choice.
        I can see why her progenitors would seek anonymity and sterilizations.
        Maybe “three generations of imbeciles are enough”. What does Wu think of beck v bell?

    1. Dont argue with crazy people. They dont see reason. ONly when you agree with her 100% will she listen. And even then youl have to beg. I think that would be beneth you.

      1. Artificial, synthetic, and only partially functional cunt? It was a he – it has become a steer identifying as a cow, but udderly failing.

    2. Have you attempted to fund SJW Riot: Troops vs Women – in Video Game using Kickstarter?
      Wu is one of the loopiest fruitloops if the bunch, but i will admit wu is good at shameless self promotion.

    3. yuji flint makes a fucking new born as smart as einstein hell his dumb ass blocked me when i corrected him

    4. She was not being respectful. Her tone, her approach was I will give her that. Her motive was to convert you to her way of thinking. She was out to manipulate you into changing your mind about making that game. That’s why she talked about how it would ruin your career to do it. Problem is that you applied critical thinking, and a good sense of humor.

    5. “Stupid fruitloop cunt” HAS to catch on, somehow.

      I second the notion of making it a t-shirt.

    6. She blocked you because she couldn’t win the argument. She’s an ideologue, which means logic and reason only pisses her off. She’s also of lower intelligence with horrendously low integrational complexity, so she’s likely incapable of perceiving your point of view and views any attempts at civil discourse as “trolling” because, by virtue of her believing something, it must be true. She’s basically all kinds of stupid, ignorant and crazy. 🙁

    7. Remember that when SJW state they are “trying to start a dialogue” they mean agree with everything I say regardless of how much sense it makes or i will call you a racist/misogynist/homophobe/transphobe then block you.

      As for Wu its becoming increasingly clear that she is a little unhinged and should not be judged by the standards we use for sane rational people.

    8. That is what people with Wu’s mindset do. If you write something they don’t like and you prove them wrong…. they will block you. This way non of their followers can find out that they were wrong. It is an “echo chamber”, they only want tweets from people that worship them.

    1. its funny that he got that pic on the right taken at the exact moment he realized that he could get so much more cock in his mouth if he pretended to be a woman. You can see his expression as he has that eureka moment.

    2. Are we sure it’s the same person? Brianna Wu sounds like a fake name, but it was never confirmed that she is actually a transexual man. I will not call her a man until I have evidence.

      1. Wu isn’t a transexual man. She is a transexual woman. And I won’t call her a man, period, because that’s a fucking disrespectful low blow and undermines the countless valid points we all have.

        As for evidence… well… there is plenty of evidence out there, including forum posts by Wu/Flynt… but more importantly.. I mean… don’t you have eyes? I recognized that Wu was transgender the first time I saw her.

        Also, its “transgender”; not “transsexual”.

        Er.. I mean, it is also “transsexual”, the same way “mentally challenged” used to be “retarded” and “retarded” used to be “idiot, lame, dumb, stupid, imbecile”. That is, it was right once, but is “offensive”, now.

        Er… when I say “it”, I’m referring to “the word used”; not Wu.

        1. “I won’t call her a man, period”

          Suit yourself, but the word “man” means “biologically male”, so he is definitely male. He is a transgender man.

          1. Some people call it M2T for male to trans, since men cannot become women; they can only be neutered and be a ‘trans’. But transgender man is confusing since that is what women who transition (supposedly) call themselves.

      2. If you go to the transgender forum Susan’s Place, and search for “spacekat,” you will find many posts by a person named Brianna who inexpicably calls everyone “spacekat.” That person posted samples of his voice before and after, and it is obviously our Brianna.

        Also if you read Milo’s wacky world of Wu and read about the U-Miss alumni forums, you will read about his strange behaviour and how suddenly he began wearing dresses. I believe the pic on this page is from his college days.

        There is Brianna’s journal entry when he talks about going for surgery to ‘correct a birth defect’ in his urinary tract or some shit.

        If you’re waiting for Wu to confirm it, it probably won’t happen. I don’t know what level of evidence you need but go ahead and try to confirm Brianna Flynt’s degree or any detail before a certain year. I called it the minute I laid eyes on that face in a live interview. When you get the evidence, will you still call Brianna a woman?

    3. What is the fucking point of this? Everyone knows Wu is transgender. So what? Go back to your little hate group and stop tainting us with your bigoted bullshit. What’s next, are you going to start posting about how “all them libtards gonna force us to be gay” or something?

  2. Somebody bought Brian for 20K? That must’ve been the worst deal of the millenia.

    Other than that, that trollop is trying to provoke a reaction. We know perfectly well that GG had many financial successes, donated to multiple charities and are in general the target audience of game developers and hardware manufacturers.

    For the second part – if I were her parent I would live in Antarctica just to avoid that monstrosity.

    1. Yeah that someone managed to get 20k in exchange for Wu is at the very least strong anecdotal evidence that an aptitude for scamming people is a passable genetic trait.

  3. Must have realized the spotlight wasn’t on her again or she sensed those patreon funbux dropping. It’s also very selective reading on her part to accept that this game didn’t meet it’s goals as proof of GamerGate having no influence after we’ve fought censorship of Hatred and funded TFYC to make their game (and I’m sure if they want to do another, they would get support again, too!) and have caused gaming sites to revise their ethics policies.

    Hell, I’m sure if I was far enough along in making my own game, I’d get support if I asked for it. I’ve still got way too much work to do before I go asking for support, though.

    1. Wu’s patreon is almost down to 3k flat as of now, figure on Patreon’s cut, uncle Sam’s cut and bad/maxed out cards that don’t process each month and the payout is probably very close to 2k. That is not a sustaining income for someone living in the Boston area and 100k-150k in the hole from a failed business. Someone who can no longer get speaking gigs or appearance fees because they’re a known crank followed by an army of hecklers and debunkers.

      In the end I don’t think Wu will ever be homeless though, push comes to shove Wu will crawl back to evil adoptive mommy and daddy for yet another round of Christian charity and the dumb fucks will probably give it.

      1. Fun thing is she probably isn’t paying taxes… yet. When the money processing investigation happen with Patreon, she may get an even bigger surprise.

        1. I’m not up on that as much as I’d like to be. It was my understanding that Patreon donations are taxable income and that Patreon asks you for your SSN in order to use the site. That is something I have been curious about though, does Patreon handle Uncle Sam’s cut and send you a W2 for your tax return or are you simply expected to cut the IRS a check come tax time?

          If it’s the latter I can imagine any number of SJWs ultimately going down in flames over tax fraud. These people manage money like MC Hammer. Harper for instance really better keep her piggy nose clean because if she tries to evade taxes now she’ll be going to court as a repeat offender.

          Hey remember how so many of these idiots lost their jobs over the last eleven months? Up till now I’ve kept this on the down low to avoid retaliation if anything came of it but I’ll admit to it now. Every time one of these idiots lost their job I waited two months and then I sent information about their patreons to the unemployment offices in their states of residences. So if any of them were trying to pull benefits they’ve probably been busted by now and forced to pay back whatever they received.

      2. Wu’s patreon is down a fuck of a lot more than that. Wu’s patreon was almost $14k/mo for the longest time, until the last two or three months.

      1. lol. it just smacks of nothing to do ourselves so concern ourselves with a freakshow. if thats gamergate today then wtf.

          1. I could just ignore that a large percentage of gamergate tweets are banging on about Wu, and then have to refute the accusation that gamergate is about Wu and look like a total idiot.

          2. So you’re saying there arent a lot of GamerGate tweets about Wu, you need some sort of research to back up that obvious fact do you?

          3. You’re like Brianna in some regard. You made a claim and are now asserting it without proof of any kind beyond what’s immutably fuckin’ obvious. It’s been a year. No shit there are a ton of tweets mentioning Wu in one way or another.

            Neither you nor Wu will even pull a fake-as-fuck stat out of your ass. Most SJWs, 3rd Wave feminists in particular, that I’ve seen at least have the decency to do that. That you refuse to speaks volumes.

          4. haha you have twitter, you can happily look for yourself at the never ending torrent of #GamerGate tweets, RTd and faverouted ad infinitum that concern themselves with Wu. I don’t need to provide you with a statistic, to prove the self-evident fact that anyone can determine and the honest among us already admit.

          5. Burden of proof is on you, not me. As far as I’m concerned, until you provide some proof of your claim, you don’t have a leg to stand on.

          6. Power has been out most of the day due to storms, so do forgive the late response:
            “A lot” is in no way necessarily “a large percentage”. I haven’t got specific numbers, nor do I feel like getting them as you’re the one needing that for making the assertion, but let’s just go ahead and say 100 tweets about it a day. That’s certainly “a lot” right? It’s been some time since I checked, but the tag generally gets tens of thousands of tweets daily last I heard any specific numbers. We’ll just say 10,000 though. That’s 1%, hardly a large percentage at all.

          7. Seems like its between 100 and 400 tweets per day going off topsy for the past month, that is at times 4% and has certainly been higher in the months gone by and is reasonable to presume it has been at least at this level for a sustained period. For a movement that claims to not be concerned about Wu that is a large percentage, compared to, say someone who GamerGate is not concerned about such as Emma Watson. Even Quinn gets only a couple of dozen mentions on a regular basis these days.

          8. http://topsy.com/analytics?q1=%23gamergate&q2=%40spacekatgal&q3=%40spacekatgal%20%23gamergate&via=Topsy

            460/344,833= .0013 and shit. .1% Not even a full 1%. Not even half. But fuck it let’s keep going


            2/344,833= So statistically insignificant it breaks the calculator and I’m too lazy to figure it out manually.
            1733/344,833= .005. WOOO finally half a percent! FUCK YEAH. Wait, no, still very insignificant.
            4060/344,833= .0117. And there’s a full percent right there. A full fucking percent. Amazing.

            Ok, maybe if we add them all up ignoring the possibility of any overlap at all? .0181
            Can’t even break 2%.
            When did it all spike up? RedditRevolt and CNN bullshit. Gee, imagine that. Lunatic dives into spotlight after spotlight, gets noticed even if only just a little bit.
            And of course none of this takes into consideration who uses the tag at all. Trolls, opposition, just being present for being part of a news headline, actual supporters. It’s just counting what matches up. Wu is statistically insignificant. If you’re taking notice and it seems to be a large percentage of what is going on, that speaks volumes about you and your own choices not about everyone involved.

          9. You were banging on there for a while with a faulty premise. Simply search for gamergate tweets that mention “wu” not tweet her directly, though now I can amend the maximum to 5% as I overlooked tweets directly including her handle.

          10. Still not the “large percentage” you claimed. “Large Percentage” usually implies anything above 40-50%.

            If you had said large NUMBER, you wouldn’t look like a fucking idiot right now.

          11. Given the diversity of issues and Ops in GamerGate but Wu not being one of them apparently, 5% is a large percentage compared to 0.3% that should be the case if they didn’t concern themselves with Wu. If you want to focus on the phrase “large percentage” and take that out of context in order to pretend theres not a significant obsession in GG with talking and bitching about Wu then thats up to you, but its not my use of the phrase.

          12. I did do that. Note both links. I searched by those going by the handle as well as by the name, first, last, and full. You can’t amend shit to 5% short of the shit you’re pulling from your ass.

          13. Whatever the the percentage may be its vastly over what a movement that isn’t concerned with Brianna Wu would be posting on a regular basis over a year. Thats been my point all along.

          14. So GamerGate should just stay quiet when she tries to pin blame on it for something it has exactly fuck all to do with? No one should call her out on her bullshit?

            Wu is concerning herself with GamerGate. GamerGate is calling out her bullshit and telling her to fuck off.

          15. You mentioned Quinn getting fewer mentions. You wanna know why that is?

            Quinn isn’t jumping in the spotlight every time she needs money.

            Quinn has a rich boyfriend she can get money from. She doesn’t NEED to milk sympathy bucks from Tumblrettes. Wu doesn’t have that, so she does need to jump into the spotlight. Easiest way to do that right now? Blame GamerGate for some ill in her life, imagined or otherwise.

          16. “Ok so you proved me wrong. You proved me wrong on every point I moved the goalpost to so far so I’ll move it again: It’s more than zero, so it’s horrible and people are focused on it.”
            Insignificant is insignificant. Just like you. You’re never going to get people to do what you want, especially not by being a whiny little bitch who can’t even back their own shit up.

          17. No I simply clarified what I mean by large percentage, its relative, you decided to get abusive, which says a lot about where you’re coming from.

          18. “You’re obsessed with this bitch”
            “look like a total idiot”

            You have no ground to stand on trying to get defensive and calling shit “abusive” over me snapping at you and your bullshit once. Grow a god damn spine. If you’re going to make claims, back them the fuck up. If you’re wrong, just fucking accept it gracefully and move the fuck on.

          19. Well done, are you trying out for the Kotaku Ethics In Reporting Award? The first two were directed at Brianna Wu, as opinions about someone who I am not in a conversation with. the third one is about myself, when kept in context, but we know you love to take things out of context and have your way with them.

            Whatever makes you feel better about your little outburst towards me. Don’t bother me with future justifications for your actions, I’m sure they are endless.

          20. I’m aware they were directed at Wu, I never said they weren’t, but is “abuse” ok when it’s directed at people you don’t like? Good job. Shall we call you shitstain? It’s perfectly ok for us to do this right? After all it’s clear we don’t like each other at this point.
            The third one, while directed at yourself, carries a very clear implication. Let’s get the full quote shall we?
            “I could just ignore that a large percentage of gamergate tweets are
            banging on about Wu, and then have to refute the accusation that
            gamergate is about Wu and look like a total idiot.”
            There are only two things that could reasonably be drawn from this statement. One is that you view everyone else as a means to look good, that you don’t view them as being able to be independant. That’s the mindset of an abusive bastard. The second thing that could be taken from the statement is for every person out there that if they feel the need to refute something because some insignificant portion of something related to them makes them an idiot. What we can see there is trying to apply guilt by association, which is again the mindset of an abusive bastard.

            You might be wondering why I picked those quotes and cut them down as I did. Perhaps you’ve figured it out by now. It was because you’ve proven you can’t help but respond. You can’t help but try to justify your endless bullshit. I knew exactly how you would respond, and let you hang yourself on your words.

          21. Well they were concerning Wu they weren’t directed at Wu, she’s nowhere on these comments as far as i’m aware therefore its not abuse. As for the rest of your diatribe you can forget it, why would I read all that from you?

          22. “It’s ok to talk shit behind someone’s back. Just don’t do it to their face.”
            You’re a real pleasant person aren’t you.

          23. She’s a public figures its hardly talking behind their back but please continue reaching, you’re clearly an exemplary person who holds everyone up to your highest standards.

          24. Being a public figure doesn’t make things said about them automatically said in their presence, so yeah talking behind one’s back. But hey, good job admitting you’ll talk shit about someone just because their public figures. Guess you lost the right to complain about people talking about Wu now haven’t you?

        1. SocJus is eating itself across the board, it has been for awhile but it’s only become apparent to most recently. I realized back in spring that the boulder had already been pushed up and over the top of the hill and it was just time to sit back and watch it smash their whole world.

          If you can think of a really good important op we should be doing right now let me know, otherwise I’m just going to continue eating my popcorn and watching the carnage unfold.

    1. KotakuInAction is where the serious talk happens, this is Ralph’s blog where we make fun of SJW train wrecks.

  4. Maybe her biological parent were nativity insane and realised their child might be? That she is insane is insane is obvious is it genetic?

    1. It’s a major taboo in Western civilization to ever imply that genetics/breeding might be really significant when it comes to how people turn out or will turn out. To believe it doesn’t though is absurd.

      So I guess that’s something to be aware of if you pursue adoption. With your own biological children you’ll likely have some idea what to expect since odds are they’ll basically just be slightly altered copies of yourself. With adoption, and especially with adoption from anonymous parents you’re essentially getting the mystery box.

  5. she always shit talks about how hard and strict and nasty her “parents” are but then is like “lol they gave me 200k but they totes suck!”

  6. She was raised by these people, they handed her 200 THOUSAND dollars to follow her dream, and now she’s going on twitter badmouthing them? What a fucking ingrate. Whatever they paid was too damn much.

    1. On the other hand, it’s entirely possible that this is just another bullshit lie she pulled out for attention and patreon monies.

      1. It sounds fishy honestly. She claims that her “adoptive” parents didn’t like that their “adopted” child had differing views. Seems odd that said parents would then go on to give said child so much money.

        Either she really was adopted and she’s exaggerating facts or she’s out right lying.

  7. So Wu was “sold to religious extremists for $20,000” who then went on to give her $200,000 to start an animation company/buy an expensive motorcycle?

    My brain is beginning to melt from all of batshit Wu’s bullshit…

  8. Oh Jesus – so much stupidity to point out…where do I start?

    OK – so she claims that GamerGate has no economic power? Then who was it that raised hundreds in thousands for great causes, like feeding the hungry, anti-bullying initiatives, helping a rape victim, and buying a chairlift for a disabled woman? Not to mention that games that were targeted by the antis have sold very well, like Hunie Pop, Hatred, Jennifer Dawe’s Seedscape, and games developed by Brad Wardell’s company? How soon Wu forgets that she begged her husband to shill her game and it still bombed, or how a bunch of insufferable hipsters paid $40,000 to Leigh to shill Sunset directly to SJWs and aGGros, and it flopped harder than Randi off a diving board?

    Now let me address her other claim – *clears throat*


    EDIT: I’m surprised you didn’t post TFYC’s epic blowout of Wu on Twitter:

  9. The world was such a great place before GamerGate. Now everything is shit. What a difference a year makes.

  10. Like I stated on twitter, in its limited character range, if her family hates her for her views and then gave her $200, 000 to start an animation studio that turned into her game studio (you know, the makers of that 90s-esque “game” Revolution 60)….Then I wish my family hated me as much because it would set me for life! She is the poster child for delusional.

  11. Wu Conveniently forgets TFYC. Troops vs Women funding campaign was shared around GG, but there wasn’t a push to rally behind it.

    If GG has no power because of Troops funding campaign, what do we make of the power of SJW’s who’s darling Sunset tanked even with the media behind it.

    Go home Wu

    1. TFYC even tweeted to her with the announcement that Afterlife Empire was approved and set to be released on Steam soon. I had a hearty lol upon seeing the screen grab of it.

  12. I just realized something. Wu’s last name is not her maiden name! how dare she be a part of the patriarchy! She is encouraging the nonconsensual rape of a integral part of a woman’s legacy! For shame!

  13. That’s to say there wasn’t a damn good reason to ditch his ass.

    I’m inclined to think there was one.

  14. Didn’t her parents give her a bunch of money to start a business, or was that someone else? If so, was it the foster parents that gave it to her?

  15. I hope she finds her real parents and they turn out to be pro-GG. That reality show would be so worth watching.

  16. Oh good fucking lord. Ok so some basic background. In 1977 (Wu supposedly was born in 1980) I was adopted through Catholic Social Services (now Catholic Charities) of the St. Petersburg (the Florida one) Diocese. Did they pay for me? No. Pretty sure they’ve never paid for a child for a simple adoption. Nor are they directly a middle-person for an adoption. They take the child in and yes I’m sure there is a cost associated with the adoptive family. Is that cost 20k? Could be. But the mother isn’t getting that money, the Church is. Legal fees/costs take up a bit of that. Nor does the Catholic Charities look for “extremists” to give children to. My adoptive parents did send me to Catholic school, but only up to the 4th grade (then private middle school, public high school though I had the choice of a Catholic high school). Heck I never even saw them attend church until I went off to college and they moved across from a Methodist church. Side note, if Wu’s parents were ssoooo extreme, would they give their transgender kid 200k to start a business? But as my parents told me they did not have a choice in what child they get, the service would match them up to what they thought my parents could handle (note to perspective adoptive parents, no matter how big of a lie it is, tell your adoptive child they were exactly what you wanted).
    Lastly, a ransom to get information about her mother? Bullshit. Not how it works. Its works like a nuclear launch. You have a key and your biological mother has a key in the form of release forms and both have to be there. If your biological mother had one on file, and you fill one out, the information is released. This didn’t happen with me. After that you can pay them to try to find your biological mother. I think its $150 for the first 2 hours (I actually start and stopped and restarted 2 years later and the fee had gone up but they accepted my check of the original fee), you can pay for more hours or have a P.I look into it (more money per hour and expenses). Yes that can rack up some spending (especially if your biological mother’s name is something like Joan Smith), but its because they legally cannot release the information to you. Because of that, if they find your biological mother, they send her a letter and you hope she responds positively to that (mine has so far not responded). If she does not, you’re still not getting the information.
    Personally asking for help from all of twitter would probably be a very bad idea, gamergate or not.
    Wu can be pissed at her birth mother for giving her up for adoption. I dropped that crap when I was 13. I mean, it sucks but its better than being parts in a petri dish with price tags attached.

    1. Adopting a child EASILY costs over $25k through a non-profit adoption agency.

      My guess is Wu’s biological mom had mental issues (which now manifest in Wu), so Wu’s mom is in no position to be able to assert a wish to pursue meeting her child or give consent to such.

  17. Dude, if his parents paid 20k for him, they should get their money back. Also, way to shit on the people that gave you 200k to fuck off with a failed animation company.

  18. 1. Wu’s biological mother dodged a fucking bullet.
    2. SJW games don’t fare any better. Despite all the shit they talk, when it came down to it,t he kickstarter for a feminist game made by feminists promoted as feminist and pimped out by Rock Paper Shotgun and other huge sites only raised like 10% of the measely $25k or whatever they needed. They had like 15 backers.
    3. Who the fuck mopes around so fucking much over their biological parents THAT THEY NEVER FUCKING KNEW…?? This says a lot about these SJW nuts. Guess what? I don’t know my biological parents, either. I’m nearly 40. I could not give any fewer fucks than I do. I certainly don’t go around crying about it and talking about how my identity and history has been erased and blah blah blah blah blah.
    4. Wu can dox everyone but her own fucking “family”?

  19. 1. Gamergate hasn’t been around for a year as Ralph pointed out.
    2. Have you considered your parents wanted nothing to do with you? and I would think now, even if you found them, it’d be much the same.
    3. What damage would posting your birthdate on twitter do? We know you’re not like 26 or something, and even if we knew your birthdate by your own admission what in the crap could we do with that? Steal your identity? send you extravagant birthday presents? Dear lord the damages.

    4. Ever considered this act of betrayal by someone close to you is the reason why you’re paranoid, bigoted, and ridiculous? Ever thought about maybe moving on and improving yourself instead of blaming everyone else for your problems?

  20. Yeah, we can’t all be like Anita Sarkeesian and bait the internet, leave the comments section on our most provocative video “unmoderated,” harvest the most crazy/offensive bits and then plead “mysoggyknees” to get funded. How many people gave HER money and didn’t know/care about games, but cared about her identity politics? A LOT.

  21. Next she’ll start receiving scam emails from Nigerian princes. And she’ll blame GamerGate when she falls for them.

  22. She is a poster-girl for feminists: Useless, unattractive and batshit crazy. Oh yeah, and expects to be handed money just for existing.

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