DeRay Mckesson’s ultimate goal has come into plain view tonight. The man who has consistently portrayed himself and his Black Lives Matter co-conspirators as outsiders has announced that he’s running for the Mayor of Baltimore. Yes, you read that correctly. The same guy who spent weeks helping to destabilize the city is now trying to be its leader. It would be funny if it wasn’t so damn sad.

This is the thug who helped to spur on riotous behavior. Mckesson has been fraudulent at almost every turn. He counts among his former allies Shaun King, who’s about as shady as they come. Yes, they had a falling out, most likely because DeRay wasn’t getting the cut he thought he deserved. Perhaps King didn’t make the requisite donations to DeRay’s mayoral planning fund? Even a crook like King could see what Mr. Mckesson was all about


While King’s tweets have been deleted, Hip-Hop Wired kept record of King’s Twitter argument, where among other things, he jabbed at McKesson by saying that he attended socio-political events in order to mingle with VIPs and politicians, rather than to advance the movement.

Mckesson has no problems using violence to build his own profile…

Wolf Blitzer Fails To Goad Protester Into Condemning Violence

“Freddie Gray will never be back. Those windows will,” said DeRay McKesson, during an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Tuesday.

McKesson, an activist best known for his efforts in Ferguson, Missouri, during protests of the police killing of teenager Michael Brown, refused to condemn Baltimore protesters who turned to violence on Monday — even after Blitzer noted at least 15 injured police officers, 200 arrests and 44 vehicles set ablaze.

He wouldn’t condemn it because he knew it helped his political prospects. Look, the current Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, is a joke. No one is arguing that. But DeRay actively helped turn her into a laughingstock simply to boost himself. How can such a craven individual be considered for the top job in the city? I don’t think he will win, because it’s a little tougher to actually become mayor than it is to sit on TV in some shitty blue vest and talk trash. But the way the media is sperging out about this is cause for concern. They clearly want to push him into that position by sheer force of will. Just Google his name right now and you will see hundreds if not thousands of stories about his run, from The New York Times on down. The Washington Post knew about his plans for weeks, but in order to get the scoop, reporter Wesley Lowery kept his mouth shut until tonight. So much for ethical reporting, huh?

I don’t see how a violent degenerate could possibly be elected mayor, but then again, this is Baltimore. I do have a soft spot for the city because of The Wire, but if idiots and malcontents elect DeRay Mckesson, they deserve every bit of pain coming their way.