DeRay Mckesson’s ultimate goal has come into plain view tonight. The man who has consistently portrayed himself and his Black Lives Matter co-conspirators as outsiders has announced that he’s running for the Mayor of Baltimore. Yes, you read that correctly. The same guy who spent weeks helping to destabilize the city is now trying to be its leader. It would be funny if it wasn’t so damn sad.

This is the thug who helped to spur on riotous behavior. Mckesson has been fraudulent at almost every turn. He counts among his former allies Shaun King, who’s about as shady as they come. Yes, they had a falling out, most likely because DeRay wasn’t getting the cut he thought he deserved. Perhaps King didn’t make the requisite donations to DeRay’s mayoral planning fund? Even a crook like King could see what Mr. Mckesson was all about


While King’s tweets have been deleted, Hip-Hop Wired kept record of King’s Twitter argument, where among other things, he jabbed at McKesson by saying that he attended socio-political events in order to mingle with VIPs and politicians, rather than to advance the movement.

Mckesson has no problems using violence to build his own profile…

Wolf Blitzer Fails To Goad Protester Into Condemning Violence

“Freddie Gray will never be back. Those windows will,” said DeRay McKesson, during an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Tuesday.

McKesson, an activist best known for his efforts in Ferguson, Missouri, during protests of the police killing of teenager Michael Brown, refused to condemn Baltimore protesters who turned to violence on Monday — even after Blitzer noted at least 15 injured police officers, 200 arrests and 44 vehicles set ablaze.

He wouldn’t condemn it because he knew it helped his political prospects. Look, the current Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, is a joke. No one is arguing that. But DeRay actively helped turn her into a laughingstock simply to boost himself. How can such a craven individual be considered for the top job in the city? I don’t think he will win, because it’s a little tougher to actually become mayor than it is to sit on TV in some shitty blue vest and talk trash. But the way the media is sperging out about this is cause for concern. They clearly want to push him into that position by sheer force of will. Just Google his name right now and you will see hundreds if not thousands of stories about his run, from The New York Times on down. The Washington Post knew about his plans for weeks, but in order to get the scoop, reporter Wesley Lowery kept his mouth shut until tonight. So much for ethical reporting, huh?

I don’t see how a violent degenerate could possibly be elected mayor, but then again, this is Baltimore. I do have a soft spot for the city because of The Wire, but if idiots and malcontents elect DeRay Mckesson, they deserve every bit of pain coming their way.

  1. It is shockingly due to money…the BLM “leaders” were paid $3k per month for their activities as an ACORN spin-off. Monies dried up as they were re-directed to HRC’s campaign. To be fair, at least he is trying to get a job for once.

    1. Actually George Soros gave somewhere between $30-100 million to BLM to “do their thing.” That Hungarian POS wants anarchy $ chaos & destruction of America. BTW–I just stumbled onto a YT video of 20-year-old Barry visiting Kenya, smoking a doozie & ranting about how much he hates white people. Too bad stupid white voters didnt get to see it in 2008.

      1. Ralph, best to just remove this comment. Free Speech support aside, this is the kind of thing that gets pointed to and used as your endorsement of racism. Also, the not my rule part will be twisted into “if it was up to me, we’d have lynchings on the site in livestream.”

          1. I totally get why you said it, and I am not questioning that. It was the guy having the Nword right in his username, being a name I’ve never seen on here, and I daresay I read more of you comments than is probably healthy, though I could be wrong, but it seems like the perfect thing someone would set up as a great jumping off point for their “Shut down Ralphs Racist Blog” campaign. Thought it’s been deleted anyway, you still have to think like a criminal to protect yourself from one sometimes.

  2. Somehow I am still hoping people will eventually understand why Aristocrat Jim got so frustrated with the average attention span being all buzzfed into the below 0.3 milliseconds range.

    Connecting dots seems so last century these days.

    1. It was last century. In the 1960s the Marxists infiltrated public education & for 50 years have revised history, ccreated SJWs, & dumbed our students down. I would never send my child to a public school today–& I’m a retired teacher.

  3. Fuck me I really don’t like even mentioning gamergate anymore even though I’ve done so three times in various places this week but I need to make a comparison.

    BLM was like the bizarro universe version of GG, because BLM was rotten from the start, and it never had a legitimate or statistically supportable grievance because it distorted problems of police misconduct into a race issue. Plus the media sucked it’s dick from day one and kept deep throating that shaft harder and harder no matter how depraved or criminal it’s activities became.

    If the whole thing was manipulated on some level and the goal was to destroy race relations in America then mission accomplished because I haven’t seen them this bad since the early nineties.

      1. Raw meat. And if there’s no race riots the Clinton News Network/Communist News Network-Creative News Network will fake one for you–the way they faked Sandy Hook.

    1. You nailed it! Just what Obamny & Farrakhan & libtards wanted! And they are not even getting warmed up. Fasten your seatbelts because this was always The Plan. And most people are too stupid to see how we are all being played.

  4. Honestly DeRay sounds like the fuckboy who gets his jollies off social validation on twitter

    his activism, even from a leftist point of view, just isn’t that impressive

  5. Because in the end, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Power. It was never a goal to fix the state, country, or Hell, the whole world, it’s just about controlling it. I’m pretty sure if he DOES become mayor, It’s gonna be worse than ghettos in Indianapolis.

    1. 8 months after these comments, we are farther down the Rabbit Hole than ever. You may not want to be around to see how the narrative ends.

      1. I don’t wanna be around now. But the fact that there are some people who also fight against this is what keeps me sane.

  6. I hope DeRaynjed gets elected mayor. He and Baltimore deserve each other. Can’t wait to see how this professional riot-monger handles the pressure when HE faces an civic emergency (like a riot started by someone else) and has to make decisions that affect people’s lives. When half the police force resigns rather than call this thug “sir”, and the job-creators start leaving in droves rather than depend on him to protect their property, and the crime rate reduces tourism to a level on a par with Iran, Baltimore will become Detroit-on-the-Chesapeake.

    1. Chicago has the highest murder rate in America. It’s a gun-free zone & has been run by Damnedocrats since Richard Daley in the 60s: vote early & vote often.

  7. Hey hey Dee Raye! How many buildings did you destroy today? Hey hey Deeew Raaaayyye! How much did Soros pay you today?

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