The other day, before the two major shootings this weekend, the topic of the blame game that always comes up in the aftermath of such tragedies was broached on my Twitter timeline. I mentioned how I was sick and tired of it, on both sides. That was not a rhetorical play. I actually was, and am, sick of it. Sadly, the same can’t be said of activist hacks like Jared Holt, who writes for the disgusting propaganda website, Right Wing Watch.

He’s spent the weekend trying to blame various people and entities for the El Paso shooting. 8chan, Mike Cernovich, Ali Alexander, “white nationalism,”…pretty much anything or anyone he doesn’t like. He’s shamelessly tried to use a national tragedy to advance his political goals. This is precisely what I was talking about with my tweets on the subject.

But, you know, if it’s OK for Mr. Holt to play the game, maybe we should look at his own connections? Earlier today, it was discovered that the Dayton killer, Connor Betts, was a radical leftist Satan worshipper (not kidding) who posted about attacking ICE facilities and “kill[ing] every fascist,” among other gems. Not only that, he also followed the events in El Paso very closely. He was liking posts from various lefties who were sharing their thoughts on the situation.

One of those lefties? None other than our good friend Jared Holt, of course!

That would be bad enough, considering Holt’s strategy to smear his political opponents with crimes they had absolutely nothing to do with. But Hide It Quick Holt decided to take it one step further when he thought no one was looking. Jared went and blocked the shooter’s Twitter account so that his retweets of Holt would no long show up on his timeline. Thankfully, my good friend Gator was there to catch him in the act.

Absolutely destroyed…

So, by Jared Holt’s own logic, not only did he seemingly inspire a mass murderer IN REAL TIME, he also went back and tried to delete the evidence that proves his connection to the heinous act. Is this an example of the famous journalistic ethics I’m always hearing so much about?!

Again, we’re just using his own standard, ladies and gentlemen! How much blood is on Holt’s hands? I’m sure the media will be reporting on this as breathlessly as they have 8chan…the day after Hell freezes over.