To show you just how hated the current immigration scheme is here in the United States, I thought it would be illustrative to point you towards a couple numbers. First off, let’s take a look at the popularity of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, also known as North Korea. It’s one the most repressive countries on earth, according to most metrics:


Now, take a look at the support for increased immigration:



Admittedly, this poll is from 2015, but I think it shows you just how fed up the American populace is with mass immigration. The open borders policy that has been pushed by the establishment of both major political parties is more hated that Kim Jong-un’s disgusting regime. I’ve known just how detested it was for quite some time, even when I was a liberal. I used to always talk about how a legitimate Democratic candidate who favored closing up the porous borders would be a potent candidate in a general election. Even now, I think a solid leftist who favored a wall or some sort of program (with teeth) that would stop the flow of immigrants coming here through our southern border with Mexico would be a dangerous candidate. As we see, that person doesn’t exist, though. Plus, their real problem would be getting through the Democratic primaries without much money or institutional support. Thus, it would probably have to be someone who self-funded.

This is why Donald Trump has had so much support. At every turn, he talks about stopping unfettered immigration. Whether he ends up winning or not, I think him shining a spotlight on this issue has proved invaluable. I do believe that the major parties will see amnesty through, one way or the other. That’s one reason I’ve supported Mr. Trump, even though he’s a long-shot candidate. Even if he ends up losing, though, I’m hoping that his impact on this issue will last well beyond his campaign.