We’ve seen a lot of offensive characters during our GamerGate travels. Leigh Alexander, Tyler Malka, Little Hitler Cheong…there’s no shortage of crazy assholes. However, each one is their own special brand of crazy asshole. Sure, there are certain similarities shared by all.  But, it’s when you examine the particulars of their transgressions, that their truly bizarre public/private dichotomies become apparent. The distance between what they say, and what they actually do, could not be any further.

Today, we look at noted clown Greg Costikyan. When we last talked about him, we were discussing his ties to the controversial DiGRA, and his disgusting, yet also hilarious (because it was so unhinged), attack against gamers. Usually, we would just ignore him, like most people do. But, we’ve seen images today that show that he’s still trying to libel GamerGate in the worst ways possible.

You see, Greg’s an Ivy League Man. The type of guy who makes bold pronouncements, despite knowing ass about the subject at hand. So, what’s his bold pronouncement about GamerGate?

I do not feel a need to engage with people who issue death and rape threats against others.

What? Rape threats? Death threats? There haven’t been any from our side. Some crazy tweets got sent by anons on Twitter. Possible SJW shitposts on 4chan? That’s your lame ass evidence? Well, it’s been rejected. The lies can no longer go unanswered. Whenever you see Costikyan or his ilk spreading this pathetic lie, or others like it, call them out. Don’t let these charges go without a response. We’ve got our own outlets and media now, and we don’t have to accept it.


BTW: The full quote is actually even worse. He tries to act like there’s some kind of active rape threat campaign. The man is clearly delusional.