I’ve been dealing with my own struggles lately, so it’s been tough to find the motivation to write. But one thing that always gets me worked up is the outright hatred that Dirty Dina Karam has displayed toward gamers throughout her tenure as community manager of the Mighty No. 9 project.  Here’s a recent gem from her on the diverse and totally peaceful GamerGate meetup in London recently:


Quite the charmer.

If you’ll recall, she was also famous for blocking Kickstarter backers from the official Mighty No. 9 forums, and was the catalyst behind the chargeback campaign that ensued in the immediate aftermath of that incident. Her incendiary statements and outright hatred has finally gotten her relieved of duty. It was of course portrayed as her quitting, but it’s very curious that it came the day after her “burn in hell” comment. It looks like she possibly got her ass shitcanned to me, but who knows. I’m just glad she’s gone.

I was quite clear in saying that if we kept up the pressure, she would be removed. It’s now happened. I’ve been away from the desk here and haven’t been able to comment, but allow me to now add my two cents:


If you have anything else to say about this waste of space, please do so below. I’m just happy to have played some small part in exposing her, and I’m glad she’s gone. The real heroes are those that did battle with her on the backer forums, though. I was late in getting some kind of write-up done on this due to my issues, so I’ll keep it brief. But I had to comment on this one. Your days of disrespecting paying customers are over, Dina.

By the way, I’m still not buying Mighty No. 9. Fuck off, Inafune.

  1. I thought she got the boot for asking people to boycott the game. Either way, good riddance. More poison purged from the industry.

  2. She badmouthed customers, backers, Publicly on twitter and in the forums for a year or two at this point? At what point would ANY company would have put up with that shit for a month let alone a year from a community manager of a product that was funded pretty much by the community in whole (kickstarter) She should have been removed from the position at least at the start of the whole controversy, now shes gone after the game’s already rolled around in a pile of shit and sat in the beating sun.

      1. Why? I don’t get why people are upset with Inafune. When MN9 kickstarter came out people were extremely happy! I myself would back it, though I didn’t had a international credit card at time.

        1. Even if Inafune’s lack of English speaking skills would have kept him from knowing most of what was going on. He is the one who hired her and failed to supervise her. He is not guilt free.
          I will never give money to a company that treats its customers like shit.

          1. Actually no, she was only hired because her boyfriend has some control on the series, so it wasn’t Inafune who directly hired her.

            He is not, however, guilt free as you said, he still has a stake in her still being there, and he’s either been neglectful of or completely disregarding the situation.

  3. Good riddance. The tide is turning with these kinds of scumbags, they can no longer cry “misogyny!” and get away with all their appalling behaviour.

  4. Ah, I can’t say how glad I am that another anti gamer ate a boot for all the damage they’ve done. Sure, it’s nothing to do with original goal of Gamergate, but exposing corruption in the industry is just as important as exposing the corruption in the media.

  5. …i scrolled her twitter yesterday, and in one she claimed it was time for a vacation before a new high paying job,,,but in a few other tweets she was begging for work, one @ tagging Zoe Quinn to let her come do weird artwork for her,..yeah, thats what i do when i got a new high paying job lined up,,,i publicly beg random people for work for around th time that job starts,,,oh and she was gf to one of th’ devs there…its how she got in,,,
    Here, this is always worth a rewatch… http://youtu.be/mZWHUnFqPhg

    1. I was bored, so I just watched this the other day, lol. Ironic she gets booted shortly after.

      The worst part is, from what I’ve seen this mighty number nine is a terrible successor to megaman.

      1. Tell me about it. I’m not one to bother with demos or anything, so I can’t give a firsthand account, but I remember watching a video…. holy fuck, it looked so painfully dull. All I saw was Beck going down a seemingly endless hallway with one occasional flying enemy showing up (too weak to even be a worthwhile threat). How do you fail so bad at stage design? I mean, assuming this isn’t a final level and this is some way to add tension (and/or a method of farming power-ups like the caterpillars in the final stage of MegaMan X), there is no excuse for such a lazy job like that. Granted, I’d be willing to give it the benefit of a doubt since it’s still in the beta stages (and another video I saw did look far more promising), but if shit like this is going to be in the final product, I won’t be touching it. And that’s to say nothing of the massive PR nightmare they’re going to need to make up for between now and this game’s release.

        If the game does turn out to be decent, it might be silly to let a bunch of internet drama affect one’s interest in it, but as I say often about FEZ, I’ve got a major gaming backlog as is, plus several other games in the same genre that look to be just as if not more fun (including but not limited to modern-day re-releases of the very series this is succeeding), that the people behind a game acting like absolute pricks only makes me feel even less inclined to bother giving it my time of day (besides which, if Dina’s feminist bullshit really did have some effect on the in-game designs, it’s all the more reason a statement should be made from a lack of purchases).

  6. Good bye, Dina. Thanks not for your stay. You won’t be missed.

    And by the way, I’m buying Mighty Number 9 just to spite her since she wanted GGers to boycott it. I probably won’t be able to run it anyway.

      1. In Japan it’s kind of customary when you dispose of people to give them some kind of send off. Interestingly it’s likely she had zero idea this was coming until a few hours before she was disposed of. The 2nd picture speaks volumes, she is NOT happy!

        1. There are Japanese culture issues at play with all of this from the top down. They do not operate or have the same sense of how responsibility works as the west.

          1. Indeed, I lived and worked there for a few years, in Japan these days you get promoted by hanging on and knowing the right people, not by being good. There’s also a corporate culture of no one taking the blame for anything. Apparently in the 80s and 90s it was different but not any more. It kind of explains why she got so much power from doing absolutely nothing creative.

      2. You can’t know how the atmosphere was at the office but one would expect she respected her bosses and co-workers. It also seems to be a rather small team making it more intimate. To me it seems professional to take part with an employee who’s been there 2 years, and the sensible thing to do, no matter what you think of them I believe they kept their integrity this way.

  7. Some community managers don’t get that their intention isn’t to police or treat people differently because of their opinion. A Community Manager is not a Mod or Admin, a Community manager is just what the name says: They Manage the Community. In order to do such a thing, you need to keep people from feeling like they are unwanted, and Dina has been doing the opposite since Day1.

  8. Best part is that these SJW-type like Dina will never be able to work in game industry anymore. Not even the most retarded company will hire people like her: zero talent, only good at creating controversies and make people mad, constantly push their crazy agenda whatever the cost.

    Bye bye psychos…and good luck with your patreon welfare because, to me, it looks like pretty saturated by now.

  9. I was so excited for this game but because of her bullshit theres no way in hell I’m buying it. Showing such disdain for your community is unacceptable

  10. I am one of the backers. I abandoned those forums back in 2014 because I didn’t want to be apart of the negativity there, as for negativity I am talking about Dina and her constant censorship on the forum.

    She was hardly ever open to backers and she gave halfed assed answers to questions that were concerning people. Of course you will get people saying “Oh you hate her because she’s a woman, you hate her because she’s a feminist, you hate her because she is not in your boys-only club”. No, we WANTED to have fun on the forums and we wanted to actually feel like we were contributing to something good.

    There were many people on the forum calling out the people who wanted charge backs and that they should of felt ashamed. It’s bullshit. I did at one point feel sympathetic to Dina and I didn’t think she 100% deserved all the negative attention she got, however after my departure from the forums I heard it was essentially a damn ghost town from other fellow backers. It was a ghost town because the people who dared to ask questions were banned for them and the only ones that were there the ones who were willing to put up with the abuse and not speak out or stood behind her.

    People think Gamergate started with the Zoe Post, oh you think too small! It began way back at the end of 2013 when Dina decided to hand down ban after ban for people not conforming to how she handled the forum. She wanted the forum to be a “safe space”. However the only space there was a space that she deemed safe. Also when people brought up the topic of feminism, she made it clear that it had to be in a positive light. Nothing negative could be said about it. That’s BULLSHIT. I know NeoGaf has a pretty harsh way of punishing people for acting out, but what Dina did on the forums would fucking make NeoGaf blush in comparison.

    Dina you will probably never see this but let me ask you this, why did you ban all the backers who disagreed with you? Why didn’t you just do your job and compromise with the other backers? Why did have Alraz, Joseph, Pontata, and every other mod do your dirty work in keeping people silent and in turn having people who have fucking nothing to do with your agenda being hated as a result? I like Alraz, Joseph, and Pontata, they aren’t bad people but you put them in the fucking line of fire because you were too damn lazy to do your job. YOU got paid Dina, THEY didn’t! Why did Quattro, Jamus, Forte and everyone else have such a hard time of getting hold of you when you wrongfully banned then because YOU CHOSE not to answer their questions? Yeah not all of us were innocent but did you really have to fucking treat us like monsters who couldn’t be reasoned with or talked to?

    When you ignore your community members “former community manager” they are going to get annoyed. All you did was make a ghost town of a forum of people who were too fucking afraid to go onto it and say anything for fear of getting banned!

    And you think WE’RE the bad guys! Fuck you Dina! Fuck you and everything you stand for! You turned a dream into a nightmare, you took the hope and fun of people being happy for this game who backed it and you sucked it all away! You think you’re the victim?! You think you’re the one who was treated harshly? All you had to fucking do on the forums WAS BE HONEST AND TRUTHFUL! You failed at that! I even straight up told you in a comment response that’s all you had to do. But no, you’re just the poor victim who could do no wrong and not actually the person who dug her own goddamn grave.

    I am disappointed in Mr. Inafune too. Mighty Number 9 should be something I am looking forward to when it’s fully released, however I may just play it once and never pick it up again because afterall playing it will be a sad reminder of what my friends and fellow backers had to go through. I am just glad Gunvolt doesn’t have the same anchor attached to it, yeah your company may of been associated with the people who made it but at least when I play that game I will not be reminded of the hell that went on the Mighty Number 9 forums.

    1. Great to see you again Ace Attorney Tier- I still don’t give a whit about the game anymore, but am proud to have been a part of the (long) process of getting her removed. I went back for some fun which, like most of our fun, didn’t last long. Long enough for a screencap is long enough for me, though- http://imgur.com/yuHqNcR

      1. I am sorry I was not really around for it that much, it just became too much for me. However it’s about time that Dina is finally getting her just desserts.

    2. Gunvolt had those stupid pronouns and I’m not sure if Dina was there at the time.

      I myself am a backer and was one of the first hit by the ban hammer for politely asking questions. After that I never looked back. I’m not even going to play the game and will probably give my code away.

      As many already said the entire team should take the blame for tolerating her bullshit.

    3. Hey Moose, I haven’t talked to you in so long!

      Funny how Dina’s terrible ‘management’ ended up being such a bonding experience between so many of us, huh?

      It’s not much, but it’s a bit of a silver lining to me, anyways.

      I’ve been a bit nostalgic lately, and started reading through some old screenshots from the MN9 forums. This was a gem that I thoroughly enjoyed.

      1. I am glad you have been doing well man. Yeah I agree it is kind of funny. I guess Dina did some good, albeit unintentionally.

        All we can do is just take this as a learning experience. You don’t treat your backers like shit and expect to get away with it.

    4. I think GamerGate started brewing way before that, I think it dates back to 2007 when a reviewer was fired for a negative kane & lynch review

  11. So will she be joining that other rainbow haired harridan and all round shitsack Kim Crawley on the “Baaaaaaaaaaaaw…. GamerGate got me sacked…..send me some Patreon PityBux” bandwagon?

    Its getting a little crowded on the back of that flatbed now.

    Just another in a neverending line of unemployable SJW Sieg Fail Fuckwits.

  12. To understand that you would have to get into the Japanese mindset of how companies run. And how responsibility works in their culture. Its just a very complicated thing. When they hired her they gave her control over all of it cause it was expected that it would be all her responsibility. And all blame would end with her in the Japanese mindset. But in the west we look to the person that hired her as much as the person themselves for the responsibility. Also with its like that with regards of responsibility, in the west we expect that someone higher up should step in and be aware, its not expected that way as much over there. Not to mentions that the shit she would say in English, most likely was never conveyed or read by the Japanese side of things.

    1. That may have been an acceptable excuse if we were talking about 6 months of BS. But this went on for years.

  13. I’m still incredibly confused how we are seen as the hate movement. Seriously now it’s just getting ridiculous. It’s like the KKK saying everyone else is the hate movement (hey they called us that before so I don’t feel bad for throwing the same rock at them).

  14. I think its fairly safe to say Inafune is a beta or the rest of his management team are betas also and were scared to stand up to this person, because they let this shit go on for far too long like a bunch of little bitch boys.

    He could just be stupid.

  15. While I never backed the game myself I was still looking forward to all this. When I first heard about this I made my opinions known on another site when some random jackass kept trying to get me to recant. In the end I offered to agree to disagree, he never responded since. But there was one point I made to him:

    I have a set amount of hard earned income I will dedicate to luxuries. This includes video games or game related merchandise. If you want me as a customer, or simply want my money, you need to work your ass off to pry me from it. If you have this great product that could revolutionize gaming the last thing you want to do is piss off the audience that can make you. Dina was part of the problem and yet no solutions were offered until much, much, much later. By the time this controversy started, the money that would have been spent on MN9 has been wasted. Now on what exactly, here’s a short list: Beyonetta, Smash 3DS and Wii U, several amiibos, a spare XB1 controller, numerous Pokemon merchandise (take a guess if I’m a fan or not), Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse (which I finally got around to playing and do not regret the $20 I spent for the 3DS)… oh and I almost forgot… I actually bought several Mega Man titles on the nintendo eshop.

    Granted I still have money set aside, I am working after all. And if you look at what I have purchased above since this controversy started you probably have an idea what I am looking forward to that hasn’t been released yet.

    Point is that for me to want to spend that money on your product you need to do what you can to sell it and get me to hand over the money. Like my manager once told me “you need to sell “you””, meaning that I need to convince you I have the world’s greatest product and you would be a fool not to purchase it.

    I got none of that from this entire debacle. All I saw was Dina abusing her position to talk down on investors and customers. Many couldn’t even get a refund thanks to Kickstarter policies which only cemented the level of bullshit I would expect from a company… let’s say… I don’t know… possibly Capcom. Yes I would have expected this from them over a smaller project like MN9. Not many knew about MN9 and rightfully so it needed all the exposure it could get. Instead the exposure was in the form of some prissy whiny sjw “princess” who talked shit to customers. I would have loved to see how long she would have lasted in a customer service job like… I guess IHOP. BTW no disrespect to IHOP.

    In short, I no longer want this game. If you want to buy it then fine, I won’t disrespect you for it but I made up my mind. And also serously, DLC? I’m starting to wonder if this was made by Capcom.

    Anyways sorry I dragged on, Ralph. Thanks for exposing this witch and good to see you on your feet. I know this probably would have made a better rant video but I had to let this out.

    And while I’m at it… Izzy Galvez is a glorified tool.

  16. >This has been quite the experience, and I doubt I’ll ever have another
    chance to work side by side with legends of the Japanese industry as I
    was able to do with Mighty.

    You got that right, princess.

  17. Thing is.. we’re constantly told to “watch what you say” on Social Media because it can come back to haunt you, especially when applying for jobs. Are we to think that companies taking on these people don’t; 1) do that, or 2) don’t care?

  18. And thank you Ralph for the signal boost regarding Dina!

    Though we should also thank Dina for screwing up big time and letting her opinions on #GamerGate get the better of her. A lot of people don’t seem to realize that she was an issue and concern ever since she became the CM of the Mighty No. 9 forums moderated the community in an unfair and biased manner. Plus her communication and personal relations skills were pretty bad as well. But it was only after #GamerGate came to be that her toxic personality got the spotlight it deserved.

    As for the project/game itself? It still looks pretty “meh”, terrible even. And though Dina probably shares some of the blame for that as well for not properly communicating backer feedback to the dev team, ultimately the blame is on Comcept for the final product.

    Speaking of Comcept though, I do wonder if they even cared about backer feedback from the very beginning. Consider the following:

    – Hiring an inexperienced Community Manager
    – Outside of Mark, there was no official word from Comcept to address the Dina issue
    – Backers asking for refunds were labelled as misogynists
    – Terrible forum interface (which people had to pay to access)
    – Lack of contest & surveys with any substantial importance to the game
    – Feedback seemed to mostly come from the forums, which represents only very small “handful” of the 67,000+ backers

    Dina’s gone and that’s plenty of reason to rejoice, but that doesn’t mean Comcept is left off the hook. They let Dina do what she did for the past year and a bit without a single word of acknowledgement of what transpired over that time. It’s hard to imagine that they were oblivious to all of this, so it only means they allowed it to happen.

  19. Let’s change up the scenario a bit here. MN9 is looking for an English speaking community manager to handle their forums for the West. Someone on the development team is dating a white guy who speaks English so they’d be a good fit.

    This guy happens to be a Christian. This is not a problem. But now said guy has the power and decides to go overboard. He thinks Atheists are terrorists. So he goes through peoples forum profiles and finds their facebook, twitter, or whatever. Stalks their timelines and looks to see if they are Atheist, then bans them from the forums, which they paid to access.

    He also bans anyone that speaks on the forums about Atheism or does not follow his Christian beliefs. Now anyone who calls him out for banning all the Atheists because they have different religious views is labeled a religious terrorist for questioning his world view.

    Now Christians from around the world that don’t know anything about gaming speak up to defend him because he preaches the Bible. They don’t know anything about video games, and this game actually has nothing to do with religion or Christianity, but they want to force it in anyway. Which forces more reasonable people to backlash against Christians for forcing their beliefs on the world.

    It now seems like this guy is acting like the Westboro Baptist Church. Calls for everyone to boycott the game. Tells people to burn in hell. And goes on a very public meltdown that no one can defend and their tyranny is finally put to an end.

    Now, after this is all over. Would you hire this guy in the future? In 20/20 hindsight, would MN9 hire him again? Do you think it’s ok to force religion into video games? What if that religion isn’t Christianity, would you ban it?

    The answers to all these questions should be no. Get that trash out of video games, and the people who peddle it.

    This has been a toxic comparison to the people Gamergate is exposing. They truly are anti-gamer, social marxist, anti-capitalist, pro-censorship, pro-corruption, pro-collusion, pro-cronyism, unethical bigots.

    1. I’m a classical liberal, but not a Progressive. And it bothers me so much that the average run-of-the-mill Lefty can identify these behaviors in Christians, but not Feminists.

      1. This can pretty much be seen with almost any sort of group – Whether it religious, political, or so. I am a Christian myself, but I don’t let my religion affect my work or those who are in my life – heck, one of own personal rules is not to shove my religion down the throat of others and I hope that people can respect my choice for my beliefs (that’s all I ask).

        Although I find it interesting that you say this in the first original post in this discussion:

        “Do you think it’s ok to force religion into video games? What if that religion isn’t Christianity, would you ban it?”

        Can you expand on what you mean by ‘forcing religion’? Are you saying that the hypothetical Christian in your scenario is hoping to convert the world or something to the religion? Or are you saying that the concept of religion shouldn’t be used in games?

        Religion has been touched upon in video games quite a bit, from actually being as small as references/naming characters (Persona, Sonic ’06, and many other) to being the main revolving point in a game’s plot (Final Fantasy ten comes to mind first).

        And like I said at the beginning of this message: This behavior isn’t just in Christians or Feminists, but in every group. There are always assholes who’ll try to be superior and there’ll be white knights in the same group who’ll defend that asshole.

        I agree that stuff like this shouldn’t be shoved down the throats of people, the world is vast and shoving beliefs or agendas doesn’t end well.
        However, topics like this can be used for interesting writing – maybe showing how social justice can have negative effects in a fictional world, or how stuff like what we’ve seen in the last year or so.

        I feel like I might’ve missed the point, so feel free to call me out on this or ignore it completely.

        1. Hey there! Your questions look interesting, but you replied to the wrong person! 🙂

          I speak up anyway, just a but though. I agree completely that all we’re looking at here is in-group behavior. But at least Christian recognize they are a faith-based community. Feminists truly believe they are scientific when they’re banning people for not agreeing with their narrow views. Its 1000x more dangerous.

          1. lol, my apologies on that. I thought I had clicked on the original post lol.

            I knew something wasn’t right.

            Another difference is that detractors that pull this off are seen as the majority of that group. I’m sure that there are feminists out there that aren’t crazy or part of this thirdwave (Christina Hop Summers, apologies if I screw up the name, is one of them) who have done tremendous good for the community. And there are Christians who have done good as well.

            As I said to a friend of mine “There are assholes in every group, and people cant help but look at them and say “That whole group is made up of assholes”.

            It’s a fault of this generation of ours, we generalize too much. Heck, it’s more notable on the Anti-GG side, we’ve seen that they’ll take troll comments and slap ‘terrorist’ or ‘hater of women’ onto the GGers.

            For the record, I’m neutral on the GG issue. Mainly because I’ve seen what the Anti-GGers do and frankly, i do more harm by not pandering to their insanity and purchasing their crap.

            … Not sure on Mighty No. 9 though… Reason why I probably won’t pick it up is because I don’t think they’ll have a PS3 release (I can’t afford a PS4 atm).

          2. I dunno, I’m just worried about the US becoming a Christian Theocracy. A feminist collectivist state, yes I am worried.

          3. Well, considering how many different religions are in the U.S., I don’t think that’s a problem. Besides, in the last survey, Protestants took the top bill on that. Then again that was taken in 2014, so I don’t know about that.

            Besides, I like to think that since Feminists are finally getting called out on this stuff and facing the consequences of their actions – As in the case with Dina here – there’s a hope that the FCS (feminist collectivist state) won’t happen.

            Hell, there are other feminists that are shooting themselves in the foot, just take a look at Sarah Silverman lying to prove that there was a wage gap.

            So long as common sense, intelligent people, and strong wills remain in this world, I think everything will turn out alright.

        2. I’d be happy to clarify. My examples are just examples of extremism and correlation to modern man-hating cult feminism. Not every feminist, not every Christian, etc.

          So when I asked “force religion into video games?” I was asking if every game should be created to follow the Bible. Every game MUST abide by this or that religion. And anything that isn’t “morally right” must be banned. Or any other religion that isn’t “my religion” must be banned also.

          Considering the outrage of the games Hatred and GTA5, this is a very real issue that is happening, and will escalate if the morality police are left unchecked.

          If a game wants to focus on religion or whatever, that’s fine. There are lots of good games that deal with it. But it wasn’t forced by morality police, and many games often portray them in a bad light. Freedom and speech and all.

          Lastly, again, my example was of an extreme Christian who went overboard (like protesting at military peoples funerals). There are a minority of them out there, and letting them abuse power is regressive. This was a comparison because Dina is an extreme bigot, was given power, and abused it.

          You say this happens in every group, and I agree. They are the loud minority. And I feel they shouldn’t be allowed to “shove their ideology down peoples throats”, I’m glad you don’t.

          Feel free to ask more questions, I’d be happy to answer.

          1. Nah, I’m fine with what ya said. Thanks for clarifying.

            And I agree about Dina, you know what Ben Parker said in the comics. With great power comes great responsibility. Sickens me how people do this with power, even seeing a few people who don’t even have the power and at siphoning power from others.

  20. I’ve been thinking of revisiting the 8-4 Play website since news of Dina now being gone. I literally stopped listening to the 8-4 Play podcast when I heard them try to defend Dina.

    Which sucks, I used to be a fan of 8-4 Play. But yeah, I’m thinking of going back and asking them for a final word, and maybe showing them my scenario involving religion in this comment thread.

    I want to know if their views have changed, and they finally see the toxic person for the hate she spews.

    1. I sincerely doubt it considering how hard Mark MacDonald would white knight for Dina and in fact was just as bad as her on the forum. Before she appointed the hugbox brigade as mods, he was around to arbitrarily lock and delete threads and comments for her.

      1. That’s really a shame. I used to be a huge fan. They worked on one of my top games of last gen, Nier. Which I still recommend everyone still try out.

    2. Please do bud, speak your mind, the truth always comes out in the end, these ideological idiots, demagogues, need to be exposed for what they are, I truly enjoyed your solid logic in this particular thread, Sir.

  21. I don’t understand all the hate for the game itself, I have the Beta an it’s fun as hell, even without the transformations. That being said, good riddance to her. I still can’t believe she was there as long as she was.

  22. $250 backer here. This whole fiasco just disappointed the hell out of me. I was in the room at PAX when they unveiled the game, and I cried like a little bitch when they showed off the concept art. I later got to interview Keiji for a fansite I work for. I was skeptical about Dina since the beginning, but things just got worse as time went on. I don’t know when the game’s coming out, and quite frankly, I don’t care anymore. I just want my fucking plushie.

      1. My admittedly shallow but ultimately satisfying jab at her appearance lasted surprisingly longer than my final How To, but that’s what screen grabs are for! It’s great to see everyone airing out her dirty laundry again- I doubt it will do much to make her capable of reflection as she is quite insane and her Twitter is a broken mirror of wild mood swings, baseless pride, and entreaties for attention from those “above” her on the professional victim circuit, but I’m hoping this experience will spread and render people like her un-hireable in the Japanese industry.

        Dina is deposed, but the real victory lies in the friendships we made in the face of such hostile adversity and I am absolutely honored to have been a part of it. A lot of us had our preconceptions challenged and found that there really is a harmony in diversity, the kind that comes from mutual respect and working together toward a common goal and not screamed about by those using it to mask their own obvious shortcomings. We did this, and we did it together!

  23. You may have some valid points Dina, but you also have moral and maturity issues by cussing at Inafune and whining about not buying his game. No one cares that you won’t buy it. Keep your attention-whoring exaggerations and bias to yourself.

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