Disgraced Gawker Loses Another Sponsor

Disgraced Gawker Loses Another Sponsor

GamerGate has had a rough couple days. A lot of infighting has occurred on Twitter. But, as I pointed out earlier, this is a lot bigger than Twitter…or some Skype chats. Today has seen that play out once again. Gawker has lost yet another sponsor. While not a huge company, every little bit counts. Since I’ve not heard of Scrivener, let’s give them a free promo before I show the email (which is quite good):

Scrivener is a powerful content-generation tool for writers that allows you to concentrate on composing and structuring long and difficult documents. While it gives you complete control of the formatting, its focus is on helping you get to the end of that awkward first draft.”

If you’re in the market for some new writing software, then you should definitely hit these guys up. As they’ve made clear in their email below, they renounce the Gawker culture of bullying. I have the stellar email in my possession, and it’s confirmed legitimate.

No matter how much acrimony is present on social media, the real battle is fought in the email trenches. Things are already starting to smooth over a bit after the couple of days. I’m doing my part to try to ease tensions. However, even if we all hate each other, that’s beside the point. As long as we keep emailing, we will win. Stay the course, block out the bullshit, and push forward. We’re still the most powerful consumer movement of the last 30 years. Don’t ever forget our strength.


UPDATE: Like I said, we are much bigger than just Twitter and Skype lol…


Ethan Ralph

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  • Trance

    very nice

  • Shane Phillips

    Every hit, big or small will be a step on the road to gawker going out of Business, and Denton being ruined, just like he deserves. Every time I come in to news like this my smile grows a bit wider.

  • Silence Dogood


  • Bhil Fitch

    That sounds like a great program for me. Gonna give it a look.

  • Pepper

    The drama is so stupid because you make it about yourself instead of everyone else. Gawker can call victory but they’re still losing sponsors. 😀

  • King of Zeroes

    This is the kind of news we need right now. A reminder that no, the shillcalling will not “rip GamerGate asunder”.

    The gates are open and everything is going to come out into the open. We’re here to stay. Some of us were drawn into this by certain personalities whom we respect. I followed Internet Aristocrat into the fray, but I stayed because this is something I feel strongly about. I have ties to this as a Gamer. I feel strongly about the culture war aspect of it. I’m also kind of a dick and watching the media burn gets me ROCK HARD.

    We are not a hive mind. We are not all here for the same reasons. we come as individuals, bringing our own thoughts and feelings to the table.

    We stand united not by our similarities, but in SPITE of our differences. We are each here because we passionately believe in the changes we hope to make. Whatever our reasons, they’re not important.

    We’re here now. And we’re not going anywhere. Fuck you, Biddle. Fuck. You.

  • m0r1arty

    Why don’t Gawker just adopt an ethics policy and stick to it?

    • I Art Laughing

      They have an ethics policy. Do SJW and scream at anyone who doesn’t like what they are doing. Call anyone who disagrees a “harasser”.

    • chris perez

      Gawker is nothing but tabloid journalism that makes the Enquirer look like bastions of decency and ethics. They promote double standards without shame (posting Hulk Hogan’s sex video and refusing to take it down while condemning the release of stolen nudes of Jennifer Lawrence) and giving platforms to idiots like Kuchera and Kluwe who are nothing more than idiots with an opinion. They have no interest in being ethical because if they were they would have to stop running the majority of the stories on their multiple sites. Gawker needs to go down in flames and I for one hope to one day see it happen.

    • animemaster

      There business model cannot ethically exist. They literally purchase stolen property to publish as click bait. We must kill the gawker.

    • Nunav Yorkunsern

      That’s like asking why longtime rival street gangs or competing organized crime entities don’t adopt a “good neighbor” policy and stick to it (although Gangbangers and Mafiosos have a far better grasp of ethics than Gawker).

      • m0r1arty

        But, as you say, the gangs adhere to it or a bit at least…

  • Chicago_Joe_GG

    Perfect timing on this, exactly what we needed to boost morale. This proves that what we are doing is right (as if we needed proof of that) and that the rest of the world outside of the media and their SJW shill fuckbois agree with us.

  • vivianjames

    I just woke up to this and I’m feeling good.

  • Mark Samenfink
  • I Art Laughing

    THEY are going to fracture. THEY will form the circular firing squad. #Gamergate has nothing to lose, we don’t have big fat juicy multimedia companies to protect. We don’t have our lives dependent on sponsorships and cronyism. We’re hard targets compared to these bloated monstrosities.

    • ArsenicSundae

      We do have one thing to lose: the artistic autonomy of the men and women who make our games. If our opponents win, the lies and threats we are being subjected to will be turned upon those developers who’s vision doesn’t match that of the great cultural crusade. WE could lose a lot and THIS is what keeps me returning to the trenches.

  • ArsenicSundae

    Ah, this was a nice piece of news to come home to. I think we all needed a bit of a morale boost. By the way, I think this new, slightly more introspective Ralph, is a good change. I’m liking the sense of stability it seems to be bringing.

  • the red army

    Ralph, Liana is dropping your name all over on the most recent David Pakman interview.

    • Nick_Soapdish

      Hopefully she drops the site name so Ralph gets more hits.

      • Right. I really don’t even care. I was thrilled when she mentioned the site. I was happy when Destructoid trashed me the other day. I don’t give a fuck. If Pakman has me on, I’ll talk about it. But she’s getting old. I have bigger fish to fry.

        • Nick_Soapdish

          Shit, I didn’t know Destructoid trashed you. That’s great.
          They’re all giving you the Leigh Alexander effect/bump.

    • Yea, I saw that. Pakman is apparently not gonna have me on lol. I’ve called him out on Twitter and am prepared to do the show. So, we’ll see.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Regardless of size, Gawker needs to be finished off. Once and for all. Make Biddle regret the encouragement of bullying that ripped them apart!

    • Eagleeye595

      Completely agree with you, i want to see em bankrupt if possible. I would donate a kidney for that.

  • Niwjere
  • Red Lagoon

    Interesting. The movement moves despise the drama shills are trying to generate. I had been sending some emails while everyone where still talking about useless things. Keep us informed man!!! Never forget, GG have no First or Second. We gamers are the First and Second and also Last!!!

  • Reggie Anderson

    I can corroborate Scrivener as being a worthwhile tool for any aspiring writer. I’ve been using it for keeping a script managed for a few projects for some clients and it is certainly a good tool once you get the handle on how it works. (p.s. follow the tutorials that come with it. You will be grateful you have done so.)

  • Guest

    Oh you guys. LOL

    “Literature & Latte is most certainly not aligned with GamerGate in any way, and we have been somewhat caught off-guard. To be honest, I hadn’t even heard of GamerGate until a few hours ago. We have, unfortunately, been rather naive. We received several emails complaining about our involvement in promoting Scrivener through a particular company of which GamerGate disapproves. We were entirely unaware of GamerGate and its associations, and the emails we received provided links purporting to prove sexist and bullying behaviour on the part of said company. As our company is – naturally – against bullying and sexism of all kinds, the person on our team who responded to those emails said that we would refuse further marketing approaches, unfortunately before researching the matter further. That is the entire extent of our involvement. Had our member of staff been aware of GamerGate and the harassment with which it has become associated, our response would have been much more circumspect. We were certainly most surprised to see our reply to a user’s email posted on social media as if we were endorsing GamerGate – we were not.
    Literature and Latte is committed to equal opportunities (our company itself comprises an equal number of men and women across all positions on the team). Bullying and harassment, whether online or off, is abhorrent and Literature & Latte does not tolerate such behaviour in any form.
    We would like to apologise unreservedly for any offence we have caused in our naive and un-researched responses.”


    • Nin

      Sounds like pure PR talk which is understandable. As long as they don’t start advertising on Gawker again, I don’t care.

      In any case, this writing program seems really cool. Universities need to advertise this thing, damn research papers.

    • Niwjere

      “and the harassment with which it has become associated”

      Note that nowhere is there any accusation, or even an implication of guilt. Outside groups have forcibly associated GamerGate with harassment through rote and repetition. We don’t condone this.

      Also, literally no one has claimed that they “endorse GamerGate”. They pulled ads because they don’t support bullying or sexism, and Gawker has promoted and perpetrated both. End relevance. Intel didn’t “endorse” us either.

    • Sarn

      Seems you just copypastad what was written here: http://www.literatureandlatte.com/blog/?p=458

      As mentioned in their post however, they never actually advertized on Gawker so the only one the lose something here is Scrivener. Regardless of what the company believes about gamergate, this does not negate that Gawker is a sexist unscrupulous and dare I say borderline criminal company?

      Thing is, I know why this happened. Do you guys know where small companies and others fetch their information? They get t from Wikipedia… or at best from some “journalist sites”. That is how silly these companies are — they don’t actually do actual research.

  • Swinny UK

    I took a break from GG for a week, come back, and there’s all this talk of infighting? What?!!? What’s going on?

    • Oto

      “What’s going on?”


  • Bill

    Twitter is like everyone standing in a giant room screaming at each other. I don’t use twitter but I have been following GG and I support the effort.

    When I saw game publications online attacking gamers I was so angry and I still am. As gamers many of us have been mocked by the cool kids all of our lives. Now the cool kids have jobs in the gaming press, and they still hate us. All they want from us is what they have always wanted. They want us to give them our money, then shut up and go away. Not this time.

    So ignore all of the random weirdness of twitter and focus on sending the message that gamers are not going to be shamed into walking away from the hobby and industry we have helped to grow. I have been gaming since the Atari 2600 (yes I’m getting old) but I don’t want to see gaming turned into a bland, focus group tested wasteland of mediocrity.

    I know gamers are great people as a whole the culture doesn’t hate anyone. Two of my favorite women in videogames are Kiki Wolfkill and Bonnie Ross of 343 Industries. If anything proves gamers are not against women in the game industry, it’s the careers of these two women.

    Anyway, again, keep up the good work, ignore the drama and be a focused consumer movement. I’ll do what I can to help.

  • Miss Liberty


  • trudatness

    damn brother 250 mil views #GamerGate lives like a motherfucker

  • Shit Lord

    We need to bring Gawker down by any legal means possible. That site needs to die.

  • realgamer07

    Until Gawker burns to the fucking grown we’re gonna keep fighting

  • A Real Libertarian

    They released a statement distancing themselves from GamerGate.

    • dinodoc

      I’m pretty sure the only relevant issue here is advertising on Gawker.

  • Sarn

    Actually, Scrivener is relevant to my interests. If I hadn’t read this article I likely wouldn’t have ever heard about it. Thanks Ralph!

  • Faggory Daggory Doo!

    feeling good #GG