We’ve talked a little bit about the YouTube personality known as Boogie2988 (aka Francis) here on the site. I actually apologized to the guy for doubting his loyalties towards our GamerGate movement. I’m happy to say that he’s one of the nicest people I’ve met over the last couple months. Even when I briefly went on the attack against him, he still wanted to hear me out, and discuss things. There aren’t many people like that, folks. I’m not like that. If someone goes at me the way I went at him, I’m probably not going to be interested in hearing them out. But, that’s just the way Boogie is. He’s always looking for the common ground.

The hivemind at NeoGAF just can’t handle such a figure. They spent weeks trying to beat him into submission. When he got doxxed, there were immediately people on the board who tried to minimize that heinous invasion of privacy. Boogie refused to take the bait, and continued to practice his twin policies of non-aggression and understanding. The man simply refuses to be rattled.

Today, the banhammer finally came down. Boogie was setting too good of an example for our movement, so Tyler and his thugs had to make him disappear. This is of course the SJW Way that we talk about all the time. They always have some trumped up justifications, though. Here’s the bogus explanation they gave Boogie for his ban:

Your time at NeoGAF has been spent consistently apologizing for — and disingenuously ignoring the actions of — a movement of harassment and hate, while diverting as much attention as possible away from the issues at hand and toward yourself. You are not the victim here for being thought less of in your tacit support of disgusting and illegal behavior.

Individuals standing up for victims continue to receive thousands of hate messages and death threats, and a third member of the video game industry is forced out of her home and into hiding. People you claim are your friends are leaving social media behind in the wake of mass harassment by the movement you are championing. These are your people. This is your movement. 

As you’ve also expressed a strong desire to leave NeoGAF but continue to participate, you’ll now have some more free time to reflect on your decisions of the past several weeks.  

-NeoGAF Administration

Just more sickening lies and half-truths from Mr. Malka, who I bet you wrote this bullshit himself. He hates GamerGate, because we’ve exposed some of the troublesome skeletons in his closet. He hates Boogie because no matter what he threw at him, he couldn’t shake him. Let’s follow the big man’s example, and not let these bastards put us on tilt. We’ll take some hits, sure. But, if we keep our heads, there’s nothing they can throw at us that we can’t beat back.

    1. It’s obvious that he was targeted because they can’t pin the usual crap on him that they fling against GamerGaters. He’s never said or posted anything misogynistic, sexist, homophobic, or racist, and often calls out people in gaming who are. He’s a disabled person that grew up poor and abused, so they can’t play the “privileged” card against him. Since he’s disabled, anti-GG can’t talk shit about him without looking like their bullying a handicapped person (which is why they don’t go after Hotwheels, even though he runs 8chan, which is TOO EXXXTEME FOR 4CHAN!)

      1. It’s a terrible shame but all it does is expose just how many fucks they give for well mannered gamers.

        Too bad Brianna has wilfully put Hotwheels in the spotlight as an “extremist”. I hope MSNBC are suitably embarassed. Particularly after Sargon of Akkad’s response on Youtube.

        1. No “average person” is going to see the Sargon video, no “average person” will ever know how pathetic MSNBC’s actions were here, and thus MSNBC does not care in the slightest. I think your hope for them to be embarrassed is in vane.

          By all means though, let’s keep trying to get the word out and do what we can. I’m not advocating apathy. Just realism I guess.

      2. I recently spoke to a game programmer friend who was intentionally ignoring GamerGate based solely on what he’d read about it on NeoGAF.

        Once I explained the blatant corruption in the game industry, he immediately understood how it negatively affects us developers.

        Most people only really go to NeoGAF because it has the latest
        gaming news, otherwise Malka would have zero pull. NeoGAF lures people with the latest news, while at the same time mixing defamation and bias into their posts. It’s not much different from mainstream media corruption.

        I’m curious to know how NeoGAF developed into such a site.

  1. We are with you Boogie Don’t let them get to you. You’re a bloody better and stronger man than I’ll ever be.


  2. I’m surprised it took this long.

    I mean NeoGAF and Boogie go together like vampires and sunlight.

  3. Poor Francis, such a genuinely nice and sweet person being hounded and attacked – and doxxed, because that’s the #1 weapon for SJW assholes – and finally banned. His Twitter feed is equally depressing because he has started to doubt himself and actually believe that he may have been to blame, that he’s bigoted and mean and needs to “grow as a person”

    Tyler…. what a detestable piece of work you are.

    1. That’s the worst of it to me. The dude did NOTHING wrong.

      If anything, it seemed to me like he’d been intimidated into leaning a little more toward the anti side than pro, inasmuch as he seemed to have a habit of foisting responsibility for all manner of anonymous trolling on GamerGate whenever he’d speak out to denounce it. Mostly he was pretty neutral about GamerGate itself though. He certainly never said anything that would suggest that his interest in GamerGate was anything more or less than our shared concern about the lack of ethics in video game journalism.

      So…yeah, seeing the dude beat himself up and question himself was fuckin’ rough. That he was banned was not a Boogie problem. It’s GAF’s loss, and if they want to sit around and have a circle jerk about how progressive they are without Boogie, even as Tyler Malka remains a horrid, sexist shithead, then he got the better end of the deal by far.

  4. Meanwhile, Tyler Malka bragged about sexually harassing women, and no one from the anti side is calling him out or asking him to step down from NeoGAF.

    This is my surprised face: 8^{

    1. Time and again, the corrupt cabal has shown that the only people who truly hate women are they themselves. That’s why they act like they know what’s best for women. That’s why they constantly try to misdirect their misdeeds towards other groups.

      The sad thing is most people take everything at face value and believe them.

    2. What’s really funny is they don’t realise that this is like inner city women defending a ganger. Malka isn’t a milquetoast like these other weenie SJW males, he’s got no guilt and no damn shame. They don’t see how if the industry flipped overnight he would be the first to turn on them. He’s just one plain nasty creepy sonuvabitch who lucked out in getting a position of power he could abuse at his whim. He’ll go from patting them on the shoulder to groping and slapping them like that woman on his vacation as soon as the climate shifts to allow him to do so. Expect him to try and join #gg once it begins securing more major victories. This is the one and only time we should collude with the journos, if opportunity presents itself to show them he is a craven opportunist and block him off from both sides and kill Neogaf dead. I don’t doubt many of them believe that he has taken the kool-aid and ‘gotten over his past indiscretions’

  5. Boogie is one of the sweetest, dorkiest, funniest guys on the internet. I have always appreciated his ability to think the best of people, to look for common ground and ways to cooperate, yet not sacrifice who he is in the name of ‘consensus’. I think my only issue with him would be what I see as a kind of naivete’ towards others. It’s just not in his nature to imagine that others would be underhanded, manipulative and generally deceitful in their dealings with others.

    It’s a small flaw, compared to most of us. Sadly though, I think it’s worked against him even more than it normally would in #Gamergate. 🙁

    As a (long) aside, when he was first pushed out of active #Gamergate campaigning-


    I was actually moved to tears. Things like that and what happened to Steve Tom Sawyer-


    Are really the only kinds of things that get me furious in our fight against the Gaming Morality Force. All of their rhetoric just washes over me like water on a Seal’s back. But these things? They bring the human cost of what the GMF is doing, home on a personal level.

    After Boogie’s first incident, I was going through a Destructoid article and saw a commenter dismiss everything that had happend as a ‘conspiracy’, meaning of course, utter nonsense. The dichotomy between what I was reading from this pompous, arrogant person, clashed immediately with the emotional impact of what happened to Boogie and I couldn’t NOT respond to it.

    So I wrote a small essay. It was deleted in less than 10 minutes. I posted it again, it was gone in 5. But, I’ll put it up here as a reminder that these kinds of emotional events should not cause us to rage in foolish ways, but to *channel* that anger into productive ends. (It was written a number of weeks ago, so it might seem a tad ‘dated’, but it’s pretty much just as relevant now. Keep in mind the aggressive tone was directed at a dismissive poster on that Destructoid article. Also, it’s useful in that Gamergate has been going on so long that we can potentially forget what has gone before…)

    ‘conspiracy’. There *isn’t* one you say? Huh. Well then you should talk to these people-

    “”So yeah. Over on The Twitters we (as in yours truly, +Ian Miles Cheong, +Brendan Keogh, +Rowan Kaiser, +Mattie Brice and +Annie Dennisdóttir Wright) started discussing our various attempts to undermine the heteronormative hegemony. And now we continue it where we don’t have wordcaps.”

    This is from a group of Academics in Gaming at a DiGRA conference this year. Some worthy internet detectives were able to grab most of the documents before they were deleted.

    http://pastebin.com/LAmZNVKn (there’s their analysis)

    Now. Notice what they say. What’s that one particular word? It describes a certain kind of action, a… way of going about things. OH YES!


    Not, ‘reason with’. Not, ‘engage in calm, civil dialogue’. Undermine.

    Oh, but that’s just an offhand comment! You can’t take that and turn it into a CONSPIRACY! O.o Oh, no, that just won’t do!
    Well how about this one-

    “Adrienne: Why do we see such tension between academics and game designers? less of an issue with indies, but there are always some people in industry that have similar questions until industrial logic takes over later and how can we better intervene in industrial logics to disturb that process. How can academics bridge the gap to the industry audience to help them do different work? How can we disrupt the capitalist norms that facilitate this?”

    Now, this is in Academicese, which sometimes follows the law of- “If you want to do something Evil, hide it in something BORING.”

    But let’s look at that last line- “How can we disrupt the capitalist norms that facilitate this?” Translation- They want to find ways to change the gaming business from capitalist, to a more socialist/marxist model. And that word ‘disrupt’ in this context that’s a pretty aggressive word.

    Oh wait, there’s more!

    Here’s an entire conference- http://pastebin.com/X46rkJJu
    If you can translate the obfuscating language, it’s chilling.

    Okay, I’m almost done. Let’s look at some practical application of all this academic work they’ve done, shall we? I mean, that stuff is *hard* and we’ve been working so long! Let’s get out there, *put* this study into practice and see how it works!

    So, Zoya Street, one of the people at that conference did exactly that-


    And we end up with a Hit-Piece on Totalbiscuit!

    Now, why Totalbiscuit do you ask? Well I’ll tell you, because he made a calm, reasoned request for rational dialogue!


    The Developer Paul Hubens tried as well, and got a nice dose of FU from the SJW’s. And what about Boogie2988? One of the Sweetest, most loveable, wonderfully dorky internet guys out there?

    He tried to do the same thing as Totalbiscuit, but went even *farther*, he made a Change.org group-


    However, there was just ONE teeny-weeny problem. Just ONE little thing that he had to do, before he would be accepted back by The Gaming Morality Force. They made it clear-


    He had to remove his association with #Gamergate and #notyourshield. That’s it. That’s all and these people would be his ‘friends’ again. You can deny it all you want, but this sweet guy, who only wanted people to get along & enjoy gaming? He. Is. Scared.

    And that infuriates me. Because for nearly a month, thousands and thousands of ordinary people have worked so hard to uncover the lies of a few, who have smeared an ENTIRE ENTHUSIAST CULTURE. REPEATEDLY. To *hide* their OWN wrongdoing.

    But let’s let a man who has far more experience with the ‘Gaming Industry’ end this speech for us, shall we? A man with 20 years of experience in the field. Mr. Brad Wardell-


    Please tell me there is no conspiracy again. Please. Because this, is only the Freeware version.

    1. “She saw herself as a victim of her gender. She despised femininity, saw it as a weakness, and would actively attack it. She also took steps to censor, monitor and control the books and television to which I had access. ”

      This is the real problem, and it’s exactly what anti-GG (ie. mainstream media, corrupt game industry cabal, etc) are pushing – that being feminine is “misogynistic”.

      It’s beyond ridiculous. There’s nothing wrong with feminity.

  6. I’ve never seen a moderation staff as shit sucking circle jerk as neogaf’s. They regularly ban people for opinions they don’t agree with under the guise of righteous intent. They just just change their tag to “believe, what we tell you to or else.”

    1. I’ve never seen a moderation staff that permanently bans entire ISPs (and probably countries) for no reason and takes over a year to approve accounts.

      There are a ton of sites on the net that are vastly superior to NeoGAF. So then, why do people visit NeoGAF in particular? Because it has content that attracts people.

      Now, how did NeoGAF become a site with exclusive attractive content, moreso than other sites? And what are the ulterior motives of those responsible for doing this?

      1. They rub elbows with game developers. It was supposed to be sort of…well like a professional nexus between gamer and dev, I guess?

        It’s neither, of course. Strange is the time where the discussions are actually smart. Some have the visage of being deep, but they’re just as shallow and you have to dig hard to find nuggets of wisdom from the few wise people.

  7. This is a fortuitous turn of events. Boogie is likely the calmest, most moderate, most reasonable voice in gaming today. To discover he’s been given a lifetime ban by NeoGaf will really solidify in peoples’ minds, just the kind of goosestepping, totalitarian swine, standing in opposition to #gamergate and the gaming community.

    Thanks for taking one for the team, bud. Gamers are with you.

  8. NeoGAF is a cesspool of ignorant rubbish. They may have the latest news, but they can’t get basic facts straight. That’s what happens when you ban everyone.

    My entire ISP was permanently banned from NeoGAF around a decade ago, with the reason “bye”. Exactly what I’d expect from the same kind of people who preach “free speech”.

  9. Boogie is a fucking care-machine. NeoGAF will be begging to get him back when they crawl out from the ruins. Go Boogie!

  10. I posted in a NeoGaf article suggesting not to engage in the thread or you’d be banned.

    Lo and behold. Boogie had a losing battle. You don’t go to the wolf’s den with your heart on your sleeve and unprepared. Boogie went in fully trusting people’s inherent goodness and look at what he got for all his trouble.

    Notice the condescension in the message. Notice how ingrained they are in their narrative. There’s nothing to look for at NeoGaf. They’ve drawn their line in the sand. Best to let go and move on.

    NeoGaf is not a place to express ideas. They’re too insular for that.

  11. In all honesty Boogie is better off not wasting his time trying to convince indoctrinated idiots who just mistreat anyone who tries to educate them about how stupid they are (aka 90% of NeoGaf)

  12. At one time, neoGAF was a great site, but in the last few years it has become absolutely intolerable. It is just about the single most pass-aggressive place on the internet. There’s constant faux-outrage and indignation, demanding apologies for the most minor “micro-aggressions”…what is left is a sickening tableau of corporate cheerleading.

    I can recall going there a few times, just to lurk, and becoming furious just reading a page or two about topics I cared about. It’s a shithole filled with ACTUAL losers, the kind who hate everybody who raises their hand.

  13. Important to note: Boogie was never a GGer. And they STILL banned him, because he was not an out-and-out crazy anti-GGer. That is the scary part.

  14. Boogie2988 is a closet racist/homophobe liberal democrat. This man child has never held a real job in his life.

  15. “But, that’s just the way Boogie is. He’s always looking for the common ground.” – And the fridge.

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