We’ve talked a little bit about the YouTube personality known as Boogie2988 (aka Francis) here on the site. I actually apologized to the guy for doubting his loyalties towards our GamerGate movement. I’m happy to say that he’s one of the nicest people I’ve met over the last couple months. Even when I briefly went on the attack against him, he still wanted to hear me out, and discuss things. There aren’t many people like that, folks. I’m not like that. If someone goes at me the way I went at him, I’m probably not going to be interested in hearing them out. But, that’s just the way Boogie is. He’s always looking for the common ground.

The hivemind at NeoGAF just can’t handle such a figure. They spent weeks trying to beat him into submission. When he got doxxed, there were immediately people on the board who tried to minimize that heinous invasion of privacy. Boogie refused to take the bait, and continued to practice his twin policies of non-aggression and understanding. The man simply refuses to be rattled.

Today, the banhammer finally came down. Boogie was setting too good of an example for our movement, so Tyler and his thugs had to make him disappear. This is of course the SJW Way that we talk about all the time. They always have some trumped up justifications, though. Here’s the bogus explanation they gave Boogie for his ban:

Your time at NeoGAF has been spent consistently apologizing for — and disingenuously ignoring the actions of — a movement of harassment and hate, while diverting as much attention as possible away from the issues at hand and toward yourself. You are not the victim here for being thought less of in your tacit support of disgusting and illegal behavior.

Individuals standing up for victims continue to receive thousands of hate messages and death threats, and a third member of the video game industry is forced out of her home and into hiding. People you claim are your friends are leaving social media behind in the wake of mass harassment by the movement you are championing. These are your people. This is your movement. 

As you’ve also expressed a strong desire to leave NeoGAF but continue to participate, you’ll now have some more free time to reflect on your decisions of the past several weeks.  

-NeoGAF Administration

Just more sickening lies and half-truths from Mr. Malka, who I bet you wrote this bullshit himself. He hates GamerGate, because we’ve exposed some of the troublesome skeletons in his closet. He hates Boogie because no matter what he threw at him, he couldn’t shake him. Let’s follow the big man’s example, and not let these bastards put us on tilt. We’ll take some hits, sure. But, if we keep our heads, there’s nothing they can throw at us that we can’t beat back.