Donna Brazile is a hack. Today, it was revealed that not only did she leak one question to Hillary Clinton’s team in advance of a debate…she also leaked at least one more. This forced CNN to come out and say that Ms. Brazile had resigned from the network back on October 14th. We can all ask ourselves why it took this long for them to inform the public that one of their high-profile contributors had stepped down in the wake of unethical behavior, but I think the answer is pretty fucking obvious. Donna is a liberal, CNN is a joke, and that’s just the way it goes for those on the left.

But at least CNN said something…finally.


Imagine if Corey Lewandowski got caught feeding debate questions to his former emplyer, Donald Trump? There would be a media feeding frenzy from the get-go. With Brazile and Democrats, it takes them getting caught red-handed TWICE before CNN will even announce the resignation. It’s shameful.

But you know what is even more shameful? The Democratic Party itself. Donna Brazile is the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, which makes her the head of the party. She’s now been caught conspiring with Hillary Clinton to cheat Bernie Sanders not once, but TWICE. Their entire primary process was a sham…and this is only the latest evidence on that score. There’s a ton of other shit that proves it, just search this very site for a primer.

How can any self-respecting Bernie supporter still vote for Crooked Hillary in light of all this?