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Maddy Myers VS Mercedes Carrera Part 2 of 2


As you may remember, on part one of this series, we reviewed GamerGate radfem Maddy MadChihuahuaBitch Myers, who claimed men who like the bouncing boobs in TECMO’s Dead OR Alive game series are “lonely & depressed” yes, according to Myers’ radfem “logic”, just because males like beautiful bouncing boobs, they are supposed to be “lonely & depressed”. Then, out of the blue, she jumped to claiming all those male gamers that have never ever met her, hated her personally.

Remember? That is how anti GamerGate radfems “feel” their broken imaginary sexualities through those female game characters, which is a common delusional narrative among anti GamerGate radfems like Anita Sarkeesian or Eliza Chavez, they try to force society and reality to conform to their delusions by publicly uttering retarded jewels like this,

Eliza chavez I am a videogame character


No, Elisa was not joking, she is that delusional. Now, as you may have noticed we are talking about delusional women with very poor mental health, who are, at the same time, shielded by the imaginary intellectual immunity of their religion: Feminism.

Also, you may have noticed these radical feminists are godawful-boil-in-the-ass-ugly which explains why they are so desperate to seek shelter in an imaginary character that is in orders of magnitude more attractive than themselves.

If you ever dare touch or sexualize the avatars used by feminists, they usually freak out and attack people like pink chihuahuas from hell and nobody is safe; not even male feminists, same thing happened to Joss Whedon when he committed the heresy of neutering an imaginary female character: Black Widow. Next thing he knew, he was receiving streams of death threats from his ex-fans, who, not surprisingly were godawful-boil-in-the-ass-ugly  radfems as well. See the pattern?

Ugly, sexually broken radfems trying to live through attractive female game characters.


You can’t make this kind of shit up, only feminists and creationists can get this double-espresso retarded and delusional in one sitting.

The reality is that radfems are jealous of female videogames and the female sexual perfection they represent, along with the visual and sexual pleasure male gamers obtain from those characters when they masturbate to them, simply because feminists cannot impose any rules or limit access to that artificial sexuality the way they would do in a relationship if they EVER had attractive bodies, but since most radfems are uglier than Satan’s fiery-hairy hemorrhoids, they can only hate those characters, the men who like them and the videogame industry as a whole.

Hence why radfems don’t even bother to purchase the game before boycotting it. It is pure logarithmic sexual jealousy what drives radfems to hate sexually attractive female videogame characters. Just imagine you gave those radfems absolute legal power, they would force men to pay a tax per ejaculation, now, in that hypothetical legal context, why would anybody try to limit men’s access to their own orgasms? Simple, radfems are usually sexually broken and struggle to attain one orgasm a year (at most), if you were anorgasmic and ugly as Satan’s hemorrhoids you would also hate sexy game characters and the men who have all those orgasms you will never have.

It is not “penis envy” is orgasm envy what moves feminists to hate male sexuality and the products to satisfy it. They hate male orgams because they don’t even have any of the female ones. Plus being as ugly as donkey fuck does not help radfems one bit.

But let’s just address the crux of the matter,


Is there a universal criteria of beauty to determine these ugly radfems are universally ugly? 

The answer is YES and we are about to see why.

As we saw at the end of part one, the first thing that we can use is to determine universal female beauty is the criteria of facial symmetry. Otherwise referred as the “Marquardt Beauty Mask” or the “golden ratio mask“, watch the video below if you don’t remember but in a nutshell, women whose faces match the template below tend to be considered universally beautiful by the vast majority of human brains on earth regardless of culture.




So, it is clear the template above can make ugly people look falsely beautiful with photoshop, but what if we applied the template to the faces of already beautiful women? Not the ones that go for surgery but the ones that are born naturally beautiful?

Well, guess what? More than 90% of the lines on the template match the faces of naturally attractive women (more than 90% is a “pass“), but ugly feminists? They just fail over and over because they are uneven and asymmetrical as fuck in their godawful-boil-in-the-ass-ugly faces (I am looking at you Maddy Myers).

Yes, feminism makes genetically born ugly women even uglier, don’t believe me? Here’s some proof, first the beauties then the beasts,



For the mask to work, the person in the photo has to be facing the camera as directly as possible, no tilt, no angle, no retouching. Problem is, image retouching is common among radfems out of their morbidly obese narcissism, so, to avoid false mask results, the pictures suspect of retouching  were cross referenced with a screenshot from an untouched video feed (on the left).

Let’s first compare the template with Libertarian Lauren Southern’s face (her studio photo looked retouched but the control screenshot from this untouched videofeed confirmed her appearance and yes Lauren scores very high…see? I told you about those highly evolved crafty little fuckers and their 150K blond hairs…)



Now, in the case of Mercedes Carrera, she scored almost as high as Lauren Souther, the only difference is that there appears to be a slight deviation in the direction of her right eye but is so slight that may not even qualify as strabismus (her studio photo looked retouched but this screenshot from this untouched video feed appears consistent with her very fuckable cinnamon physical appearance)




Remember Maddy Myers the one that claimed to be an expert in better boobs? Well I could not find a single front facing picture of hers to apply the mask to but her body? We will go back to that soon. Now the mask can be used with other well-known radfems who suffer in the aesthetics department, for instance, Milo’s favorite nutjob Shanley “Cocaine” Kane failed miserably, as her deformed chin appears to be ~15-20% smaller than the template or even for humankind as a whole.

The deformed jaw line makes her look like a malformed child, perhaps due to birth defects, possible untreated overbite or just plain inbreeding, to top it off, her upper cranium widens like an unholy malformed hallucinogenic mushroom. The screenshot from her untouched video feed suggests she may have altered her profile picture to look slightly less deformed. Didn’t work.

Shanley AUREA


Holy fuck, if Shanley was an unholy mushroom-headed coke-addled rad-goblin now we have to enter the radfem crystal pork lands; Randi Harper is a textbook example of a narcissistic feminist who altered her profile picture so much, it barely resembles her, in fact, it was modified so extensively to hide her morbid obesity, she looks like another person, she even overexposed it to hide her flat pig nose.

Needless to say, the template will not work with such a heavily doctored picture. However, upon finding this untouched videofeed, the reality is much worse, as her actual nose truly resembles that of a rabid, triquinosis-ridden boar from the forests of Chernobyl (an apology to pigs) which combined with her overweight must really be the stuff of nightmares when she stuffs her face.



Update: This is Randi in 2015 at the UN fiasco.

(the video feed is from 2011)




Well, just like a scorpion stinging the back of the frog while crossing the river, Randi can’t escape her nature, her body is the frog, her scorpion sting is her… own…shall we say, “habits”…










Granted, the aurea mask gives us an objective way to measure symmetrical facial beauty in females, but how about the body? Unlike subjective feminism, the porn industry is brutally objective, if both your body and mind are fuckable you get a job. Feminists need not apply.

Porn is the land of the sexual Sparta and sexual Sparta is for sexual Olympians only; porn actors and actresses have above average looks and livido because they are exactly that above average sexual olympians.

For that reason Porn will mercilessly kick ugly women &godawful-boil-in-the-ass-ugly feminists in the boobs until they fall into a pit of bottomless indifference; feminists would starve to death in the porn industry, they are just too fucking ugly both on the outside and inside their radical reptilian heads.

The average feminist with her lackluster looks and toxic personality would not even get an audition for porn, not even for as a fluffer for blind black male actors. But how about sexually attractive and charismatic women? Those get plenty of work.

Want proof? Look at how much work Mercedes Carrera gets, she is busy and constantly travelling because she is a pleasure to work with and that good reputation results in even more work, despite the fact that, in the porn scale, she ranks ~8 or 8.5 but not a 10.

Surprised she is NOT ranked as a 10? That is how things work in the lands of Porn Sparta, because the porn industry is the most brutally honest indicator of female beauty and as a result, ugly women get the least or nearly zero work in porn. They are judged on their looks alone THEN on their sexual personality.

Which brings us to the second most important factor in porn; besides being fuckable, it takes social skills and interpersonal talent to get work in porn, it takes emotional maturity to accept rejection and criticism from producers and fans.

Being fuckable only won’t cut it; it does not matter how sexually attractive and fuckable a number 10 woman looks, if she behaves like a toxic feminist bitch, she won’t get much work and the porn producer will instead call a much nicer girl because, there plenty of them and there is a ferocious amount of competition in the industry.

As a result, a toxic number 10 won’t get any work & will end up only posing for nude photos with a fake smile before the photographer fires her (like it happened to toxic radfem Zoe Quinn, but obviously none of that was her fault)

Lack of intellectual honesty and accountability is the second reason why feminists like Maddy Myers would most likely never get a job in porn, her personality is so shitty that nothing is ever her fault, not even what she says online.

Hence why feminists hate porn actresses, they are the embodiment of everything a feminist cannot be. Think about it, if you were a deformed mutated and ugly female rhino, you would also hate all pretty unicorns with the passion. You’d also bitch about unicorns endlessly.

That very bitchy behavior results in feminists calling porn actresses, talented, successful and attractive women like Mercedes “fakes” or just “whores

See, those are two common fatal flaws among feminists whenever they impulsively spew their radical bile about porn actresses, it is the result of speaking by radical inertia not forethought.

One: Mercedes is known to have sex with fans who pay her fees and also pass all required STD tests, so, her services are far from “fake” and logarithmically more satisfying than the mediocre “free” sex feminists may offer once a month (for the daily hefty price of dying a little every day having to live with them).

Two: feminists shoot themselves in the foot when they complain and say that,

“men reduce women to their sexual value by calling them ‘whores’ ”

Which is bullshit because ugly women are the first ones to call more attractive women “whores” especially feminists, who do not hesitate to reduce other women more successful & attractive than them to their sexual value by calling them, you guessed it,


Logically, a feminist would complain about that last statement, since they have two categories of whores “right kind of feminist whores” usually found during slutwalks and all the other non feminist whores who are, “the wrong kind of whores” who happen to be “less equal” than feminists themselves, because, for some fucked up reason, women in porn are “traitors” to feminism.

However, the word traitor is a misnomer, what feminist mean is that porn actresses are atheists to the religion of feminism despite the fact all women are “equal” feminists try to claim that porn actresses do not deserve the respect they give to other “feminist whores”. When you point this contradiction, feminists usually use their favorite get out of jail free card and usually yell,


Intriguing isn’t it? It would be in each feminist best interest to look less retarded but they just keep going in circles. But they do this not because they are all “retarded”, many of them do it for their own agendas almost as if they were constantly displacing a heavy, tubular metal object on fertile ground.


But no, what is in most feminists’ best interest is NOT reasoning, they just want to be right and play the moving goal post as distraction. Especially godawful-boil-in-the-ass-ugly anti GamerGate feminists. For example, remember Maddy Myers the self-proclaimed boob “connoisseur“? The one who said this,


Yeah, Maddy has no authority when it comes to boobs, look at the utter fertile tragedy of Maddy’s tiny, raisin-like sad radfem boobs when compared to Mercedes’ magnificent and lush cinnamon porn buns. If Maddy Myers ever did porn for a living, she would starve to death, look,






Now that Maddy has lost the boob war, let’s add insult to her injury and compare Maddy’s whole body to Mercedes. Let’s start by comparing the 8 head ideal on the left, then the DOA game idealized female then Mercedes’ body.



Because of Mercedes’ semi arched pose, her body appears to be only 7 heads but if she were standing straight she would possibly reach  7.3 to 7.5  heads.



Now, observe how the boob lines and the crotch lines are almost at the same level with the DOA girl and Mercedes and how both Mercedes and the DOA character have longer more attractive legs, lastly look at Mercedes  stilettos shoes, they do not count because the green line is roughly at the level of her heels same applies to the DOA character.

Now that we saw the beauties, let’s talk about the two sad tragedies on the right, by the way, both are not to scale or, in other words both are far shorter but made as tall just to underline their godawful unattractive proportions.

The first beast in the red pants is Maddy Myers’ lame attempt at cosplaying as “Wonderwoman” (another @CultofVivian looney-toon wanna be) which, in her case of utter fertile mediocrity, she is quite a “UnderWoman” on her own repulsive merits.

First let’s look at her dismal sad boobs then notice how they are off and resting incredibly low on her rickety thorax despite her age (most likely, they hang much lower without the cheating training bra, she may even have raisin-like granny boobs) but then we reach the absolute nightmare of her distended stomach still protruding despite the fact she was clearly posing for the photo and intentionally pushing it in, which is the scariest part; she looks pregnant: it is already a tragedy her body exists, just imagine the horror of her reproducing and spawning eggs* with those Coca-cola bottle legs of hers wide-open. Those fat radical legs are a ticking time bomb of morbid obesity, just look at her now, even at her age she barely has ankles.

(*granted, even the fattest ugliest most unattractive lesbian feminists can also get pregnant if they search hard enough for used condoms in a gay bar, but that is material for another article, I hope I never write)

Leaving aside the nightmarish fertile tragedy of Maddy laying eggs, Mercedes wins hands down without even trying when compared to unfuckable radfem beasts like Maddy Underwoman Coca-Cola legs Myers (look at the back of those fat Bostonian legs even the contour is a perfect match for Coca-Cola bottles).

I am truly sorry Mercedes, you deserve a real challenge, but we both know porn wolves like you do not lose any sleep over the existence of inbred radsheep like Maddy Myers.


Notice Maddy Myers perfect back leg Coca-Cola contour match


As you may have noticed, on the images above I neglected to mention the last beast but it already is too late, your eyes have already been scarred for life, the ghastly rad-animal on the left is self-confessed child molester Lenna Dunham.



Remember that the first images were not to scale? Well, Pedo Dunham had the wonderful idea of joining Taylor swift on stage during a concert in New Jersey and well, she provided indisputable photographic evidence of how  feminism and self-complacency can mix with her subpar inbred genetics to yield the true equivalent of an inbred unfuckable female quivering lump of midget troll lard.

(I may be a troll lower than excrement but even I have limits; Dunham’s open crotch is what gives nightmares to Stephen King) Notice how small the difference is between pedo Dunham’s lower body and Maddy Coke-legs Myers now that both are photographed to scale.

Just consider this, even though they are reasonably young and in their sexual “prime” Dunham and Myers are a tragedy to female fertility, just imagine how dire their appearance will get after age 40.

Lastly, remember how we said that moderately longer legs make women more attractive? Look at the longer legs of the models standing next to taylor swift during the NJ concert, despite the high heels, their legs are clearly longer and perhaps the one on the left may reach the 8 head ideal.


What do radfems like Maddy Myers do when reading filthy articles like this out of their unbridled narcissism?

Do they call all the real women featured here “whores“?

Who knows, maybe as a narcissistic frontman, Maddy sings angry Taylor Swift covers? Maybe Maddy hates fellow radfem Taylor Swift too, because, all things considered, Taylor Swift is much worse than all those big-boobed game characters and pornstars combined. Why? Because Taylor Swift represents EVERYTHING Maddy Myers will never be: Attractive and successful.

But Maddy Myers would perhaps also cry then endlessly bitch and moan about this article, make lots of noise and say that objectively comparing her sexual value against that of pornstars is (cue the world’s smallest pink violin)


Which would predictably give the impression Ms Maddy Myers would, like most feminists, be looking for a reason to superficially complain only to get attention, (makes sense, she is so damn ugly she would not get it any other way) almost as if she were a narcissist, oh wait, oh yes I forgot, she is the singer of a band, my bad, lead singers are never prone to narcissism…let me show go to her timeline to show you a picture of her ban…WTF!??



Wew…just when Maddy seemed to be the worst failure of human female fertility with her ghastly chihuahua bitch face, utter tiny and sad boobs (even smaller than Justin Bieber’s) her repulsive distended granny-like abdomen, along with her Coke-bottle legs, and now, Maddy has the gall to display her flat-as-a-block-of-wood radfem ass on stage?! There is no decency left in Boston! What a shameful way to torture her already miserable Bostonian fans…Way to go flat-assed Chihuahua Maddy…

(NOTE: I really, really hope she never reproduces, those poor children would be born under Maddy’s toxic, boobless and assless curse…)

Jokes aside, Maddy Myers herself is a very good example of what feminism has turned women into in the west; narcissists, aesthetically below average, self-entitled delusional and impulsive partial adults who, openly grandstand and demonize not only a simple game with characters far above her looks, but ALL men just because her feminism dictates she requires toxic daily attention.

Just to come full circle, here you have again her original tweets, the ones that started this series, the ones where she cynically wondered if males who prefer game boobs are “sad & depressed



Well, Ms Maddy Myers the answer to your question is simple:

NO, men are not depressed by game boobs or porn,

feminists like you are the reason men stay away from women & prefer game/porn boobs.



Godawful bodies like yours Maddy Myers are the reason men get depressed.

You Coca-Cola-legged, Delusional UnderWoman Radfem.

This is the end of part 2.

Part 2 is the end of this series.

Thank you for reading.

DOAX3 BOYCOTT: Maddy Myers VS Mercedes Carrera Part 2 of 2