It’s easy to assign terrible motives and thoughts to people like #FullMcIntosh. Some of them are obvious, and I call them out myself all the time. His and Anita’s tendency to use the dead to score cheap political points before bodies are even cold would be one example. Their money-grubbing on Kickstarter for propaganda money would be another often-cited qualm with the dynamically devious duo. There’s more, of course, but that’s for another day. Still, I had thought that the man at least loved his country. I disagree with a lot that goes on (like the NSA, drug war, etc, etc) myself, but I still love my fucking country, at the end of the day. That could never change. Lately, I’m beginning to wonder if #FullMcIntosh feels the same way. In fact, it’s starting to look like the man actually idolizes the person who was responsible for the deaths of 2,977 innocent people on September 11, 2001. That’s right. Jonathan McIntosh seems to be a big Osama bin Laden guy.

As you can see here, Richie Rich #FullMcIntosh has a strange soft spot where bin Laden is concerned. It’s hard to understand, since bin Laden helped kill all those innocent people, and all. I certainly hated the motherfucker. I remember 9/11 vividly, and it’s not something that I think was justified. Some make the argument that it was the natural result of our foreign policy, and that’s a (very) fair point.

But, that’s different than thinking that the attacks were somehow justified, and that the man behind it was a hero. What kind of sick fuck thinks that way? I can understand some Third Worlders holding grudges, but McIntosh comes from privilege. He’s wealthy as hell, and benefits greatly from his American citizenship. Why would he have a grudge against his own country?

Well, perhaps #FullMcIntosh himself has given us the answers. Take a look at the testimonial he’s given about how 9/11 changed his worldview. Maybe he decided it was best to leave out the Osama Love, but you can see some undertones of enmity for his own country in the 2003 declaration:

“I was visiting Jersey City, New Jersey on September 11, 2001. I saw a jumbo jet slam into the World Trade Center. I walked down to the Hudson, eight blocks away, and stared gaping as both towers crumbled before my eyes. From that moment on, I started asking why. I started questioning everything. I started reading desperately seeking answers to explain why the world had suddenly gone crazy that morning. I couldn’t seem to find the answers I was looking for in the usual places, so I looked abroad to the press from Britain, France and the Middle East. My own personal Pandora’s box opened. Soon I found myself buried beneath a small mountain of books and articles by Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, Edward Said, Arundhati Roy, Howard Zinn, Robert Fisk, Michael Albert, Gregory Palast, Kalle Lans, and Eric Schlosser. Having been brought up immersed in the doctrine of the ultra-conservative Christian Right, as I gained some inkling of the atrocities and injustice being carried out in my name across the globe, I was shocked. I felt betrayed by not just my government but by the media, my education and my family. I had been systematically misinformed, deceived and lied to all my life. So as someone born and raised in the United States of America I decided to make some changes. Today, two years later, I am an activist, a jammer, a vegetarian, a dissident detective, an info warrior, and a guerrilla artist. I ride a bicycle everywhere. I shut off my TV. I no longer buy things I don’t need and I built this web site.

It is dedicated to resisting war, injustice, inequality and empire through art, creativity, humor, fun, learning, mischief and disobedience. It is part of the growing rebellion!”

So, 9/11 changed the man, but how far did it go. I read this post weeks ago, and talked about it a lot on Twitter. But we didn’t really have anything else to go on. Now, we do. Take a look at this:

#FullMcIntosh uploaded this pic calling Bin Laden a hero to Wikimedia Commons. He took it in Jakarta, Indonesia, which is also where some extremist elements are known to  hang out. The pic itself is not surprising. We’re not too popular over there. But why would he upload it? Why is his username Thehero? It’s a little egomaniacal to call yourself a hero in such a blatant manner, even for McIntosh. Is Osama bin Laden is the true “hero,” for taking the wicked United States down a peg? Did he strike a blow for the oppressed masses everywhere with his attack on Western Civilization? It’s starting to look like this is Jonathan’s position, when you put all this stuff together. I’ll leave it to you readers to make up your own minds.