It’s easy to assign terrible motives and thoughts to people like #FullMcIntosh. Some of them are obvious, and I call them out myself all the time. His and Anita’s tendency to use the dead to score cheap political points before bodies are even cold would be one example. Their money-grubbing on Kickstarter for propaganda money would be another often-cited qualm with the dynamically devious duo. There’s more, of course, but that’s for another day. Still, I had thought that the man at least loved his country. I disagree with a lot that goes on (like the NSA, drug war, etc, etc) myself, but I still love my fucking country, at the end of the day. That could never change. Lately, I’m beginning to wonder if #FullMcIntosh feels the same way. In fact, it’s starting to look like the man actually idolizes the person who was responsible for the deaths of 2,977 innocent people on September 11, 2001. That’s right. Jonathan McIntosh seems to be a big Osama bin Laden guy.

As you can see here, Richie Rich #FullMcIntosh has a strange soft spot where bin Laden is concerned. It’s hard to understand, since bin Laden helped kill all those innocent people, and all. I certainly hated the motherfucker. I remember 9/11 vividly, and it’s not something that I think was justified. Some make the argument that it was the natural result of our foreign policy, and that’s a (very) fair point.

But, that’s different than thinking that the attacks were somehow justified, and that the man behind it was a hero. What kind of sick fuck thinks that way? I can understand some Third Worlders holding grudges, but McIntosh comes from privilege. He’s wealthy as hell, and benefits greatly from his American citizenship. Why would he have a grudge against his own country?

Well, perhaps #FullMcIntosh himself has given us the answers. Take a look at the testimonial he’s given about how 9/11 changed his worldview. Maybe he decided it was best to leave out the Osama Love, but you can see some undertones of enmity for his own country in the 2003 declaration:

“I was visiting Jersey City, New Jersey on September 11, 2001. I saw a jumbo jet slam into the World Trade Center. I walked down to the Hudson, eight blocks away, and stared gaping as both towers crumbled before my eyes. From that moment on, I started asking why. I started questioning everything. I started reading desperately seeking answers to explain why the world had suddenly gone crazy that morning. I couldn’t seem to find the answers I was looking for in the usual places, so I looked abroad to the press from Britain, France and the Middle East. My own personal Pandora’s box opened. Soon I found myself buried beneath a small mountain of books and articles by Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, Edward Said, Arundhati Roy, Howard Zinn, Robert Fisk, Michael Albert, Gregory Palast, Kalle Lans, and Eric Schlosser. Having been brought up immersed in the doctrine of the ultra-conservative Christian Right, as I gained some inkling of the atrocities and injustice being carried out in my name across the globe, I was shocked. I felt betrayed by not just my government but by the media, my education and my family. I had been systematically misinformed, deceived and lied to all my life. So as someone born and raised in the United States of America I decided to make some changes. Today, two years later, I am an activist, a jammer, a vegetarian, a dissident detective, an info warrior, and a guerrilla artist. I ride a bicycle everywhere. I shut off my TV. I no longer buy things I don’t need and I built this web site.

It is dedicated to resisting war, injustice, inequality and empire through art, creativity, humor, fun, learning, mischief and disobedience. It is part of the growing rebellion!”

So, 9/11 changed the man, but how far did it go. I read this post weeks ago, and talked about it a lot on Twitter. But we didn’t really have anything else to go on. Now, we do. Take a look at this:

#FullMcIntosh uploaded this pic calling Bin Laden a hero to Wikimedia Commons. He took it in Jakarta, Indonesia, which is also where some extremist elements are known to  hang out. The pic itself is not surprising. We’re not too popular over there. But why would he upload it? Why is his username Thehero? It’s a little egomaniacal to call yourself a hero in such a blatant manner, even for McIntosh. Is Osama bin Laden is the true “hero,” for taking the wicked United States down a peg? Did he strike a blow for the oppressed masses everywhere with his attack on Western Civilization? It’s starting to look like this is Jonathan’s position, when you put all this stuff together. I’ll leave it to you readers to make up your own minds.


  1. Not anyone can go #FullMcintosh.
    It needs talent.

    Look, he exhibits extraordinary talent even in his early phases.

      1. Unfortunately the horse shoe effect. The left is becoming so extreme and authoritarian that the right is all that’s left to prevent the rise of a new fascist power. -_- Humanity is fucking stupid. Can we please reach the technological singularity already and be taken over by a machine intelligence?

    1. Ah Whittle’s highly edited anti-union video that doesn’t show Gladney throwing the first punch. Not that Whittle would himself own up to his dishonesty.

      I’m progressive by the old meaning of the word, served my country and wholeheartedly believe in the west – though not in everything it does (world bank, imf, top down anti-democratic policies and infrastructures, preferencing women’s issues above all others, etc.).

      I despise McIntosh, sjws because of their dishonesty and manipulation. I despise Whittle for the very same reason. Dishonesty and bigotry are neither left nor right issues.

      1. If Gladney actually did, surely there’s a video out there showing it. Perhaps you’d like to link a video that shows otherwise.

        1. There are more than enough dissections of the video out there as well as the fact that it took a jury less than 40 minutes in order to come to a conclusion. Gladney milked it for all he’s worth and so did his attorney and pals.

          The irony being that unions are at the ebb of their power but some nutjob has to show how they’re “destroying ‘murica”. The difference between being union and non-union in any blue collar work is increased safety and having to be fired for cause. As if that were some nefarious plot.

      1. Of course. But SJWs are all cognitive dissonance all the time anyway, so one more massive contradiction in their thinking won’t slow them down.

      2. There are parts of Islam that punish the practice, but in other areas, it is common for young, un-marriageable men to well you know, have sex with men who want to have sex with them. (Which is still looked down upon in society – Apparently anal between men is something of a major disrespect).

        So while there are a couple places it carries the death penalty, it is not ubiquitous – Also, there is next to no condemnation of female homosexuality, and in some places, they even teach that it is natural.

    2. As Sargon of Akkad said recently “Just try and tell me these people aren’t Marxists” – Problem is people still try and tell him. SMH

      I thought the clue was where they hate western society, capitalism, the market, and CLAIM they are Marxists.

    3. Anyone who is Anti-Western Civ is a fucking moron and a lunatic. Western Civ has given and is the answer to all of humanities collective issues of inequality and injustice. It is the source of all progress, all innovation.

      These people embrace failed systems because they are spoon fed delusions and lies about how great these FAILED system were while being taught that Western Civ is a lie. It is literally the specter of the Cold War refusing to die.

      The most amusing part is these fools all dream of their Utopia’s (ignorant of the fact the idea itself is a contradiction) where they have their own little Stalin-esque empires. They foolishly believe that in their “new world” the cards will be stacked in their favor. How foolish – everything will ALWAYS be in favor of the old guards; the elite and powerful and wealthy. All these ignorant children accomplish by eroding the protections of free speech is further the goals of an aristocracy that has long sought to reassert itself.

    4. All you right wingers group the left in the same fucking pigeon holes. I’m not anti-western, I’m British ffs. I just disagree strongly with certain view points, I’m anti-monarchy but that doesn’t mean I want violent revolution. I also happen to be pro-gg, and it seems you lot still can’t help but group us in with that bunch of rich fascists.

  2. 1) As far as not openly “celebrating” the death of OBL, I didn’t either. Remember when 9/11 happened and Fox News was running a clip nonstop showing a dozen or so Palestinians cheering in the street? That was condemned across the US, and the clip was played over and over and over. Watching people party in front of the White House after OBL died, or get rowdy in a baseball game was honestly the exact same thing. So for me, it was just a matter of being consistent. He was a piece of shit, but I still don’t openly dance on the guy’s grave. Just how I roll.

    As far as his dig on Hitchens, it does seem extremely hypocritical. I don’t lose much sleep about it because Hitchens was famous for mocking the dead, like he did with Jerry Falwell. So unless #McIntosh is some Jerry Falwell fan from his past life as a Christian fundamentalist, I don’t know why he even hates Hitchens. But Hitchens certainly wasn’t the type to let idiotic commentary like that get to him. He’d probably call it fair game to mock him in death. But at least his arguments are consistent. Why does #McIntosh insult Hitchens like that, but act like insulting OBL is unsavory?

    At least I’m consistent. Personally, I just don’t go way out of my way to insult people immediately following their death.

    2) About his written part here, I find it hilarious that he was raised as an ultra-conservative Christian. That explains a LOT for me. I mean, wow. He’s always come across as a psycho religious fundamentalist when I hear him talk about feminism, so I guess he just adopted his new religion.

    The other thing that comes across is just how naive the guy appears to be. He didn’t know anything about foreign policy in the world, or basic US history? The US exerts power across the globe in a ton of unsavory ways. Duh. How old was he when he learned this? I am dying to know. I learned this in like, 6th grade.

    3) His picture could “potentially” be just showcasing something weird. That’s the charitable explanation.

    But the fact that he has his other written post about it, and his username is “the hero” and he’s got a strong tendency to fall into religious fundamentalism …

    I don’t think he deserves the benefit of the doubt on this one. He could very well idolize OBL. It kind of fits with his personality really. They’re both moral crusaders and fundamentalists. This should get pushed hard until he has to comment on it.

    1. Here, let me help you understand the difference.

      People cheering on 9/11 were cheering the murder of innocent men, women and children.

      People cheering when OBL was killed were cheering that a mass murdering terrorist had been brought to justice.

      See the difference?

      1. I see the difference. But if you’re a Palestinian who has had Israeli occupation sanctioned by the US almost exclusively for decades, then you’ll probably find people who cheer at that kind of thing. And one of the targets was the pentagon.

        I still thought it was a low point in terms of America’s image to the world to see people dancing around like that. The US is never hit on our own soil, except Pearl Harbor. If you live in a place that is hit repeatedly for 50 years with US made weapons, because of US political protection at the UN vetoing every single action to stop it, it’s not hard to see their rationale.

        I remember that coverage on 9/11, and I still think it’s hypocritical.

        1. And even Pearl Harbor was a desperate move of a Japan that relied entirely on sea trade to supply it’s industry with oil, yet was embargoed by the United States, like Russia is today.

          1. Yes but countries tend to embargo other countries that attack their unofficial colonies

          2. Of course. If you look at the big picture, Japan, the european powers and the US all wanted dominance above the far east. It’s an equally imperialistic behavior. The big problem with the west and the US in particular, is that they justify such policies while hiding behind a moral high ground. In the case of Pearl Harbor, many journals blasted that the attack was unprovoked and unmotivated, even though the embargo wasn’t a secret, for instance.

            USKensington does the same. The WTC people were innocent, but OBL was not. That gives him a clear moral high ground, letting him jeer and dance at the death of a human being, who was fighting for what he believed in, whatever the means. Yet he still feels morally superior to the people who cheered for the destruction of an US symbol, the WTC, after the US government, for which each US citizen of voting age is responsible, has conducted numerous acts of war in the middle east, including sanctions and an embargo akin the one in the case of Pearl Harbor, among other things!
            He just needs to convince himself muslims spend their days cheering at the deaths of innocents in particular, while he only cheers the deaths of criminals according to US law.

          3. Isn’t it funny how morality works? Everyone tries to grab the “moral high ground” to justify actions they would ordinarily consider immoral.

            Not saying there is a solution of course, but that humanity is and always will be imperfect, and therefore nobody has “moral high ground”.

          4. You do what is right for your people. If the situation was reversed they would do the exact same thing. If women ran the world, it would have turned out the exact same way. If black people had magically switched places with white people in northern europe and had access to all the resources and pressures to grow and develop they would have behaved the same way. The retroactive reasoning people apply to a group because “they know what it is to be oppressed” always hysterically seems to neglect the fact that “oppression” isn’t an intrinsic part of their being. Change their role in the past and they stop being “oppressed”. Damn fools.

          5. Agreed. People forget that life itself is a struggle for survival, and then are able to accept that their leaders be they religious, political, or philosophical/ideological are morally superior to those of others. It’s funny that people praise Nietzsche for pointing this out, and then still follow leaders doing the exact same thing as always: Looking out for their own interests, like every other being on the planet. (At which point they will say other viewpoints that note their hypocrisy are juvenile – they have no better answer to them).

          6. SJWs HATE Nietzsche because Nihilism is the mirror that best reflects their hypocrisy. The magnificence and elegance of the statement, “God is dead”, is completely lost on them. Life exists solely for the sake of itself. You and everything else exist by the purest of chances and merest of coincidences. But that goes against the nature of their special snowflake ideology.

          7. Well of course, but it doesn’t stop SJWs from praising Nietzsche and claiming his work ultimately supports their ideology.

            I dunno about them, but I’m convinced that his work, especially his writings on morality are clearly about the folly of strict adherence to any particular set of moral standards.

          8. They’d co-opt a crusty pile of dog shit, claim it was caviar and happily consume it if they believed it could further their crusade. They are all morons and lack any type of comprehension or critical analysis ability and so of course they’re just going to name drop someone like Nietzsche and, lacking in self awareness, claim his position supports theirs. I can only image that he’s spinning in his grave when they do so.

          9. You’d have to be a little specific about what that supposed moral high ground is. I’m just hearing “blah blah blah SJW rhetoric blah blah blah sociology 101 textbook material”. Why is it precisely that people have SUCH a problem with “imperialism” exactly? It’s what has driven the world for almost 1000 years in one form or another. Do you honestly expect a nation with a glut of resources, political and military power to not leverage those in developing it’s economy? And why should it care about the plight of other nations? Those nations are responsible for THEMSELVES. They always have been. Frankly they should be grateful war isn’t waged the way it used to be (pre-WWII), where you’d smash your enemy and then steal all of their shit before departing. Now we blow them up and spend a ton of cash rebuilding them in a vain attempt at creating a new ally.

            This constant assumption that the 1st world should feel “bad” about what’s happening in the 3rd world is ridiculous. Especially when these people are dealing with problems of their own design. Rampant spread of disease thanks to superstition. Genocide spurred on by tribal distinctions (don’t give me that bullshit about the west favoring one group over another, that’s good and done and they need to put that shit aside and move forward). Should the 1st world actively seek to disadvantage the 3rd? No. But as someone who lives in the 1st world I’m not going to willingly lower my standard of living so we can all be miserable together. Just my 2 (insensitive) cents.

          10. It’s not about being sensitive, it’s about truth and cause and effect. I agree with you, i don’t give a flying shit about any nigger or woman or child that are not important to me personally. I also agree that the world is based on exploitation and has always been. Likewise for countries being responsible for themselves.

            However, if you look at politics and the media, everything is liberal, humanistic and politically correct. Just listen to the shit Obama says at any time. “We sanctioned Russia because Russia attacked Ukraine!”, “We went to war because of WMDs”, “We fixed Lybia’s dictatorship”, etc. That’s the moral high ground that is injected through propaganda. As you say yourself, behind the lies it’s just exploitation. The US paid off Ukrainians and injected their own agents there(spent 5+ billion before it even started), they lied about WMDs in Iraq and orchestrated a full-blown coup in Lybia and Syria, which almost destroyed both countries and killed hundreds of thousands.

            Then you see people like USKensington justify and elevate jeering at someone’s death because the US government blamed him for something. I don’t really care about the jeering, i care about the moral malaise it represents. It’s the same thing GG fights against as well. Who the hell gives a shit if Depression Quest got promoted when it didn’t deserve to? What matters is the legion of demented liberals refusing any questioning of their actions and beliefs, the malaise, the systemic disease.

            I’m not going to lower my standards of living either, but i’m not going to lie to myself, or explain to others why Bin Laden is “evil” and the “US” govt is good. The truth is Bin Laden is a pretty scummy criminal boss, but he is a flea to the US international and internal exploitation, murders and deceit. If the lowest level media can dominate and barely be offset by a class action such as GG, then what about the mainstream media as a whole? Politics? The Industry? Wall street? There is absolutely no meaning or worth to the little petty moral ground most americans hold, and which translates into SJW and liberal agenda as well. Understand that it’s exactly the same pretentious moral high ground, regardless of terminology used.

            Likewise, if random commenters can be self-righteous enough to explain to others how it’s okay to jeer for the death of someone their government blames for something, there is no hope of something like GG prevailing against mainstream media in the long run, because they are blind to the most obvious truths.

        2. Eh, Palestine’s situation is shitty, and what the Israeli’s did to them was REALLY fucked up (and I mean, REALLY fucked up), but this is the same shit they’ve been doing to each other for thousands of years, and frankly I think everyone who isn’t completely obsessed with their made up god bullshit is sick of it. They can either live together and stop complaining about it, or go extinct. They’re never going to win, and Israeli needs to exist so that the Jews can be their own problem, so them’s the breaks.

    2. I found the notion of dancing in the street to celebrate the killing of someone to be in poor taste, however at the same time I fully recognize that OBL was devoid of any humanity and dignity and had long ago forfeited his right to life when he orchestrated the murder of almost 3,000 innocent people. So, jubilation is understandable. However, killing one piece of shit when he’s from a literal desert full of turds was less effective that we’d hoped. Although it did send a nice message of “fuck with us and we will hunt you until the end of time”.

  3. I like that you show your work and lay out all the evidence, because while I’ve linked and praised some of your other articles, I think this piece is unconvincing.

    An image put on wikimedia commons is far more likely to be uploaded as documentation than as sympathy. If he says the username’s an unfortunate coincidence I really don’t have a counterargument. He’s a total hypocrite about Hitchens and Bin Laden though.

    1. Depends. Is it the ONLY thing he uploaded? If so I think that says something but even if it’s not why is his username “thehero”? I don’t think it goes too far to lay it all out and say that, while the connection is tenuous, the conclusion could be made based on what we know about his character.

      1. I think McIntosh is a gross fucking monster and one of the agents leading humanity towards the rise a new, neo-fascist authoritarian power. So, I don’t particularly care how, what or which way he’s smeared so long as it gets people to look at the rest of his poisonous shit.

  4. I also prefer the “Anti-Western” as well. Most Progressives are wildly Anti-West. Check out Theodore and Woodrow by Judge Andrew Napolitano for a look at the “Progressive” Era. Getting of topic, so yeah, Mcintosh is bat shit insane.

  5. Looking at his influences, he has some folks I respect like Palast, but people like Moore are way too dishonest for me.

    1. Dishonesty is great if you’re building a fantasy land narrative where you’re the faultless hero (all while amassing power and wealth for yourself). Basically McIntosh is like a super villain. Without the powers or respectability.

  6. I guess he does not realize that Bin Laden was funding millions along with fighting alongside Mujahideen fighters to destroy a secular government in Afghanistan which forced the Soviet to intervene. This secular government was providing equal rights and education to women. So I guess he really does not care that much for feminist.

  7. I’d rather use the term un-human, seeing how I’m not an American, yet I’m still disgusted by him

  8. Jonathan McIntosh is a despicable, vile, warmongering, hateful reprehensible human being. Loving communities are better off without him. (Not a death threat unlike what he and his ilk like to spew out)

  9. I by no means consider patriotism to be obligatory, hell American exceptionalism and overt nationalism really annoys me… I consider blind loyalty to real estate to be something that obscures the pursuit of justice and peace but when a guy worships a mass murderer but complains about a guy for no reason other than his refusal to treat the religious with kid gloves you certainly have to question his mental integrity.

    1. I personally find it hilarious that everyone who declaimed about how ‘dissent is the highest form of patriotism’ during Dubya’s presidency suddenly gets cranky when people dissent against Obama.

      1. Well, there’s a pretty big difference between what Dubya did and what Obama has done. Like, Dubya was a complete and utter failure who actually violated the 1st amendment on at least 2 occasions, and Obama… is black. No, really that’s what my friends in the UK honestly believe to be the reason why there’s so much hate for him in the U.S. I mean, the guy officially surpassed Reagan’s accomplishments, and yet the GOP is still sucking his corpses cock…

        1. LOL. If that’s what they honestly think, they’re morons. If you want I can give a far more involved explanation as to why Obama deserves the Jimmy Carter Lifetime Fuckup Award, I’ll send it to you so as not to clutter the comments section. Suffice to say that Obama could be as white as me and I’d still think he’s an incompetent boob.

    2. I had some bitch on a furry website of all places (I’ve studied all manner of subcultures since college, don’t judge me) start coming after me about being a “nu-atheist” because I liked hitchens and the fact that he treated religious people with utter contempt. I told him, listen child, the only “nu-atheist” (made up words, great) here is you. Atheism isn’t about tolerance. It’s not a popular fad (which the feminists took it as when they tried to co-opt it), it’s a rejection of a millenniums old way of thinking that has done nothing but justify human suffering and hold back social and technological progress.

      You don’t treat people who believe in fucking Santa Claus just because mommy and daddy told them to (and because they’ll burn in hell otherwise) nicely and respectfully. You mock the shit out of them and challenge their position until they have no choice but to realize how retarded it is.

      I love how these people claim to be “progressive” but both worship and deny the existence of political correctness (go look at “rational wiki’s” bullshit on those topics… fuck that site has gone downhill fast) and are nothing more than authoritarians pushing puritanism and repression.

  10. Happy New Year Ralph! Keep up the good work!

    I don’t mind if he was such a humanist that he can’t celebrate the death of even the most reprehensible human beings, but we all know this is not the case here. McIntosh hates someone like Christopher Hitchens because he was a skeptic and a free thinker and Osama has the ethnic PC card plus his dogmatic religious views are not unlike Jonathan’s.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is #FullMcIntosh.

    1. Is your icon from The Legacy of Kain? Loved that franchise. RIP guy who played the voice of the Old God (and Megabyte from Reboot T_T ).

      1. Indeed it is. It is Kain’s clan symbol. Tony Jay’s voice was amazing. The voice acting in those games was simply superb.

        1. I’m sure Fem Freq would have some stupid shit to say about them (of course never having played them). Soul Reaver was probably the first “talkative” video game I played. I remember watching an interview with the voice of Raziel about how he noted “there’s an awful lot of talking for this to be a video game”. The late 90’s/early 2000’s saw the transformation of actions games into ones supported by narratives and character creation. Yet these joyless fuckwits shit all over them and lie and smear what are essentially interactive novels that challenge problem solving and reaction ability.

          1. Blood Omen is the first to be very talkative. It was a Legend of Zelda like adventure narrated by Kain. The story in the series is incredible. There are many games that have and amazing and deep story released even today, but as you said they have never played those. It is easy for them to speak from a position of ignorance. To quote Richard Dawkins it is an argument from personal incredulity.

  11. Its nice to know I get to thank #fullmcintosh his hero for getting extra checked each time I fly to the US. Kind of strange that he considers someone who did actually hate others based on prejudices a hero, yet pretends we are misogynists…
    Maybe writing femfreq is just his latest attack from his other ideology that he now hides behind pretending to be a feminist who knows? Would explain his stance against sexual conduct hell maybe he made propaganda videos there for recruitment… Who knows? Perhaps the FBI might wanna look into this guy or homeland security or whatever…

  12. I read a tweet by him where he celebrate the death of Hitchens. That also happend in 2011. He is such a tosser.

  13. Fun bits: Bin Laden was no stranger to privilege either. He wasn’t some uneducated Bedouin, but came from a very well-moneyed Saudi family.

    A common pattern in leftard thinking nowadays is the idea that all cultures are ‘equal’. Which is so much horseshit. Back during the British occupation of India, the natives had a rather charming (/sarc) practice called ‘suttee’, which involved putting the widow on the funeral pyre of her dead husband. The British did not approve, and showed it, by threatening to hang anyone who engaged in suttee. Say what you will about imperialism but it’s hard to argue it wasn’t justified there.

    The Palestinians… ah, where to start. If you want to be treated as adults, start by not flinging katyusha rocket barrages at your heavily armed neighbor and sending mentally-challenged people in as suicide bombers. My contempt for the Palestinians really stems from what happened in the Gaza strip, when looters destroyed the greenhouses that had been built and paid for with Western charity funds. You’ll hear apologists talk about how this is ‘propaganda’, but the fact is if you shit in your cooking pot, you probably shouldn’t complain about the taste.

    1. You are so right. To quote the king from Code Geass, “All men are NOT created equal. Some are faster. Some are stronger. Some are smarter.” etc. His point was that there will always be those with inherent advantages to others and that is nothing to be ashamed of. Dragging everyone down to the same level, as communism and the purest form of socialism would do, removes incentive for progress and denies human nature. The only way forward is the recognize those who will carry humanity forward by virtue of their talent and hard work. It’s easy for people like McIntosh to pontificate from his position of wealth and security. He is the purest form of a hypocrite and clearly 9/11 rattle his cage a bit. What a weakling.

      1. The concept of ‘equality’ was born out of all men being equal in the eyes of the law — which was a MASSIVE shift in legal concepts. Prior to this you had the ‘high justice’ and ‘low justice’ where commoners and nobles could pay entirely different prices for certain crimes.

        There’s also equality in opportunity, and I think that’s even more appropriate with regards to the SJW brigade. Too many of them think we should have equality in results, and that’s just not gonna happen. I can’t be quarterback for the Denver Broncos. It wouldn’t work. I guess if I went back 30 years and started intensely training and studying football, then yeah I might have been the Broncos QB, but that’s not where life took me.

        1. There’s also equality in opportunity, and I think that’s even more appropriate with regards to the SJW brigade. Too many of them think we should have equality in results, and that’s just not gonna happen.

          The problem is that equality of opportunity requires some measure of equality of outcome. If large inheritances are allowed to grow without limit, the results are Feudalism.

          You can’t have an equal opportunity society when some people get private tutors, free legacy admissions to the Ivy League, and a pile of cash from Mommy & Daddy; while other people get a underfunded & falling apart public school, can barely afford community collage, and live in a place with a 20% unemployment rate anymore then you can have an equal opportunity 100-Meter Dash with some people starting on the 50-Meter line and some people on the 120-Meter line.

          It’s why Jefferson supported an Estate Tax:

          1. No. Stop right there. Again, imposing equality of outcome does not work because people are not the same. Some are smarter, some are stronger, some are faster. This is not Harrison fucking Bergeron (yet).

            The 100 meter race analogy is a terrible one, as well. It presumes that people who finish the race (despite where they start) will not be rewarded, and that’s just not so. Life is never that simple, or that easy, and when people start trying to sell you on ‘simple’ solutions, you should back away with one hand on your wallet, because chances are good they are trying to get your money.

            The problem with the estate tax is that it’s an example of government ‘double-dipping’ (or quad-dipping, to be honest) the income you have earned and wish to pass on to descendants. I suspect Jefferson might have been less sanguine about an estate tax if he saw the godawful mess our current tax system has become.

          2. Some are smarter, some are stronger, some are faster.

            And the problem is that they’ll lose to those who are stupider, weaker, and slower, but had richer parents.

            In America, those from the top 25% by wealth, but the lowest 25% by SAT scores have a collage graduation rate of 52%, while those of the lowest 25% by wealth, but the highest 25% by SAT scores have a 44% graduation rate:

            The 100 meter race analogy is a terrible one, as well. It presumes that people who finish the race (despite where they start) will not be rewarded, and that’s just not so.

            Now the problem is that someone who got a silver metal for running 120 Meters in 13 seconds is going to be resentful that the gold metal went to someone who ran 50 Meters in 11 seconds.

            They’re going to think “Why should they get the gold? It’s rightfully mine. It’s not fair that they won. I was better, I should win”.

            And they’d be right. Why should the inferior be rewarded at the expense of the superior?

            “Everybody gets a trophy” is a stupid and society-destabilizing mindset, but “The winner is whoever has the most powerful parents” is even worse.

  14. So basically the pathetic, weak-willed, simple-minded cunt had a nervous break down when his perfect bubble of privileged protection was burst when an angry douche bag with sand in his vagina and a Cold War grudge against people who are just better than him/his people (sorry 3rd world folks, your fucked up socio-political religious fuckery and your lack of resources are your own fucking problem) orchestrated some attacks show casing some glorious holes in our national security. ::golfclap:: This guy never fails to fucking impress me with just how pathetic and reactionary he is.

    Jonathan McIntosh is LITERALLY the exact kind of person who would have ran to join the Nazi party after the devastation of Germany in WWI. “Omg my perfect little life! Must find someone to punish to regain my sense of control”. Hell, he’s got Ian Miles Cheong as an ally, so the Nazi connection is already established. You cannot make this shit up.

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