It’s been an interesting few days, as I mentioned earlier. The downtime means I haven’t gotten to cover some stories that I otherwise would have. Since Rand Harper and her thugs continue their unrelenting assault on free speech and expression, maybe we should take a harder look at Harper herself. Actually, we don’t have to do too much, because the Blocklist Blockhead voluntarily gives out incriminating evidence. It turns out Literally Blue likes to dye her fucking DOG blue as well. Yes, you read that correctly. This poor pooch has to walk around looking like some mutant Smurf to appease this hypocritical ass-sore.

People, this is animal abuse. There is no other way to put it. I’m not a fan of PETA, but at least they called out Randi’s dangerous and potentially criminal behavior:B5POV8WCMAEtxb7

The dog looks damn near suicidal. The ghost of Brianna Wu’s dog feels sorry for this motherfucker. Could you imagine having to show your face to the other canines in the neighborhood looking like this? I seriously feel sorry for this dog. It’s bad enough that the poor thing had to live with an owner like Randi Harper. Now it has to look like a freak because of her as well. Randi, please seek help. Dyeing dogs is not normal behavior.

But there is some behavior that’s normal for Randi, namely, the hypocritical type. You see, according to screenshots provided to me earlier on Twitter, Randi Harper used to talk shit about feminism. Not only that, she called feminists “tards” (which is of course short for retard). I’m not one to police speech like that, but it certainly does seem inconsistent with how she portrays herself.


If you look at the full context of the episode, it’s even more hilarious. Here’s the original complaint, and the response from Randi, on the FreeBSD site. Of course Randi had to blast her behind her back on Facebook, because that’s what she does.

Here’s the complaint, which is fucking idiotic, I must say:

There is a phrase in geli man pages that I would classify as sexist:

     "Create an encrypted provider, but use two keys: one for your girlfriendand one for you (so there will be no tragedy if she forgets her passphrase):"

The problem I see is that this kind of statements (transmitting implicitely that System Manager is a male and his girlfriend is stupid) can give really negative image of freeBSD community, also it is possible that female users feel ofended and withdraw from using this OS. As a female user of free software, I have to say that being treated without prejudices is rare in IT communities, integration is difficult and surely this kind of behaviour does not help.

She proposes a couple ways to fix it, and I they did change it. But let’s face it, no one cares. I know I certainly don’t. I would like to see Big Randi look like a fraud though. She’s 100% right, don’t get me wrong. But I wonder what 2014 Randi Harper would say to the 2011 version. I have an idea: “The con worked.”

As a female committer, I have to say that you're asking to be treated differently by proposing  unnecessary changes in such a fashion. While the wording could have been better in regards to being more professional (such as the patch that pjd committed), saying that a female isn't going to use FreeBSD because of a humorous statement in a man page is ridiculous.

If you don't want to see prejudice in IT communities, stop making everything a gender issue. Instead, if you would like to see more
changes in the future, propose a phrasing that is more professional and leave your gender out of it.

-- randi

The Blocklist Blockhead is a massive phony. That’s already been well-established here on the site. But, I thought she was at least serious about her radical feminism. As it turns out, it’s just one more example of fakery. These people use the language of the oppressed so they can ride the gravy train for the rest of their lives. It’s sickening. But, the one way to help stop it, is to mock them for the hypocrites and laughingstocks that they truly are (the other way is to destroy their enablers in the media). Stay focused on that. In the meantime, I encourage local authorities to look into Randi Harper’s animal abuse. This appalling behavior needs to be discoursed, and Big Randi is the perfect one to make an example out of.

  1. So just like all the other 3 a giant hypocrite! Its all about making money for these people I would almost feel bad for the ones they con out of their money…

    Then again its the price you pay for being that stupid!

  2. “The ghost of Brianna Wu’s dog feels sorry for this motherfucker.” Ralph, that is, by a LANDSLIDE, the single greatest sentence I’ve read on your site thus far! Fucking hilarious!!!

  3. First, in regards to her changing to SJW… because there is money in it. The network we are up against is all about farming gold from society under the guise of “social justice” – all the while taking advantage of those same people they are out to condescendingly protect. Yes yes, conspiracy theories and all that. But if you look at what actually comprises our opponents, you’ll realize none of them want Social Justice. They want the money they can get for saying they are for Feminism.

    Plus, there is the handy bonus that when you get accused of wrong doing, such as the Game Journos we are up against, you can claim misogyny and your club of hired goons will swarm in. Not all of them are aware they have been programmed to do this.

    Now, as for the dog. She is claiming that it is ok because it is a vegetable based dye. Apparently Petco uses the same type. But even if you check the dogswithdyedfur tumbler, they tell you NOT to do it anyways! No one knows the long term affects and furthermore there is PSYCHOLOGICAL DAMAGE done to the dog!

  4. Randi Harper from 2011 was pretty based, like listening to Jennifer Dawe or the Honey Badgers. I guess it’s true what they say about those who open their eyes find what they’re seeing is so painful they would much rather close them again and go back to sleep.

    1. You heard it here first people! Randi Harper: future mass murderer!

      Damn I hope you’re wrong though. I mean, I kinda hope you’re right, but I overwhelmingly hope you’re wrong.

      1. Eh…the page says that these habits are most often developed as children, and develop into serial killing from childhood (although Randi does act like a child sometimes).

        You may be right, but I really hope you’re wrong about Randi. I’d rather not be dismembered, especially by a large, blue-haired radfem.

  5. Speaking generally, I believe some people with “anti-feminist” pasts aren’t faking as much as they are over-compensating, like a born-again religious person desperate to atone. Receiving massive approval and other benefits from the community reinforces the behavior and ends up legitimizing mistreatment of us inferior beings who refuse to see the light and walk the righteous path.

    1. The rape-enabler, the neo nazi and Judas Sterling aka comes to mind. They also have a supporter with a perpetual hard-on for everything holocaust-related, so I’d say it’s certainly an ongoing theme for anti-GG SJWs.

      On the other hand, it’s saddening to see some figures who used to look out for consumers, defend free speech and developers against censorship, but now are doing their best to go against everything they stood for. Pol correctness and SJW is fucking poison, and the only response it deserves is ridicule and mockery.

  6. Really? Seems pretty shitty to me to pick on a dead pet.

    There are also plenty of pet-safe dyes. You guys couldn’t possibly stoop lower.

    1. Picking on a dead pet (that can now feel no pain, thankfully) is worse than torturing a living pet? Please look up the adverse psychological and social (for dogs) consequences of dyeing a dog (short: interferes with their smell and hinders social bonding with other dogs). It’s not just about toxic dyes. It is also a matter of consent, that radfems seem so active to enforce, that the dog cannot, unfortunately give (being an animal), and thus suffers in silence.

        1. Difference with what?

          I said:

          1. Torturing a living pet is literally worse than talking about a dead pet.

          2. Dyeing a dog is NOT a pleasurable experience for it, even if food colours are used (that’s what causes weird dog-scent, while chemical dyes are actively toxic).

          3. A dog cannot consent to such “modifications,” as it is an animal. Would you dye a baby green? Not like adults colouring head/armpit/pubic hair at all.

          Next time, when coming up with one-liners, ensure that they are actually witty and do not make you look like an illiterate fool.

    2. We’re not the ones spending our day tweeting bullshit while our pet is dying. Go home Brianna and stop exploiting your pet.

      Oh thats right, you never left home. My bad. :^)

  7. First time I’ve seen a picture of her other than her twitter profile image. Just want to point out I guessed it right, Fat Chick Discretion Angle.

  8. Why paint your goddamn dogs, holy shit. Is it not enough to do this monstruosity to your hair, you must also do it to a non-consenting animal? I’m really starting to think that people who use non-standard colors to dye their hair have mental problems.

    1. First their heads, then their armpit hairs (and yes; dyeing armpit hairs is a thing that some radfems actually do), and now their dogs.

      Jesus. What’s next?

      1. There is only one place left to dye – the final destination, so to speak. I shudder to think of the implications.

  9. This just reinforces my belief (and probably others) that these SJWs against #gamergate aren’t actual feminists and are only in it for the popularity and compensation (via Patreon) that it brings. They don’t have any desire for equality, they just want to be in some “elite” group where they get to tell people what to do and how to think. They want the control that they can’t get legitimately, so they do it through the underhanded techniques found in SJW circles, while the true feminists and egalitarians get ostracized for questioning them.

    1. Because “actual feminists” have ever been about anything else? I’m going to need extensive citation to even consider that idea. It’s always been a movement that advocated equality when it was convenient and special treatment the rest of the time.

      Egalitarianism is fundamentally anti-feminist. Feminism has, ever since its inception, never truly been about equality. The Cathy Youngs and Christina Hoff-Somers’s are an anomaly and always have been. And even they still give preference to women.

        1. Quite true, unfortunately. It’s why I’d refuse to cross the street to piss on a PETA member if they were on fire. They took a hell of a credibility hit when documents came out showing their shelters routinely euthanized stray animals at horrendous rates.

          1. Its not that its not necessary, it clearly is, its just the matter of hypocrisy which we see if common with these high horse types

  10. So anyone who changes their mind is a “fraud?”

    Also, feminist tards could refer only to feminists like yourself who act like morons.

    1. The thing is, it is very likely that she hasn’t changed her mind at all. Her earlier comments represent the egalitarian thinking prevalent in FreeBSD circles, while her later behaviour is exactly keeping in line with the SJW group she has thrown her lot in with now. That’s why she is a hypocrite.

      Such behaviour is not new for Harper, or sektie, as I should say. She is a very senior member of the Internet trolling community, and is intelligent—more than people give her credit for, so it is not beyond reason that she’d latch on to a movement and try to use it for her gain (socially and economically). It would do well to keep at a safe distance from her (not TheRalph, but the rest of us—GG or non GG). She is seemingly playing out her drama against girlvinyl (founder of Encyclopædia Dramatica and notorious troll) again, and has trolling experience that most others lack (she’s in her 30s).

      PS: Feminist “tards” does indeed refer to feminists who act like hypersensitive children, like the mouth breathers who fumed over Matt Taylor’s shirt in shirtgate because it featured women, not because he wore unprofessional attire to a TV shoot. GG are not against “feminism” itself, just against the radical, intolerant, supremacist school (which seems to dominate the public space today, unfortunately).

    2. How many of these so-called Social Justice proponents have “changed their mind”?

      Leigh racist GTA4 defender, now SJW
      Neo Nazi, now SJW
      Rape enabler, now SJW
      Anti-feminist methhead, now SJW (but still abusing animals)
      Jim Sterling calling ppl “feminazi slut”, now SJW
      Kotaku spamming anime girls, now SJW
      Gawker spamming nude celebs, tries to take SJW high horse

      Peculiar bunch isn’t it? This isn’t even an exhaustive list.

  11. It’s this shit that pisses me off – how insincere and fake these people are. They distract from real problems and siphon resources away from people with real needs because they’re just shitty people with a knack for tricking stupid people. -_-

  12. Was she really an anti feminist or was she just a non feminist expressing common sense? I ask because, its hard for me to imagine how a person can study and carreers and writings of Andrea Dworkin or Mary Daly and not become an anti feminist for life.

      1. Oh, I’ve been friends with Witch Wind did her reading of “All PIV is rape.” -which was funny because if you truly believe that women are utterly oppressed, its almost logical to conclude that no woman can give meaningful consent.

        Anyway, I’m not here to convert anybody to anti-feminism. I’ll leave that to feminists.

  13. Even if this wasn’t bad for the dog it’s still a selfish thing to do. I’d also like to make it very clear that nobody actually report this Peta. I don’t want to get this dog killed.

  14. Have you read her ED page? You don’t get featured three times by encyclopedia dramatica before gamergate even started without a deep-seated love of internet trolling. And because “feminism” gives her a community that will endlessly apologize for her being a total jackass on the web, now she’s a “feminist”, but she’s a troll at heart.

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