I have a couple more things to talk about this evening, but I think the most important topic in the United States today is the push for war on the Assad regime in Syria. As I stated in my video, I don’t really care who was behind the chemical weapons attack the other day. It’s not in our national interest to get into a deeper involvement in that country. Not only that, it’s not in the interest of the Syrian people, either. I can pretty much promise you that things will only be made worse if we up the ante in Syria.

I used to think Donald Trump understood this. Actually, I’m still holding out hope that he does, but recent statements from him and his administration have me scratching my head.

This leads me to statements from 2013 Donald Trump, who seems to be the better version of the man as of today. Again, it’s different when you’re actually president, but this is the guy many of us had hoped we were getting when we voted for him. As I said, let’s not give up our hope just yet. Sometimes, a certain amount of political positioning is required. But neocons are pushing for war and if they end up getting their war on Syria, Iran is next on the menu. There’s zero doubt in my mind that’s where the ballgame will eventually migrate.

Trump used to instinctively know what we needed to do as a nation…



Somewhere, deep down, President Trump still knows the right path is the one he outlined back in 2013. He’s being pushed on all sides into another Middle Eastern war. We, his most loyal supporters, must stand-up and tell him that he is wrong on this. The neocons, the media, and the “international community” don’t give a shit about Trump or his promises to this nation. Indeed, they never wanted him to become president in the first place. Their interests lie where they always have…with the globalists, the elite, and their own pockets.

We must stop them, again.