President Trump Should Really Listen to the 2013 Version of Himself When it Comes to the #SyriaHoax

President Trump Should Really Listen to the 2013 Version of Himself When it Comes to the #SyriaHoax

I have a couple more things to talk about this evening, but I think the most important topic in the United States today is the push for war on the Assad regime in Syria. As I stated in my video, I don’t really care who was behind the chemical weapons attack the other day. It’s not in our national interest to get into a deeper involvement in that country. Not only that, it’s not in the interest of the Syrian people, either. I can pretty much promise you that things will only be made worse if we up the ante in Syria.

I used to think Donald Trump understood this. Actually, I’m still holding out hope that he does, but recent statements from him and his administration have me scratching my head.

This leads me to statements from 2013 Donald Trump, who seems to be the better version of the man as of today. Again, it’s different when you’re actually president, but this is the guy many of us had hoped we were getting when we voted for him. As I said, let’s not give up our hope just yet. Sometimes, a certain amount of political positioning is required. But neocons are pushing for war and if they end up getting their war on Syria, Iran is next on the menu. There’s zero doubt in my mind that’s where the ballgame will eventually migrate.

Trump used to instinctively know what we needed to do as a nation…

Somewhere, deep down, President Trump still knows the right path is the one he outlined back in 2013. He’s being pushed on all sides into another Middle Eastern war. We, his most loyal supporters, must stand-up and tell him that he is wrong on this. The neocons, the media, and the “international community” don’t give a shit about Trump or his promises to this nation. Indeed, they never wanted him to become president in the first place. Their interests lie where they always have…with the globalists, the elite, and their own pockets.

We must stop them, again.

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • Hawk Hopper

    Trump rode in high and now is now crashing.

    People that voted for him were sick of the wars the Bush started and Obama continued. Americans saw that these wars didn’t bring them anything but debt and heartbreak.

    The CIA runs most media outlets. They both pushed the muh Russia stuff. Those lies could have ruined Trump if it weren’t for Americans refusing to let the CIA and their basic bitches in the media have their way.

    How does Trump repay you? By building up to another war that will kill thousands of Americans, wound tens of thousands more, and waste trillions of dollars.

    Fuck. I doubt we’ll even get the wall.

  • ExiledV2

    We have a choice. We can cede Syria to Russia’s influence, or we can combat them. If we cede, we weaken our stance in the Middle East and our alliance with Israel. If we stay, well, we’re going to fuck it up, but we retain a strong stance and our alliances in the Middle East remain strong.

    We shouldn’t have gone over to the ME in the first place, but that chance is long gone. We decided we were going to fight ISIS when we should have stayed out of it. Now our chance to extricate from Syria without consequence is gone.

    • Celerity

      If we do fight a war there, we got Syria, Iran, North Korea… fighting a war on multiple fronts would weaken us, not just our stance. Let’s not forget the MUH PUTIN sperging. War on Syria gives them what they want.

      • ExiledV2

        Welp. We don’t have much choice now, with the missiles launched.

        • Celerity

          Indeed. Thought he was smarter than that.

          • milk bone

            I thought draining the swamp would include getting out from under the neocons’ thumbs. Guess not. We’ll have to see how this unfolds, but I’m sorry to say I’m not optimistic.


          • Celerity

            I think the one thing pro Trumpers wanted was no involvement in Syria so… yeah.

    • Maintenance Renegade

      Fuck our “stance” in the MidEast, I’d rather not be standing there at all.

  • Rikko

    A war in Syria risks pitting the US in a shooting war against Russia… absolute madness folks. To all American Trump supporters who don’t want to risk a third world war, hit the phones, bombard the President’s Twitter feed and make your voices heard!

    • milk bone

      And Ethan is completely correct; such intervention will eventually lead to an attack on Iran, which has been a neocon goal all along. (Remember Netanyahu’s dog and pony show at UN General Assembly?) Iran is a much larger and more powerful country than Iraq, is an ally of Russia, and has the ability to close the Straits of Hormuz, leading to a worldwide crisis in oil supply. It would be absolute madness to attack Tehran, so why would anyone advocate it?

      Because Iran is the origin of the Shia transmission line, which ultimately supplies Hezbollah (“the Party of God”) in southern Lebanon through Syria. Israel wants to eliminate Hezbollah, as it applies pressure to thwart her plans for “Eretz Yisrael, from the Nile to the Euphrates”, which is the stated goal of the Likud Party, whose leader is Netanyahu. The Palestinians want Israel to return to the 1967 boarders, and not continue to expand into their territory. But Israel has already attacked Hezbollah twice, the last time being in the summer of 2006, and twice have the IDF had their asses handed to them.

      So Israel is currently supporting ISIS (which is Sunni) with the goal toppling Assad in order to interrupt the Shia transmission line at its choke-point in Syria. Then, presumably, they’ll turn on ISIS and try to install an Israel-friendly regime in Syria, and all will be right with the world. Because, of course, that worked out so well in Iraq. And, well, it’s not Israel that will do the lion’s share of the fighting, because why bother when dear old Uncle Sugar can be pressed into service. And if the most ancient Christian communities get decimated in the process (like in Iraq), you gotta break a few eggs, ya know. Those Christians are just potential Nazis anyway, so why not nip that in the bud into the bargain.

      The only thing that can possibly bring peace to the region is for Israel to give up its expansionist plans, stop committing war crimes in Gaza, and work towards the establishment of a homeland for the Palestinians, 700,000 of which were displaced, ending up in refugee camps in Jordan and southern Lebanon (where Hezbollah noncoincidentally originated). The only sensible US policy pressure Israel toward this goal, by turning off the aid spigot.

      • Typical

        Fuck the palestinians. Let them mosey on back to jordan where they came from.

    • Toastrider

      Well, on the upshot, I doubt we’ll be hearing too many more leftists screaming about how Trump is CLEARLY colluding with Russia…

  • Interesting take on the situation from Scott Adams-

    Conjecturing that a fake war crime is being responded to with fake seriousness. I certainly hope he’s right. Everyone outside the MSM seems to realize, whether this is a setup or not, that we have zero to gain from sticking our fist in the lawnmower. If Trump actually takes us to war over there, I think it will forever kill the “5-D chess” framework for viewing his actions. Among other things.

  • Uncle Max

    Missiles launched. WTF? Damn… I’m not seeing the 3D chess move on this one. No Bueno . Man, this sure looks like a set-up turd. No one around the WH could talk him into say waiting 48 hours to gather more intel? How can he trust what he’s being given my Obama’s intel folks? Bad. Probably indicative of being overworked and so much on his plate, I guess it’s inevitable he’d lose focus. Wow.

  • Dranka Dranka

    Barrack Obama said the right things sometimes too before he was president.

  • RevDr. Robert Foster, AbC, EfG

    Damn. I’m disappointed in you lot. Particularly you, Mr. Ralph. I never pegged you for a fair-weather friend. You’re sure Trump is being led, but he’s already demonstrated he can’t be.

    I’m gonna wait for word from the God Emperor before I doubt. He still has my trust.

  • Typical

    Fuck Syria. Let’s just pull out of the ME completely. They are surrounded by literally a hundred other countries we have to step over to get in there who can deal with any problems long before it becomes our problem.

  • Toastrider

    Alright, here’s my takeaway from this shitstorm.

    One: As airstrikes go, this one was pretty weak. The U.S. notified Russia well in advance ‘Syria’s gonna get smacked on the tush’, and while we targeted an airfield, we DIDN’T target the chemical weapon storage facility. It’s common knowledge the Russians are supplying Assad’s contingent with technical know-how, and it’s not like Putin’s got any qualms about using chemical weapons either.

    Two: I’m still up in the air about the chemical attack being a hoax. On one hand, it would have been astonishing stupid for Assad to do something like that, and it’s not like there aren’t elements in the Middle East who haven’t played games like this before (the Palestinians especially). On the other hand, life is cheap in the ME, and it’s not like Assad or his Russian supporters are going to shy away from getting nasty.

    Three: Despite Putin raging about it, I don’t see any headlines about the Russians pulling out their ambassadors or kicking ours out over this.

    Four: Obama pretty much set the stage on this by declaring chemical weapon usage to be a ‘thin red line’ Assad better not cross. Which, of course, he did, and Bumbles did nothing. There might be some precedent here for Trump to show ‘Hey, you fuck with me, I guarantee you’ll get it in the ass. Without lube.’

    Five: (good grief this is going long) There really isn’t anyone IN Syria we should be allying with. All the factions hate us to greater or lesser degrees. If there’s a strategy, it should be akin to one we pursued during the Iran-Iraq war, wherein we get them to kill each other so they’re less likely to come bother us.

    Six: I can guarantee if Trump had done nothing, he would still be facing complains from the propaganda arm of the leftist movement, aka the media. Reference my prior comments about ‘the media is not our friend’.