I’ve been getting a lot of reports of people being dissatisfied with the reaction to Brianna Wu showing up on TheHat2’s stream earlier tonight. Since I am who I am (lol), and tend to represent the more hardline wing of GamerGate, the complaints coming to me are from people who are stunned at some of the praise Wu has been getting off this. I agree with them 100%. You can praise her for coming on. That’s one thing. But to go any further than that is outrageous. She’s tried to fuck over people like RogueStar, Mike Cernovich, and “Hotwheels” Fredrick Brennan. She called us terrorists in the Nightline piece. She even trashed us again tonight at the beginning of the stream. These aren’t the actions of someone who wants to make amends. 

Also, keep this in mind: she was there to talk about her game, and only her game. That’s not a profile in courage. It’s a fucking sales pitch. She had to figure she might pick up a few buys from sheer curiosity…and I’m sure she will. It probably won’t be too many, but every sale counts. I’m sure Wu feels the same way.



But the main reason she was there, was for PR considerations. She knew that some of the weak-kneed GamerGate supporters would give her praise for this. It is happening, but I can’t say to what extent. What I can say for myself is, I will never forgive the things she has said about my comrade absent an apology. Had she came on and apologized tonight, or make some kind of conciliatory statement, I would have been prepared to listen. That didn’t fucking happen.



Don’t be fooled by this headcase. She went on the stream for sales and PR considerations, plus she trashed us at the outset of it in order to cover her SJW flank. I’m sure she was concerned about catching heat from them, so the strong denunciation of GamerGate (that went unanswered, since the host actually has ethics, and abided by the pre-stream rules) was meant to quell that. I think it probably will. Their figureheads never catch any heat, no matter what. The important thing, however, is that we don’t fall into their hivemind logic. Brianna Wu is not someone we should be praising…ever.