Mark Kern has started up a group called the League for Gamers. What is that, you ask? Well, I’ll let them tell you:

League for Gamers (LFG for short), is a consumer focused gaming league encompassing video games, board games, and pen and paper gaming. We come together to promote positive gaming, good sportsmanship, research, learning and advocacy for our hobby.

Create a profile, list your skills and interests, and connect with other gamers. Soon we will be adding messaging, feeds and following. Later you will be able to join LFG volunteer groups, or create your own gaming groups.

I love the the mission statement and I have a lot of faith in Mr. Kern himself. So, I’ve already joined up:1

There’s not that much on my page yet, but I’m going to update it more this weekend. Feel free to check the site out for yourself. I think it’s worth your time and effort to join up with this initiative. It’s continuously being improved upon as well, so look for new features in the future. I might try to do an interview or something with Kern if he’s down, similar to the ones I did last month. We’ll see what happens, but either way, go join lol.

Consider this an open thread as well. I have so muvh shit to write about that it’s almsot overhwhelming. But I’m going to get to it all. Someone on was taunting me for failing that goal yesterday, so I have to go all the way today. Speaking of social media, you can also follow me on Instagram, now that I think of it. That goes along with TumblrFacebookYouTube and of course the old Twitter home. Fuck it, I figured I might as well shill them all. By the way, we will be doing a live show tonight at 8pm EST. I’ll have more about it on the site in an hour or so. The link will be live, so you can watch it here as well.