I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but recently the war drums have been beating very loudly when it comes to Iran. For well over a decade, Zionist extremists in our government, media, and elsewhere have been pushing for all-out war with the regime in Tehran. There is zero American interest in carrying out such an idiotic plan, but it is still accepted as a reasonable foreign policy view by the Washington establishment. In fact, many of the same snakes who pushed for the Iraq Disaster are now pushing for an Iran Debacle. If they had any honor, they would have removed themselves from public life, if not life in general, long ago. But as has been established, these people have no honor.

This morning, a bunch of ragtag goat enthusiasts are punking us out of the Green Zone in Baghdad. Any patriotic American would have to be disgusted by the images coming out of that shithole. Seeing our soldiers stand by while some inbreds who can’t even read bang their crust-ridden limbs on the US Embassy glass is truly a disgusting sight, I won’t lie to you.


However, think about where this is happening. Iraq. We should have never been in Iraq in the first place, but being there in 2019 tells you all you need to know about our abhorrent elite class. Donald Trump himself ran on an explicit “bring the troops home” policy. Yet, he sent out this tweet about an hour ago…


Iraq isn’t going to do shit, they’re a puppet government that is an embarrassment to other puppet governments. Media reports and video recordings show the Iraqi “military” letting these thugs go by without lifting a finger. This makes sense when you consider the fact that the Iranians have more influence with Iraqi politicians and people than we do, by far. That’s why our recent strikes against Iranian interests have put US forces in-country in such a bad predicament. One way or another, we will go home, eventually. The Iranians and their Shiite allies will be there forever.

President Trump has many options here, this is true. But if people blow smoke up his ass and play along with this tit-for-tat, we’re going to end up in a war with Iran, guaranteed. I’m sure many of his advisors are already salivating at the prospect of a “wartime president” heading into a 2020 election. Of course, this would not turn out how they think it would, but again, these Zionist chickenhawks aren’t exactly the masters of strategy.

I, for one, will never support another war in the Middle East, absent an existential threat to the United States. Not Israel, not Saudi Arabia. The United States. If Trump abandons his 2016 positions and pushes this all the way to a war, not only will he lose in 2020, but it will likely end with him in jail and his family in the poorhouse. He needs to be told that every single chance you get on Twitter and elsewhere. You may think I’m spazzing out, and I would LOVE for that to end up being the case. But if this is not countered early, history shows us where it will lead. There are simply too many moneyed interests pushing this bullshit for us to be complacent about it.

I lived through the Iraq War. I lived through the disgusting Bush administration lies that lead us there. I won’t support a rerun, no matter who’s pressing play.