Yesterday, I brought you a story about Zoey Tur. If you’ll recall, she threatened put Ben Shapiro in the hospital and commiserated with Twitter users about someday being able to curb stomp the guy. I told you that if I had done such a thing, I’d be in jail right now, or at the very least kicked the fuck off Twitter. After I posted the story, someone pointed out Tur doxing some poor guy a few days ago for having the temerity to make a tweet about all this shit. There was no doubt, either. So, somebody reported her. You’ll be happy to know that Twitter immediately suspended her account. Twitter has apparently instituted a new policy while I wasn’t looking. Lemme show you:

h/t @atlasnodded

I’ve seen Twitter suspend someone for posting a photo that Randi Harper herself had posted on her own account. So this is definitely a change in direction. Some people are speculating that Twitter wants to make a safe space for SJWs to be able to dox their enemies without fear of retaliation. I think that’s probably close to the truth, sadly. To me, they just set a precedent that needs to be tested. I hate to wish for someone to get doxed, but this is bullshit. Maybe Tur should get doxed and have the policy tested that way. It only seems fair.

I’m not sure why Twitter would want to set off a bunch of doxing, but I’m afraid that’s what they just did. Luckily, I’ve already been doxed, so I don’t really care. I pretty much accepted that back when I started with GamerGate. My shit was too easy to find, given my online names, etc. If I had thought about this more, I probably would have made my shit anonymous. But you can’t go back once you’re public. Your shit is out there forever.

Back to Tur: they didn’t even make her take the dox down, much less suspend the account. I’m kinda flabbergasted here. Anyway, we now have a new standard for what they’ll allow:

[T]he content you’re reporting has previously been posted online and can be located via Google search. As a result, the content won’t be removed at this time.

Have fun with that one, trolls.