I spent yesterday afternoon working on the new blog I’m going to launch here in a few days. It’s nothing big, just a place for me to post my thoughts on pro wrestling. So if that’s your thing, I’ll be talking more about it in the coming days. Anyway, the point is, I was fucking with that all day, and then ended up taking the night off to spend with my girlfriend. So that’s why there was a shortage of posts yesterday. But today is another day, as they say. 

Before I checked out for the night last night, I read an interview that has pretty much everyone buzzing. It was by John Walker of Rock, Paper, Shotgun, and he was interviewing Peter Molyneux, the guy behind Black & White, the Fable franchise, Populous, and several other well known efforts. I realize that he’s become the object of derision in some quarters. You don’t have to tell me about his track record of over-promising. I’m a veteran Fable guy, beat all three. I remember some of the big ideas he talked about very well. Many times, they didn’t show up at all, or were stripped down when they did make the cut. This would piss me off greatly, because these ideas were almost always cool as fuck.

Still, he’s far from the only developer to be guilty of this. I took it as him having a huge imagination and a large mouth, not as something to hate him over. Also, I enjoyed all three Fables. None were perfect, but they were all pretty solid, 8-9-rated games (85, 89, 80 on Metacritic). So I didn’t hold anything against Molyneux. I realize that the Godus situation is more complex, and that there’s Kickstarter money involved. But I don’t see him as a “pathological liar,” which is the term RPS’s John Walker used. How can you denigrate a man who has done so much for the industry like that? It boggles the mind. Ask him tough questions? Sure. But don’t make him out to be something he’s not.

Especially when these are the same people who take Anita Sarkeesian’s bullshit arguments as an article of faith. Ms. Sarkeesian has been years late on her Kickstarter promises as well (among other things). Where’s the outrage there? I guess it’s easier to pick on a white male like Molyneux. You might step on a couple of toes if you asked Anita the tough questions. Of course she would probably just refuse to answer them anyway…but at least she would be on record avoiding them.

That’s the modern media, though: they love to kick someone when they’re down. They’re jackals with no conscience. Walker is far from the only one to go after Molynuex. We’ve seen one of the classic feeding frenzies the last week or so. It’s almost like they’re trying to drive this guy out of the industry. I’m hoping he can put a salid PC version of Godus out to spite these bastards. The double standards at work make me sick.

  1. Can anyone imagine one of these sites interviewing Anita Scamkessian, and the first question they ask is “Do you think that you’re a pathological liar?”

  2. Molyneux is an easy target because he’s been reduced to a laughing stock with zero credibility who can’t fight back. RPS will never publicly ridicule anyone with clout who could hurt them.

  3. I’ve been thinking about this rather intently the last few days as well. It’s pretty damn irritating to see someone that has put 25 years of his life into the gaming industry be thrown to the fucking wolves while individuals like McIntosh and Sarkeesian (who have yet to accomplish anything worthy of respect) get away with the same bullshit without even a slap on the wrist. Molyneux is no saint, but given his past accomplishments, to see him be relentlessly bashed for his missteps… again, it’s frustrating to watch. Not because what he’s done is right (it’s not), but because while he should be criticized, he should also be treated with some respect. But RPS and other publications/outlets like them have no fucking clue as to what that means, apparently.

    1. Tim Schafer has done the same shit. How many times has he gone over budget, missed deadlines and failed to deliver on promises? Why aren’t journalists fucking dogpiling him?

      1. Exactly. Tim has had the same issues with budgets, completion of games, letting go staff, staff quitting… All of it.

        There is only a single difference and thats Tim sucks the sjw social club test.

  4. RPS, another site where a pathetic moron can open his mouth about a dev. No idea what Monlyneux will or will not do but there are far more games and “creatives” we should look over. Idk, Mighty N9 and some other shit seems more shady than Godus who is just one time failure (from what i’ve heard). Or Idk, maybe Revo shit 60 could be as scruted as him for the award “she” won ? Fuck the “game journos”.
    Or let’s talk about this prick of Tim Schaffer ? “I know I should make games but no, shitty remakes because money”

  5. “It’s almost like they’re trying to drive this guy out of the industry.”
    That seems to be the truth of it. These people have made themselves gatekeepers, they make the decisions of what games are good and which are bad, they tell the people who is a good person and who is bad. What easier way to take over an industry than to spin a narrative to get people to grab their torches and pitchforks to run the veterans out?

    It’s all about an ideological agenda and money. These people are trying to rein in a new era of political correctness and profit off it. We’re seeing it happen before our eyes, they’re in gaming, they’re in metal, they’re in sci-fi and fantasy communities online, they even in the fucking My Little Pony fandom for Christ’s Sake. Look at all the outrage these people generate over every little thing while ignoring anyone guilty of the same “crimes” because they fall in line with their beliefs.

    God damn, I feel like I should be wearing a tin-foil hat for even saying that.

    1. What’s crazy about that?

      The crooks want money & power, and have no problem with lying, stealing, or assaulting people to get it. On the other hand, the SJWs want power & money, and have no problem with turning a blind eye to anything their allies do.

      It’s the perfect match.

      1. Well I realize that, but it feels so weird to actually be saying “these people are conspiring!” I guess as long as it’s not shit like “lizard people are invading!” it doesn’t require foil.

        I guess that’s the sad reality, even if there are people conspiring, some people against it would be less likely to speak up about it in fear of being labeled a foil wearing conspiracy theorist.

        1. Jist make peace with the fact that activists and self styled do gooders need to be scrutinized with the same intensity as corporations and governments.

  6. Took the words right out of my mouth Ralph. I mean, where is this same level of critical questioning for Anita? When is she going to be asked the hard questions about why she’s so late on her Kickstarter promises she made two years ago as well? Why aren’t questions like this being levied at her as well?

    Because she’s a woman? Bitch please.

    I don’t care if you’re male, female, black, white, an illegal alien, and interstellar alien, or you’ve somehow transcended your mortal flesh to live as a digital god on the internet. Acta non Verba. If you say you’re going to do something, then do it. And if you don’t, then expect me to question why not.

  7. Idk when I read about this interview it didn’t particularly shock or irritate me b/c RPS and particularly Walker have been writing/interviewing like this for years (admittedly though this is probably the most hostile I’ve seen them in an interview however). They’ve occasionally had this sort of crass sarcastic tone and I believe they excuse themselves for posting opinionated pieces by saying they are a blog and not a news outlet… Anyways, it’s a bit like criticizing Michael Moore for not being impartial to Conservatives and having a liberal agenda, it’s true and that’s just what he does and will keep doing.

    I don’t like Walker’s writing in general (or at least when I noticed a dramatic shift in his tone perhaps 2-3 years ago where he became, in my opinion, quite sensationalist), but at the same time you can’t really fault him for going about doing things the way he always does them or for choosing his targets (Again, I’d like to point the finger to Michael Moore, Bill O’Reilly or any number of public “information” figures who are not necessarily journalists even if they are in news or other spread of information). Idk, maybe it’s just me since I haven’t considered RPS to be journalists for years, just considered them to be a gaming blog so I never really held them to professional standards. (I should also add that I haven’t visited their site in about one year so please forgive me if my opinion is a little dated).

  8. The biggest problem with Molyneux from what I’ve heard (other than being a hype obsessed shit slinger), is the fact that he made a promise (legally binding it would seem), to the person who solved the that “what’s in the box” game. And not only did he and his company blow the guy off, but they seemed to have never had the intention of carrying through in the first place. Total douche bag.

  9. In other news, a local man and woman met on a bus/trolly and walked over to a shopping center where they proceeded to have sex in public. After the police arrived, the man was arrested and hauled off to jail…the woman was just given a friendly warning. Female privilege..eh

  10. People are way too hard on molyenux and have been since right after the first fable.

    He dreams big and sometimes technology can’t keep up with him. The thing is his games despite not always delivering on everything he talks about are always good. He has a better track record for quality than almost anyone else.

    So yes he left ms and started an indie studio. Its been a long time since he’s worked without massive corporate backing so having money issues and time issues is understandable.

    To call him a liar… Give me a break. A liar is someone who intentionally misleads you. It is not someone who tried to do something and failed.

    Either way this story isn’t over. The game can still be finished.

  11. Both Molyneux and Sarcheesy are liars. Molyneux outright didn’t give the Curiosity winner his prize, Molyneux outright signed up with a publisher after getting more Kickstarter money than asked, Molyneux outright didn’t put features in the Fable games that he explicitly said he would.

  12. The only reason everyone ignores her not delivering on her video game critique series is because she’s a woman. It’s ok to shit on Molyneux because he’s a man.

  13. Personally I think Black and White was an amazing game.Very,very interesting and fun.Original too.Loved the creature.Molyneux didn’t deserve the treatment he received from RPS.

  14. Actually no. Sarkeesian does not deserve to be under the same level of scrutiny and criticism Molyneus has come under. Not when the most casual look into her background shows she has no credibility whatsoever to be making psychological related statements as fact.

    Massive failure of the news media not to do even that little before amplifying her voice.

  15. Peter Molyneux + Bullfrog = Dungeon Keeper

    Anita Sarkeesian + FullMcIntosh = Bullshit Mountain

    The prosecution rests its case, m’lud.

  16. Walker was out for blood in that article. There’s nothing that Molynuex could have said that would have been accepted. It’s not the first Kickstarter game to fail or be over time and it seems like he’s still trying to make good on it.

  17. I have no love for the man but even when he doesn’t deliver because his vision usually exceeds tech limitations its still important to have that in the industry!

    His ideas inspire others to do greater things and i think thats an important part to preserve in an industry where many play it safe and don’t dare to dream bigger!

  18. Molyneux needs to stop promise so much all the time. He needs to learn to keep it shout if he is not 100% sure. I do agree that it’s weird that a person like Anita can be 2-3 tears late on a Kickstarter and yet almost NOBODY gives a her a slap on the wrist.

  19. You had a golden opportunity here to shred Walker, his whole history and RPSes history of abuse, of hypocrisy and of bigotry. I can’t help but see this as a lost opportunity. RPS needs to go down – hard. Rossignol and Stone are the only people there who aren’t complete wastes of human flesh.

    Lest anyone forget Kieron is/was a huge SJW as well.

    If RPS were targeted as hard as Kotaku (and let’s be honest they’re far more respected – intellectually and otherwise) I think we’d see a bit more traction.

  20. Agreed – Schaffer used to be a decent developer back in the day – but I really don’t think he’s done anything good after psychonauts, and that was a very long time ago.



  22. Well they pissed off their consumer base and now it appears that the developers and publishers are getting annoyed with these people. Molyneux, that wow guy, some other person ranted about the SVU episode and blamed the journalists for that I can’t remember her name, writer of watch dogs told brianna to go fuck herself. Do these people not understand how businesses work? What exactly is their plan? Also with Revolution 60 Gone Home and Depression Quest we see how these games just do not sale at all. As we are seeing with websites shutting down or letting a good chunk of their staff go how long until they finally realize they fucked up?

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