I can’t exactly be accused of writing about sunshine and roses here on the site. But, every once in awhile, a story comes my way that really brightens my spirits. Now, this story isn’t perfect, because it still involves SJW thugs trying to doxx someone. I still think you’ll find it very smile-worthy, though.

As it turns out, not everyone can be harmed by a doxxing. Take yours truly, for example. I could care less if these assholes try to doxx me, or not. It won’t affect my life. Plus, it’s not like I can do anything about it. That’s another reason I don’t worry. Luckily, some people are in a different position. Lots of people have their back…like the FBI and Department of Homeland Security, for example.

You see, when you try to doxx someone who works in the Department of Defense, the Feds do not take that shit lightly. When that person also has a “top secret” security clearance? Well, you end up getting investigated espionage, and possible domestic terrorism. That’s not the spot you want to be in if you’re some guy from 4chan with extremist feminist ties. Hell, it’s not a spot anyone wants to be in, regardless of background. The FBI doesn’t play around.

Here’s a friendly reminder to all you SJW pricks: There’s no parole in the federal penitentiary system. You’re gonna have to do 85% of your time, at least. I hope it was worth it.

See, I told you guys this was going to make you smile.







UPDATE: Here’s the follow up interview with the source.