I had a dust-up this evening with Armoured Skeptic, who I have never talked to in my life other than on the #FreedomOfTweets stream, which I had a lot of fun doing. To be clear, I would do it again in a heartbeat, even with people I didn’t like, although we had no issue at that time. Anyway, people are naturally asking me what this whole thing is about. I guess a blog post is the easiest way to tell you.

I never had a problem with Shoe0nHead back when GamerGate first started. I noticed that she only followed a select group of people, much like she does now. After I got known in the movement, I tried to follow her a couple times and noticed she never followed back. Now, most of you would rightly say that’s not a big deal…because it isn’t. If someone doesn’t want to follow me back, that’s fine. I just unfollow them and move on. It was just curious to me how she followed every other name GG’er except myself. It made me wonder if she had some kind of issue with my work. That may sound silly, but it’s something that crossed my mind. Some of you all might not understand this, but there was always this high school kind of mentality behind the scenes in GG. It’s one of the reason the unity ended up breaking down.

As for my work, it didn’t consist of “Hey, I’m a girl who plays games, #NotYourShield, blah, blah, blah.” I put in hours upon hours, months upon months, all to try to document what was going on in GamerGate. I think I did a pretty good job and even a lot of the people who hate me now give me credit for that early period. Was it perfect? No. Is my style for everyone? Of course not. I just figured she just didn’t care for my work, which again, is fine.

But almost every time she would interact with me, it would be to take some sort of shot, almost without fail. Still, I would tell myself that I was being paranoid. There’s probably nothing there, Ralph. Just chill. So, I did. It’s not like we interacted much, and even if didn’t care for me, so what? There’s lots of people I don’t care for. That’s everyone’s right. Just because we push some of the same things, doesn’t mean we have to like each other.

Still, I’m not the kind of person who is going to kiss someone’s ass just because they’re popular and/or attractive. I don’t give a shit about that. If you don’t like me, I don’t like you. It’s that simple. 

Fast forward to last fall, when she sent me this tweet…



I actually considered the request, but then I said no, this is ridiculous. Plus, it’s not like Shoe had ever done anything for me. We weren’t friends. Hell, we weren’t even associates, really. Why on earth would I remove a post on my site that she didn’t want up? Plus, if you read the actual piece, I didn’t take any shots at her or Armoured Skeptic. In fact, I defended them.

Fast forward to January, when the Lily Feng storm happened. Well, guess who comes out of nowhere to start taking shots? Yes, Shoe0nHead. I thought we were cool, after she wished my girlfriend a happy vacation when I set off to visit her.

I even replied to the tweet…

You can’t even see the tweets from the Feng dispute between us, because she went and deleted all of hers (after talking to Nora) and so I did the same.

All that’s left is this (lol)…


Now, I’m again thinking things are cool. Then, my Slack chat was selectively leaked in order to make me look bad. Guess who came out and joined in with BroTeamPill and the rest of the gang who were spreading hate my way? You guessed it, Shoe0nHead.

Sometime between Feng and the leak, she had blocked me. I guess things weren’t cool. I’m not sure if that’s because of some things said in the leak, or because she just decided she didn’t want to see me on her feed. Either way, I turned around and blocked her. If I see someone has me blocked, I block them.

After her behavior with the leaks, and another incident where she was laughing about my mugshot getting released, I decided to treat her as someone I didn’t like. So, when I saw this video, I made a short “lol” style comment…


After that, Armoured Skeptic blocked me. Fair enough, because I then turned around and blocked him. Earlier tonight, Shoe was doing a stream with my friend and occasional TRR contributor FeministFlow (aka FeministPeriod on Twitter and TRR). I went in the chat and made a sarcastic comment about these being my two favorite people.

Then this goon Skeptic tweets out a screenshot of that next to one of me having him blocked…while neglecting to mention he had me blocked.

It got a lot of play, because well, an awful lot of people hate me. Again, fair enough. I tell people to fuck off all the time. I’m not in this game for that. I don’t aspire to be mainstream. Modulating my views to reach that is not something I’ve ever wanted to do. I have a nice niche and it works for me. I expect that I will continue to grow here and on YouTube, but not at the expense of selling out.

Fuck that.

There’s a lot of other back and forth where I trash them both and he takes more shots at me. I’m not sorry about it one bit. I’d definitely do it again because not responding to attacks is something I don’t do. Is this a big deal? Of course not, the whole thing is pretty goofy. The only reason I’m wasting time on this long ass article is because at least 30 people asked me what the deal was and it’s not something I could quickly explain. I doubt some sort of reconciliation could happen, but as I always have been, I’m open to it. If not, whatever. I won’t lose any sleep over it either way.

The cool kids club is not something I aspire to. I speak my mind and I don’t suck up to people just because they have a big YouTube audience. Some people don’t like me, some people hate me, even. Again, whatever. It’s not going to stop what I do or the way I do it. Hopefully this article explained my side of this inane dispute. If not, fuck it. I tried.

  1. She demanded that you delete the article because “it’s retarded” as if she has the ability to produce anything of value. Her complete lack of effort in anything she does stems from somebody who has coasted on their looks and gender from the beginning. She gets excited at telling people she’s going to ‘shitpost!’ in somebody’s chat because it gives her a sense of identity when all she is is a spoiled brat. I believe she mentioned once that she is in her early to mid twenties and still lives with her parents. She is disgusting.

      1. There have been a couple of times where she has backtracked due to no other reason than the unpopularity of her speech. Her entire aspiration is to be famous. She is a talent-less waste of space.

  2. Good stuff, Ralph. Oh, and Armoured Skeptic is not a homosexual, he just likes to suck dick.

  3. stupid cause for drama, just say you can’t start taking down stuff due to journalistic integrity
    which is a pretty damn valid reason since taking down stuff sets a bad precedent

    I’d figure you two wouldn’t get along tho, since your style is taking all of this like a serious business thing, while her style is pretending shes lol just joking just having fun all the time with it and avoids the more inflammatory matters

    But for what it’s worth I’d say both approaches are important to have because they compliment each other kind of how rad fems and “moderates” compliment each other’s capacity to reach and influence people, but the key is that usually they manage to not dilute each other’s narrative, they just focus on their own more

  4. The only thing I don’t get is why you block people who block you, Ralph. I guess it doesn’t really matter either way.

  5. As people know, I am not an e-celeb fan. The only interaction with shoe I ever had was her pilfering a meme I posted to post under her own account presumably for the like/RT numbers. Skeptic I know literally zero about except for Jenny McDumbshit allegations.

  6. Shoe does have a slight “cool kids club” air to her which is kinda weird considering she’s mentioned being bullied as a kid and seemed pretty awkward in a couple of early vids I’ve seen.

    I don’t profess to know her but after having seen a handful of people grow out of their awkward phase and blossom into smokin’ hotties, some did get pretty cocky about it. Too much, too quick maybe?

    Although like you mentioned, I’d wager your general abrasive style and Goose’s infamous post probably didn’t help.

    Oh well, shit happens.

    1. To paraphrase something I read elsewhere… Ralph will give you good advice, but sometimes it comes wrapped in a complimentary sandpaper suppository.

  7. “take down yer post, its bad for our brand” he tried to recruit mcderpmutt into his brand, I wonder how that would have turned out lel

    1. So much for #IStandWithHateSpeech to people I don’t like. Hypocrite.. Never forget the time she loves bullying MGTOWs while her BF takes on MRAs.

  8. You’re both being melodramatic, the title of this article is an accurate description of it’s subject and contents.

  9. I was wondering what all this was about. I’ve seen sh0e about via RTs. It’s mostly just a shitpost or trollpost that has hundreds of likes/RTs on it. Obviously I don’t have a problem with shitposting or trolling, I do plenty of both myself. Aside from the coloring book troll though I didn’t see anything that really stood out as memorable though.

    And as for this interfaction fighting bullshit, you got a point. If the #SJW s ever fucked off for a week we’d probably self destruct from interfactional fighting because no one can fucking agree just what we should do about the corrupt journos or SJW s or whatever. Instead I watch my feed fill with drama, which quickly dies down when some outside retard starts attacking us.

    Kind of reminds me of the relationship between the various military or security branches of countries (particularly the United States) but with far more snark and hostility.

    Anyways point is trolling’s funny and all, but in the end all that matters is getting shit done. I’ve seen you doing that.

  10. I’m a liberal. I believe that Donald Trump is an embarrassment to this great nation. I think that there are *some* liberal arts and sciences degrees that are of value.
    And I will always respect the fuck out of Ethan Ralph.
    I am politically totally on the opposite end of 95% of what’s on this site, but every time I read Ralph’s writing I find myself nodding my head and agreeing with him. Because instead of being a mark for his own publicity or public image, he actually speaks honestly about the shit he’s covering. I am a GG supporter precisely because of Ralph.
    Sorry for such a butt sucking post. I’m just a big fucking Ralph fan.
    Keep up the good work you beautiful bastard.

  11. This is the dumbest reason for drama ever. I agree Ralph her asking for you to take down a article when she’s done nothing but take shots at you is ridiculous. Although i feel like i have to ask would you have done it if she was your friend?

  12. I really don;t know who these two people are. Well I’ve seen shoe pics pop into my twitter timeline by thirsty virgin GG’ers but never watched a video of them..nor would I want too. Outside of Ralph’s and Bacon’s streams and squidcoyote on YT ….most GG streamers/YT’ers sucked.

  13. Shoe’s videos are legit funny… all four of them. She’s a good example of how society is ready to heap undue accolades on any pretty girl with a modicum of talent, despite her miniscule output. Good artists produce.

    Skeptic on the other hand produces huge volumes of MovieBoob-style cringeworthy schlock where he uses crudely drawn cartoon characters to argue with himself. Hard to say which is worse.

    However, in the end both Skeptic and Ralph are doomed. Long distance relationships don’t work out. Sorry bros!

    Haha just kidding!

    (not really)

  14. Don’t know how I missed this earlier, but here goes:

    It’s no secret shoe has a viewership because she’s a hot female and like 90% or more viewers are male as mentioned by her, I believe. Luckily for her she has decent things to say because otherwise her view count would have went down long ago. Any other hot girl can do what she did, whatever your opinions are. You just have to go do it. It’s not hard x.x

    That aside, she is one of many players in GG who gained a following, obviously, but most of those players no longer care about GG. The moment they started to not care after getting what they wanted out of it was the same moment the revolt started to slow down because people are sheep and they just wanted to follow. They became oblivious to GG going ons as a result and here we are in watch group status currently.

    Speed that up to these days and situations like this here shows just how diverse pro-GG is with race, beliefs, and sex. Pro-GG certainly clashes way more with itself than anti-GG ever did, probably because anti-GG is nothing but WHITE AMERICANS FROM CALIFORNIA. Mostly…

    I ain’t taking sides here. I’ll just say that I expect better out of skep and shoe – according to their personas online – not surprised ralph would return block – just another day in GG land, wait’n for that next ZQ level event to fire up the masses one more time for some killing blows to various media outlets.

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