I’m not sure about some of Rodrigo Duterte‘s moves, as I am a big fan of due process. That being said, it’s kind of another world over their in the Philippines. And no matter what you think of the guy, this is one of the most based Christmas messages I’ve ever seen.

It looks like it’s from some movie, but this is real life, ladies and gentlemen.

  1. The Philippines elected Paul Kersey apparently.

    I haven’t really been following this guy or his antics. He comes up in the international news every few months and they tend to poo poo on him but this is the same international news who tried like hell to sell us the Hilldabeast and shit all over Trump so what info I have is pretty minimal and from unreliable sources. Once again context is everything I suppose. I’d need to know what the situation is on the ground and alot about the recent history there in order to produce an opinion worth holding.

  2. I wish he would say this about the child sex industry going on over there. It’s worth over a billion dollars!

  3. This is actually a really old video from a year back. Funny that this clip will become a yearly tradition in the coming years while “Digong” stays in the office.

    Also, Duterte and Trump had a chat before Taiwan’s call. They seem to have hit it off pretty well, with Trump wishing Duterte success with his drug war and inviting him over to America, while Duterte affirmed the country’s support and invited him in turn to the Philippines.

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