I laid down at around 2AM last night and intended to go to sleep soon. However, checking my Twitter feed ended up squelching that goal. I saw the news about Philando Castile’s death at the hands of a seemingly unhinged police officer and it sent me off on a tweet spree.

There are several more, but that’s enough for you to get the picture. Needless to say, to me it looks like the cop was way out of line with his actions. Of course we have to wait for more info to come out and there is a chance that the preliminary view I just shared with you all is incorrect. If it is, I will own it. But this shooting is different from the Alton Sterling incident, which we discussed on The Rundown last night. This guy was in his car during a traffic stop when he was gunned down, not outside a supermarket arguably resisting arrest. Reports that he has a concealed weapons permit are also swirling, although that is still in dispute. The point is, these circumstances of these shootings are not the same at all.

One of my tweets mentioned how the race hustlers have turned people who would ordinarily be inclined to at least consider that the cops might be in the wrong into folks who back the police at every turn. This is unfortunate when you consider this…


Take a look at the top one, because it’s relevant to the headline and to my point. An unarmed teen was killed by a policeman in Fresno, California on June 25th. You would expect the media to be outraged, right? Well, he was white and they couldn’t incite as much racial hatred as a result, so most of them have been rather silent. You see, the media isn’t about informing you or getting to the truth. It’s about selling ad space and making money. Race-baiting is a style that has proven to be incredibly profitable. That’s why the media does it and that why people like Al Sharpton do it. Unfortunately, this behavior is costing people their lives and it’s helping to tear our society apart.

More on Dylan Noble, the teen who had his life snuffed out by police…

Cellphone video shows police officers shooting an unarmed 19-year-old Fresno man lying on the ground at a gas station last month.

The video, obtained by the Fresno Bee, shows Dylan Noble lying on the ground on June 25 as two officers with their guns drawn stand feet away from him. As officers yell, “Keep your hands up,” and other commands, one shot is fired. Seconds later, a third officer approaches the pair, and another shot rings out. At one point during the video, Noble can be seen raising his arm and saying, “I’ve been shot.”

The witness video does not show the moments just before the fatal shooting. According to the newspaper, two shots already had been fired at Noble before the recording began.

The shooting has sparked an online petition demanding that the Fresno Police Department release body camera footage of the incident. The shooting comes amid national outrage over the number of shootings by police involving black men. In this case, Noble was white.

Props to the LA Times for covering this, but imagine if this kid had been black? We would have had wall-to-wall coverage starting the day after. It’s not about me whining, though. As you know, I’m very much in favor of reforming policing here in America. I’ve spoken about it several times here on the site, including just two days ago. The way the media treats these issues is actively harming that goal. It’s never going to happen so long as they turn it into a black versus white thing. I don’t know what the answer to all this is, but I do know that the media is one of the number one problems when it comes to addressing this issue.