Right around lunchtime yesterday, Donald Trump tweeted out one of the funniest videos I’ve seen this campaign season. It was based on Mass Effect 2, and was complete with a voice-over from The Illusive Man (Martin Sheen). Before long, I started seeing tweets from anti-Trump pundits talking about DMCA’s. Sure enough, one hit within maybe two hours at the most. It seemed even quicker than that, but I wasn’t timing it.

This being the internet and all, the video is still out there. In fact, you can watch it below courtesy of an embed from Twitter. I’ll point out to any DMCA hawks who might read this that I’m not hosting the content myself, and if you have an complaints, you can email me at [email protected].

Many people are saying that this parody was covered under fair use, but I don’t know enough about it to make a judgement one way or the other. I will say that my limited understanding of it does lead me to believe that it might be covered, but some of you probably know better. Either way, it’s a shame that EA decided to have this taken down. For one, it was a pretty good reminder of how awesome Mass Effect 2 was. It actually makes me want to go play it right now (even though the ending of ME 3 still has me pissed). Also, it’s just plain funny. The video itself even pokes fun at Trump, who by tweeting it out proved once again that he has a sense of humor about himself. I can’t see many of these other stiff pols having the guts to do the same.

If you haven’t seen it already, watch it and give your thoughts down below in the #BasedCommentSection. If you have seen it, watch it again and do the same.

  1. It’s obvious fair use and parody. EA’s just being an asshole since they don’t agree with the politics of who made it. I bet if they made it about Hillary they’d have left it up without saying a word.

  2. They DMCA’d the retweet, but not the original, it’s them targeting Trump, simple as that. EA, who loves Anita, hates Trump.

  3. As of now I’m counting 6 mirrors up.
    I stumbled on the original and was stupefied it had not gone viral. It sat for over a week around 1500 views. Now each of the 6 mirrors is approaching 2k views, and the vid is spreading everywhere.

    For those interested in the music, it’s done by “two steps to hell”. They have 37 (THIRTY-SEVEN) disks available. I get the feeling I’ll be hearing a lot of great new chorals for the next month.

  4. Is it fair use?
    Hard to tell. In a logical and lawful world, yes it would be.
    But the copyright lobbies have managed to do a lot of harm to the world of the law over the years and that has led a lot of erosion to what used to be basic legal guarantees and freedoms.
    There has been activism to expose that corruption as well, it’s an interesting topic on itself.

  5. That was a really well made video, My favourite part is “Coming Fall 2016”. Now EA, witness the Streisand effect.

  6. It’s a really great video and I’m proud to be helping host it on my Twitter.
    Anyone else who does embedding should download it and host it as well.

  7. BREAKING NEWS: Roger Stone (a.k.a., “Trump’s Reichsfuhrer”) Outlines Plan for Beer Hall Putsch at Republican National Convention:


    Voter intimidation: one of tyranny’s favorite tools. And since it looks like Trump – and his staff – have such COMPLETE AND UTTER IGNORANCE of how to properly run a political campaign, this seems to be their only hope of “winning, winning, winning”:


  8. BREAKING NEWS: Stamp-foot Billionaire Throws Cat. 5 Trumpertantrum After Getting His Ass Handed To Him in Wisconsin Primary!.

    Toys were thrown, diapers were filled, sippy cups were upended. But before his campaign could put him down for a much-overdue nappy-nap, America Crybaby released an unhinged manifesto accusing Ted Cruz (again!) of violating federal election law without a shred of evidence (AGAIN!).


    If Trump keeps this shit up, he’ll soon find out America’s libel laws are already “open” quite enough.

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