If you’ve read the site at all the last four or five days, you know that I’ve been trying to get my hands on a New 3DS. Last night, the gaming gods smiled upon me, as I finally located one at a local Toys “R” Us. It was just the regular black one, so no special edition for me. But I could care less. I didn’t get it for the design, I got it for the hardware upgrades. 

Even though I haven’t spent much time with it yet, I can definitely say that this is an upgrade. The 3D is much improved, although I’m going to give a final verdict on that once I get a couple long play sessions in. The games all load up faster, the OS works a lot better, and the buttons are better (and there’s some extra ones lol). Yes, other reviews were right: it is a bitch to move everything over from your old system. You need a Philips #0 screwdriver, but I’ve found that the little screwdrivers that you use on eyeglasses will work as well. It’s not as hard as some people made it out to be, but it’s definitely not an ideal situation.

I’ll run another piece later on this week with some more thoughts on the system (oh yea, it’s an XL since that’s the only “New” you can get in North America). I just picked up Majora’s Mask today, and I’m about to download Monster Hunter 4. I’m gonna put in a lot of time on this thing, so I’ll let you know more.

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  1. Well Ralph, there are 2 other ways to transfer data, but it takes a long ass time apparently. It’s over wireless.

    1. Yea, I did it over wireless. Even just doing the “system data” option takes awhile. I imagine it would take eons if I tried to do the game data that way lol. I just re-downloaded all my old games. It wasn’t as bad as some ppl are claiming, but it’s still a hassle.

  2. Not interested as I do not want an XL. Nintendo is turning into Apple, releasing barely upgraded versions of the same hardware constantly. One person who reviewed it mentioned the long ass system transfer time and that you need 2 AC adapters because of that. How do you do that when the new XL doesn’t come with one? Maybe one day Nintendo will actually have a decent digital account system.

    1. Yea, it took about 40 minutes to transfer the data, and then I had to re-download the games. It wasn’t that bad. Plus, you don’t have to have two adapters. It just recommends it (you can just lie to the 3DS and say it’s plugged in lol). I only had one and I did it. The New 3DS is about halfway charged out of the box. I agree though, they obviously need a unified account system haha.

    2. same here. wish i could say that nintendo’s products make me happy but i got burned out after the dsi and quit following anything nintendo does after that. i guess if i see a 3ds for cheap at a yardsale or something, i might pick it up and give it a try.

      1. My other primary problem is is that unless you are a huge fan of Nintendo IP’s there are very few good games for the system. 3rd party support for the system is almost non-existent.

  3. Monster Hunter 4 is glorious.

    I wanted a New 3DS, but I have several digital purchases and they can’t transfer between systems. It’s sad.

    I ordered a circle pad pro though, so that’s better than the little nub. No face tracking for me though 🙁

      1. For some reason the small details just really hit me. Some of the rock formations in the mountains in the early levels are just really neat. Very, very interesting level design, colors, artwork, all of it. And I’m barely even into it yet.

        1. It just seems odd that you would be locked out from your game content like that. You can get your save data but not your digital game :/
          But I don’t know for sure, since I never have owned a 3DS before.

          1. I’d be ecstatic to be wrong. I’ll have to do some research. I thought it was still system locked.

  4. God, DAMN, why can’t Nintendo design their shit like it’s the 21st century and we live in a connected world? Why’s it got to be such a fucking chore to share multiple devices in a household with them?

  5. I got a New 3DS Xl earlier in the year since they’ve been out in Australia for a while. Its a good upgrade from a regular 3DS. The stable 3D is great. I’m looking forward to Xenoblade and will be grabbing Majora’s soon. I’m tempted by Monster Hunter but not sure if its my kind of game.

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