I wonder if you’ll see any outrage about this one on CNN or MSNBC? Something tells me that you won’t. To be fair, it’s in Canada, but that doesn’t stop them if the story concerns bigotry against Muslims or Jews.

From the CBC

Between midnight and 7 a.m. Sunday morning, vandals spray-painted obscenities on at least two Halifax Roman Catholic churches. The images and words on both sites were identical.

“Nasty things, such as f–k Jesus, was spray-painted on our outdoor sign on both sides and also across the front door of our church, the same words and also a hand giving the finger,” said Father James Mallon of Saint Benedict Parish in Clayton Park…

Mallon said the timing isn’t a coincidence given it’s Easter Sunday.

“The key moments of the whole Christian year,” he said. 

The church’s building manager managed to remove most of the graffiti before the first Easter mass at 9 a.m., he said.

“At least to make it illegible, anyway. It was a bit offensive. We’ve got several thousand people coming to our building this morning, children too,” said Mallon…

“Obviously, there’s got to be a lot of anger and hurt there. Maybe they don’t fully realize what they did,” said Mallon.

Father Mallon also tweeted out some of the vandal’s handiwork…

This all actually came up while I was working on the last story. Margaret MacLennan, fresh off her destruction of Laci Green, mentioned that she had attended both these churches in the past.



Yes, this must be some kind of mass hallucination. Christians don’t experience “hate crimes.” This simply cannot be. By the way, I put hate crimes in quotes because I don’t really believe in the term. But by the standard definition, this is definitely a hate crime. Also, I have to give the CBC some kudos for covering the story quickly and competently. They aren’t always the greatest, but this was a good write-up.

Anyway, I eagerly await the left-wing idiots on the internet putting this incident directly into the memory hole.