Recently, I wrote a column here on the site that has concerned a few people I actually like, and a whole lot of people I don’t like. For the assholes who are actually pushing this as a PR ax to grind against me: get fucked. For the ones I actually respect, or even call friend, let me explain my position. 

I write hard-hitting fare here on this site. I comment on current happenings in GamerGate, regardless of who they might involve. When I wrote the piece the other day, I knew it would cause backlash. I knew my enemies would use any comments on the suicide attempt against me. But I talked about it anyway, because it was in the chat log leak, and it was big news within GamerGate.

I cover the news. No one can say “Don’t write about me. I’d rather you didn’t.” The person I covered was a prominent poster on KotakuInAction, created one of the GamerGate Facebook groups, and is active on Twitter. Randi Harper and GamerGazi members were recorded in the logs talking about it. I make no apologies for covering it. I comment on news events. I give my opinion on them.

As for the actual conjecture put forth, I apologize if some people I respect took that the way. I could have worded my thoughts a little better, as I was just trying to get across the mental anguish that Randi Harper puts people through. I also apologize to the person in question. I’m sorry if my work here has caused you any unnecessary pain. This is a dirty job, and I knew that going in. Some of you won’t like me, and many of you will even hate me. I can’t let that interfere with what I do, but I wanted to address this issue, given the gravity of it. Usually, I would just ignore these types of complaints, but I feel like this is a special circumstance.

Regardless, thank you for reading, and I hope you continue to enjoy