We’ve all been there. You just broke up with your ex and will do anything to get him or her back. A candlelight dinner, a thoughtful getaway, a thoughtful gift. Oh, and that timeless classic…

Hijacking a plane.

OK, maybe we haven’t all been there, now that I think of it. Breakups can be tough, I know that all too well. But I don’t think hijacking a plane is ever going to be the right answer. Maybe I’m just not romantic enough?

I’m still catching up on this story myself, so let’s check in with CNN and see what they’re saying about all this…

The hijacker is an Egyptian-American dual citizen named Ibrahim Samaha, Egyptian presidential spokesman Alaa Yousuf tells CNN’s Ian Lee.

Samaha hijacked the plane over his ex-wife, a spokesperson for the Cyprus Ministry of transport tells CNN.

The incident is not related to terrorism, he said.

I’ve already seen people dub this guy The Love Terrorist, so at least humor is alive and well in the aftermath of this incident. In fact, I’ve seen several hilarious tweets on this topic, which is trending #1 worldwide at the moment.




Solid point, Mr. President.




I’ll come back later and update this bizarre story, but it seems like the authorities have everything under control. The plane is has landed in Cyprus now and passengers have been getting off. I can only imagine that every news outlet in the world is now trying to snag this guy’s ex-wife for an interview. I would be lying if I said I’m not interested to hear what she has to say.

What about you guys, though? What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to get back with an ex? I don’t think you’ll be able to top Mr. Samaha, but who knows? As for me, I’m going to go work on some stories that are a bit more standard for the site. I thought this one was too juicy to resist commenting on, though.