Kurt Eichenwald is legitimately insane. I think it’s safe to say those words after his unhinged email chain today regarding Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv. Just…read these emails Kurt sent to Ben Shapiro and tell me there’s any chance an even somewhat sane person wrote it.

How long until Vanity Fair officially cuts ties with this nutbag? I think that countdown clock has started. Eichenwald has already had to remove MSNBC from his bio a few days ago. They can’t be far behind.

And the rant doesn’t stop there, by the way…

If someone sends me a strobe gif and I have another fake seizure, it’s going to be your fault, Mr. Shapiro. 

That’s not how these things work, Kurt. God, this dude is a lunatic. It’s still hilarious, don’t get me wrong. But the off-the-charts crazy is also starting to get a tad bit scary.

By the way, if you ask me, Mr. Eichenwald is showing some more unhealthy attachment to a teenage boy. I’ll leave it to you all to decide whether or not there is some sort of pattern here.

(h/t to @TheALX for the cover photo)


UPDATE: Welp, I called it. Vanity Fair has officially cut ties with Kurt Eichenwald.

Kurt is hilariously denying this.

I think I’m going to have to roll with the Vanity Fair spokesperson.


UPDATE II: Like I said, called it. And damn, this is just getting sad.