I got a whole night’s worth of sleep, and my friend is out of pocket. So, I’m gonna post more today. The Internet outage and my general laziness has slowed things down a bit, but we’ve still had some good stories over the last week…just not as many. Plus, I am FINALLY going to do the YouTube thing on how anti-gamers have repeatedly libeled GamerGate. I’ve been talking about it for weeks, but today, I’m actually going to do it. I think I’m also going to put up the Jack Outis post on transgenderism. That one should get people talking. Originally, I was going to wait on Milo to destroy Sarah Nyberg, but I think I’ll just go ahead and run it.Anyway, enough babbling. Let’s get to the news, shall we?

I’m going to lead off with a short hit on our good friend Ellen Pao, who was in the news again today, for, what else? Being a giant loser. I mean, think about it. Every time we hear about this leech, she’s getting her head stomped. I’m speaking metaphorically, of course. I want this woman to stay very, very safe. Why? Because she provides me with endless stories.

Like this one. Take a look at her latest fail, courtesy of TIME:

The former venture capitalist who unsuccessfully sued famed VC firm Kleiner Perkins over gender discrimination claims has decided not to appeal the ruling, Re/Code reported Thursday. Pao lost against Kleiner on all counts in March following a five-week trial in San Francisco.

“This battle has been painful for me personally and professionally, and also for my family. It is time to move on,” Pao said in a statement…

After Pao lost the case, the two sides underwent several months of back and forth over legal costs and a potential appeal. Though Kleiner initially asked for nearly $1 million in legal and court fees, the case’s judge ruled that it was only entitled to roughly $276,000. Kleiner also stated that it would forgo the fees if Pao agreed not to appeal.

Interestingly, Pao said she will pay Kleiner’s fees, but added that she and the firm haven’t reached a settlement because it would require her to sign a non-disparagement agreement. “I refuse to be silent on these important issues,” she said. Nevertheless, it’s still unclear whether the company will let her off the hook.

The short summary to all this would be this: it looks like Ellen Pao is flat fucking broke. I don’t see any other reason why she would quit fishing for some kind of settlement from Kleiner. That’s been her goal for years, so this failure must have been another bitter pill to swallow. Oh well, cheer up my dear! You can always hit the professional feminist circuit and peddle your bullshit grievances for cash.

It’s worked for the rest, so why not you? Also, you have Asian ancestry, so milk that mistreated minority shit for all it’s worth. I figured I would give you and your flamer of a husband some free advice before I closed this one out. Unlike you dealings with Kleiner, consider it free of charge.